Legend of Solgard

Legend of Solgard

By King

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-08-17
  • Current Version: 1.5.1
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 326.55 MB
  • Developer: King
  • Compatibility: iOS 9.0+
Score: 4.5
From 13,544 Ratings


In this unique RPG, combat enemies and bosses with the creatures you collect, level up your hero powers and loot treasure from Norse legend! Join Embla in her epic fight to stop the end of all worlds and establish her as one of Solgard’s most powerful heroes. Use strategy to battle hordes of ice enemies in the Hero Arena, claim bounties on legendary villains, defeat epic Bosses and win the war against evil to become a true legend of Solgard. Solgard is turning to winter, its creatures trapped in ice crystals and its worlds turning to ice. Ragnarok, the end of the world has started and only Embla can fight it. With the powers of The Sun Goddess, it is up to Embla to gather an army of creatures and together, battle and conquer the icy evil that threatens Solgard… Grow an army of creatures, explore the worlds of Solgard and win the war against eternal frost one battle at a time while discovering the secrets of Norse legend! In this epic new RPG, strategy and creatures of legend are the best assets for you to dominate the arena. In this RPG adventure: • Test your skills against other heroes and fight in the Hero Arena • Form guilds with other players and fight together to battle epic Guild Bosses • Collect allies and treasure from Norse legend • Grow and power up your hero and army • Use Tactics and Strategy to fight with an army of creatures • Develop your hero with godlike powers • Battle with epic fantasy creatures and bosses The war to prevent Ragnarok has begun and each battle will require your best strategy. Are you ready to fight epic battles and enter the pantheon of Solgard’s ancient heroes? Download this new RPG now and be part of the legend! Legend of Solgard is completely free to play, but some optional in-game items will require payment. By downloading this app on your mobile you are agreeing to our terms of service; http://about.king.com/consumer-terms/terms You must be connected to the Internet to access full game features. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings. Easily sync the game between devices and access full game features when connected to the internet.


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End a/b testing

End the a/b testing and I’ll switch this to 5.
By Sparsile78

Good concept, poor management

Closest thing I’ve found that’s a spiritual successor to Might & Magic, Clash of Heroes. The gameplay is very similar with steps taken to enhance it and give it more depth, but the design and balance team have approached things in a horrible way. The overarching philosophy seems to be to just pile on more stats and numbers rather than testing and tuning. It’s a bit ridiculous how many resources you have to collect between gold, character emblems of different rarity, different colored dust, different mold ingredients of varying rarity, different types of tickets, energy, and so on. And to make that matter worse the developers are fairly stingy with F2P so progression abruptly slams into a wall once you beat the first two bosses. AI fights, especially special events are completely imbalanced, some fights are impossible to win unless you’ve out-leveled the AI. PVP is basically dice rolling, there isn’t much strategy other than go first and go aggro. The other game modes are just lame time-wasters but have to be played for resource collection. The guild system is basically a gold dump for the devs, and there is pretty evident cheating taking place. Which, other than pride and boasting, I really don’t see the point of being a top guild, the rewards are inconsequential. The game is simply just plagued with balance and equality issues. It’s definitely pay to win if you want to be competitive. However if you just need to scratch that Clash of Heroes itch the gameplay resembles it closely enough, and it’s good for that reason only.
By PopeShine

Great game, but unfair experimentation on players like lab rats

I love this game, I really do. The gameplay mechanics are fun, there’s a great creature variety that can be built up over time, lots of fun play modes, and a very engaged player community. This could be really big over multiple years if Snowprint/King manage it well. Why one star? They’re not managing it well, they’re doing the exact opposite. There has been a long-standing “test” that gives dramatically better gold rewards to some players and much worse rewards to others. This is creating a toxic haves and have-nots culture in the game. Great players who love the game but drew the wrong straw are quitting. It is straight up poor management of a player base and not okay. End the experiment and put everyone on a level playing field before you completely destroy the player base you’ve built!
By jjflight

Shady practices

This is the cliche mobile game. Starts off with amazing fast paced progression only to grind to a halt hoping to grab a few hundred bucks from you. I don’t mind the odd dollar here and there, but it shouldn’t feel essential. My biggest issue is my dollar spent could be worth more than your dollar spent. For the same price, one person might be offered 60,000g while another is offered 100,000g. They’ve decided to divide the player base into a high gold and a low gold group. Not a great social experiment. They value the individual gems to level up your characters far too much and it’s not cheap to level. The ui is sort of deceiving in that you need 3x the amount listed because you have to fill each gem slot, then pay gold. You can’t hunt for specific gems to level up what you want until level 10 and experience is slow going. It takes a while. I’m at 9 after about 2.5 weeks of doing all of the dailies. The gameplay is engaging and incredibly fun, but the implemented systems behind it are cash grabs and frustration boxes.
By Wil Goolsby

Fun, but many times it’s more like work than play.

This is a fun game, but gave 3 stars because many times the programming makes it more like work than play.
By Homerpyle

Unfair developers

The developers like to test out features with a select number of people before deciding to make them for everyone. Right now they are testing high gold and low dust. Which is totally unfair to everyone else. Gold is used to upgrade creatures and also skills, but dust is only for skills. These favored players get to upgrade their creature skills and when they go back to regulate gold and high dust they can get even further ahead by completing the skills. UNFAIR UNFAIR UNFAIR. Don’t waste your time.
By drksmite

Great game

Super fun game and plenty to do without feeling like you constantly need to buy stuff to progress.
By RikityKrikit

Low gold group

The result of your experiment is the loss of a player.
By nysidra

Game still needs a lot of work

The first few weeks are fun, sure, and the game is even fairly addictive. However, you soon hit a wall and realize there is a real lack of game modes and an epic shortage of resources. The app is designed around spending real money and this is evident quickly when you visit the shop. On any given day there are offers that range from 200-6000 ‘crystals’ (gems), and keep in mind that 9.99$ only nets you 1250 of these suckers. After playing about a month my average upgrade costs 12000 ‘dust’ and half as much gold, yet your main source of funds are the ‘treasure caves’ which you can visit twice a day and net 50-100 gold and perhaps 100 of each dust. Yes, you read that correctly. Thus, this is the wall that you hit. The free chests that are offered every 4 hours provide about 20 gold a pop. The sad fact is that if you want upgrades and resources you must spend cold, hard, cash. The game can be fun, yes, and if there were more game modes that earned the player resources then it would be very enjoyable. Until then my review stands at two stars.
By Neth3Rtwist

3 stars , could be five.

3 issues - You can’t flip the game upside down. It makes it troublesome to play while charging the phone or iPad. - The progress is painfully slow unless you spend tons of money. I understand is a free to play game but it’s not affordable. - There is almost no point to do maps you have already cleared.
By PGMP1979