Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat

Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat

Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat

By Social Impact Inc.

Score: 4.41
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◾ Welcome to Taimi - LGBTQI+ Video Chat and Dating App! Your Pride is our Pride. ◾ Taimi community is a first fully inclusive gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual dating app with more than 5,000,000 real users. On Taimi you can chat for free, make calls and videos, create posts & stories, and last, but not least, find true love. Enjoy Taimi best features: ◾ Simply the best queer dating: swipe, match & chat with gay, lesbian, transgender, intersex, bisexual, asexual and other queer people; ◾ Real users near you (and a unique filter for potential matches); ◾ See who liked you; ◾ Video and call messages: ◾ Pets, Movies, Music, Memes lovers, Gamers... - a little part of our communities; ◾ See full statistics of your account; ◾ PIN, Face Recognition, Fingerprint. All those features are free to use. If you want to improve your app experience, you can purchase an optional subscription package TAIMI XL. With the Premium Subscription, you will be able to explore the LGBTQ world much easier: ◾ Like as many people as you want before matching; ◾ Boost your profile and surge profile views by 5 times; ◾ Use extended filters to match with the RIGHT ONE; ◾ Undo your hasty swipes; ◾ See all of your visitors; ◾ See hot stories; ◾ Hide your age and location; ◾ Find Them quicker and easier! The cost of the optional subscription for Taimi XL is 9.99 USD for 7 days, 53.99 USD for 3 months, 71.99 USD for 1 year. We genuinely believe that the app will help to create a safe environment for LGBTQ people to show the brightest sides of their personality, to find true love and spread awareness about equality, LGBTQ rights, and personal freedom! Our goal is to become the #1 queer Dating & Social Network in the world for lesbian, gay, transgender, and bisexual communities since we understand that everyone deserves to be loved. Meet someone brutal and edgy or someone very tender and gentle, young or mature, calm or active - we bring together the greatest people. Interested to learn more? Please, check the following links: Privacy Policy: https://taimi.com/privacypolicy Terms of Service: https://taimi.com/terms Subscription Terms: https://taimi.com/billing Taimi Community Rules: https://taimi.com/community We are continually improving the app, and if you are experiencing any issues, please contact our support team at support@taimi.com. We are always here to help ;) Join us on our social media: Facebook: @taimiapp Twitter: @taimiapp Instagram: @taimiapp


Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat ScreenshotTaimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat ScreenshotTaimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat ScreenshotTaimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat ScreenshotTaimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat ScreenshotTaimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat ScreenshotTaimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat ScreenshotTaimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat Screenshot


unrealistic distances?

only reason i’m giving this a one star review is because of the distance limit. you have to pay in order to change the distance range to below 50 miles! is the whole point of a dating app not to meet people? it’s super unrealistic to assume people will want to drive 25 miles AT LEAST (if you both drive equal distances) to meet up with someone. please at least make something else you have to pay for instead of the distance range or remove the paywall for it, because this is just impossible.
By wherethisflowerblooms

a lot of features for free

I appreciate this app for their high safety standarts and value for money, a lot of features I can use for free
By fecatetiss

decent and honest

I've been using numerous dating apps, but only Taimi seems to be decent and honest
By gebbmarass

more convenient

Taimi helped me a lot in finding genuine relationships online, much more convenient than on Grindr
By tennunarassa

great time-passer

This app seems to be a great time-passer, especially while quarantine times
By Clifford Leonard

looking for serious relationships

A lot of people here looking for the serious relationships raher than for hookups or random talks
By hitmatsuka

answers to my needs

For asexual people online dating can be a real challenge, luckily, I finally found an app, answers to all my needs
By unicostata

thanks for fixing bugs

Thanks for fixing the recent bug, finally app stopped closing suddenly
By onmuasta

very commendable

Thanks for bringing lonely people together, it's really very commendable
By gosumara

not a huge issue

Works well, of course, little bugs that can't be avoided, but it's not a huge issue
By lalaanzai


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Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat

Taimi: LGBTQI+ Dating, Chat

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