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LGBTQ+ Dating & Chat - Taimi

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Looking for the right app with awesome LGBTQ+ people? Love story beginnings, mature dating, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or any other affairs? A transgender person looking for a bisexual or another trans person? Haven’t found it yet? What if you have been searching for love in the wrong places? Then it’s time to join Taimi, the app that is totally free from hetero limits! All-Inclusive Fluid Online Dating Platform has everything for all colors and shades of the rainbow. By questioning our sexuality we become who we truly are. You may never be done figuring out your mutuals and that’s okay. Set up your gaydar! Come download, and get joy here. Welcome to our app - meet people, become friends, or something more… Share your photos and videos! Whether you prefer long-distance or local dating mutuals, casual dating, friendship, or a long-term partnership, including making couples - like and swipe down to know your crashes. It’s so tempting to get voice messages, have a live chat, video chat (video call) with mutuals and lots of likes, and support from someone hot either nearby or from any other location. All you need is here! ◾ It's All About the Cards Use Taimi Cards to craft your own profile and to see others. With these, you can choose the content you share – photos, text posts & answers to prompt questions and to see the cards of potential mutuals. Use these cards to take an action – Skip a profile, give a simple Like, or a special Rainbow Like to show keen interest. ◾ Discover Yourself Taimi honors all Fluid Dating Preferences Users. Who you are today may not be who you are next week. It's the path of our commitment to “discovery.” You may be an asexual looking for friendship. Any gender and sexual identity are here on Taimi. Here’s all you get with our LGBT+ dating app for free: - Look through Taimi Cards and choose all the possible mutuals – smash or pass anywhere on the planet or stay local with a “near me” filter. - Find real and vetted local mutuals - Get mutuals based on your rainbow shade – fem or butch, bi, trans, asexual, and everything in between - Share your age, location, and more – secure account with PIN, Face Recognition, Fingerprint - Have a free chat, facetime with mutuals, and record audio messages - Find local mutuals when you travel - Join public or private chat groups But wait! Join one of three Taimi premium account levels and get more with BRONZE, SILVER or GOLD. What more, you ask? For starters: ◾ Get unlimited direct meetups and dating ◾ Boost profile surging it up to 5X ◾ Extend filters for results ◾ Undo mistakes ◾ See all visitors and much more! Check out more details about OUR PRIDE at and these links: And don't forget to join us on Social Media: TikTok: @taimiapp Instagram: @taimiapp Twitter: @taimiapp Facebook: @taimiapp Youtube: @taimiapp Pinterest: @taimiapp Medium: you won't believe it, but it's @taimiapp ;) What’s coming up next? We’ll keep adding features, fixing bugs, watering our plants, and serving our whole lovely community


LGBTQ+ Dating & Chat - Taimi ScreenshotLGBTQ+ Dating & Chat - Taimi ScreenshotLGBTQ+ Dating & Chat - Taimi ScreenshotLGBTQ+ Dating & Chat - Taimi ScreenshotLGBTQ+ Dating & Chat - Taimi Screenshot



Used to be a good app, I’m banned from my account bc apparently they don’t allow vpn usage anymore. This app has gone downhill with all the updates. Please listen to your users Taimi…
By unfullest

I used to like it

I really want to know what happened to the social part of the app. It’s all swipe and chat but you used to be able to watch people on live and post without it being restricted to your profile. Wish they’d bring back the other features 😩
By RickDaQid


Pretty expensive rates for an app that doesn’t let you try it out before it allows you to use it. You can’t even message anyone unless you pay $7 for a week of access.
By zachbgay


you get spammed with messages from guys and your feed is full of people that liked you but are outside of your criteria’s (age, location) and you can only swipe left on so many for one day making the app useless.
By Candy girf

Same people refiltered

Decent app, buuut I keep getting the same people filtered through after I already unmatched or even if we did match. It feels like a waste of swipes on people I’ve already interacted with. Especially as a customer paying for the week. Also it annoys me that if I don’t “like” someone who has liked me, it will notify me that I “missed out” and gives me a chance to redeem. Other than that it’s a pretty good app. I like the range of options they have to add to your bio.
By bear1045

Ta bonté

Tu es viens pour aider les gens c’est vraiment bon cette application
By R4-45

Long wait

App in general is okay but I find it super absurd and ridiculous that you have to eat 24 hours to start swiping up is so unnecessary for it to be that long maybe 10 hours at most but 24 is just doing way too much. Really hope you guys make changes with this because is a huge no
By steven_steve19

Used to Be Good

This app used to have communities, chat rooms, favorites, followers, and live streaming. Now it’s just a generic free-swipe-but-pay-to-chat app which is a waste of time and money. There’s literally nothing worthwhile about this app anymore, quite sad.
By sweetbrown89


Why should we have to pay to find a female
By Qunicella

Theives prices are insanely high

The title says it all, but you have to nerve to completely block me from even seeing who messages me and block me from even opening my message to read it and reply, the only people you can talk to are like random I don’t get it. Maybe I can only talk to people if they just message me and don’t like me? I dunno but 1 out of every 15 people I can actually read and respond too. So with out paying you 30$ a month I can’t talk to 99% of people THAT is TWICE AS MUCH AS A NETFLIX SUB. Whom ever decided the price should be fired immediately. And people who pay for this service I’m sorry but what is wrong with you. lol must be desperate. And this app preys on desperate people. Do NOT fall for their trap.
By aconcernedcitizen2

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LGBTQ+ Dating & Chat - Taimi

LGBTQ+ Dating & Chat - Taimi

By Social Impact Inc.

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