Learn Japanese: Bunpo

Learn Japanese: Bunpo

By Yuki Yamamoto

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2018-03-13
  • Current Version: 1.4.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 39.50 MB
  • Developer: Yuki Yamamoto
  • Compatibility: iOS 10.0+
Score: 5
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Bunpo is a free, fast and easy way to learn Japanese grammar. On Bunpo you can - Get JLPT ready with fun, interactive lessons. (Over 1500 example sentences and 7000 quiz questions) - Put your memory to the test by writing, reading and listening. - Enhance your studying with a personalized curriculum. - Keep learning even when you're offline! Read about our privacy&terms here - http://getbunpo.com/ Any feedback? Feel free to contact us to [email protected] yuki


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Love this! I’ve been waiting for something like this. A few bugs (correct answers not being accepted) which I expect will be corrected. I would happily pay for this, if it were a one time fee. Please, if you are listening, don’t make it a subscription model. Students often have to many of those already.
By expatintokyo


The app has only been out for a short while, but I’m loving the interface and everything about it!
By Bruhwhytf


I had this app for the past 6 months maybe. Before, it was good. You could choose a JLPT level and grammar point and get a series of written questions. Sometimes it would crash. Few complaints. But NOW it’s just amazing. There are translations, grammar explanations, readings, listening questions, and free chat options!!!! I don’t think this app could be any better. It is just superb! Perfect for JLPT practice. I have zero complaints at the moment, aside from waiting in suspense for the N4 translations to finish the set!! :D
By CatWhip7


Always wanted an easy way to practice Japanese grammar. This app is great!
By ijustloveutube

So far, so good.

I reviewed some N5 grammar points. The interface was excellent and the explanation and quizzes made a lot of sense. I will continue trying it out. Thanks for putting this out for free, hope to support by paying somehow.
By KTallguy

Exactly what I’ve been looking for!

I used to take Japanese in college, and I’ve self-studied for years. But I really struggle learning and reviewing grammar on my own, so my Japanese isn’t anywhere near as good as it should be. I do well studying using apps, but I have been dissatisfied with a lot of apps that include Japanese grammar lessons. They’re either too basic to do me any good (e.g. Learn Japanese!!/!), or the lessons are super boring (Lingodeer), or even if I like the platform, the Japanese course isn’t well-implemented (Duolingo)... or they defeat the purpose of using an app to learn and are basically just digital textbooks (Mango Languages, for one). Or they’re just ugly, infested with ads, and don’t do a very good job presenting the material in a way that's conducive to easy learning and review. But Bunpo looks adorable, first of all—huge props for the design. The little “ding” for correct answers on multiple choice quizzes is very satisfying, too. I like how the lessons are broken down as well, and I ADORE the fact you can type kana in just with the plain old English keyboard instead of switching to the Japanese keyboard (I’m lazy, sorry). While I prefer real spoken audio, the computer voice sounds decently natural—I’ve definitely heard worse. It interferes with the listening exercises a bit, but I can roll with it for now. The lessons aren’t too tedious, which puts Bunpo miles ahead of Lingodeer alone. The grammar notes are quick but thorough, and I appreciate them being sprinkled throughout the exercise instead of just a page plopped at the beginning of a unit; there are so few language apps that do that! As someone with a background in Japanese already, I’m glad the app lets you get right down to learning and studying grammar without holding your hand; if someone wants simpler grammar lessons than even the very first few N5 ones in Bunpo, there are plenty of other much more stripped down apps for the super basics. Honestly, I really just appreciate that this app covers N5 through N1, so you can actually study more difficult grammar concepts in an app for once. I have a few critiques, but nothing too major. First, there really needs to be an iPad app. Second, maybe a biiiiit more variety in different types of lessons, and better explanation of why a particular choice is wrong. Third, there are some grammatical errors in English here and there, but those can be overlooked. There are also a couple of tiny bugs (e.g. I went to review a sentence I’d gotten wrong, and it gave me the audio for a sentence I got right but the spaces to type for the sentence I got wrong.) And just to be really nitpicky, the app icon is pretty lacking, and doesn’t match up with how gorgeous the app’s UI is. But I know that’s pretty subjective, lol. ...also, looking at your negative reviews, this isn’t a problem for me, but maybe tutorialize a few features better (like using the English keyboard to type instead of Japanese), to make sure everyone is getting the most out of such a lovely app? And not so much a critique as wishful thinking, but any way to flag or indicate certain sentences for later review would be great... maybe something in place to keep track of words/sentences you’ve done poorly on, as some language apps do? Oh, also... I love the sprinkling of emoji here and there ☺️ Honestly, this is already a great app with so, so much potential, and you could even make it a paid app and I’d absolutely buy it.
By lkllng

Not useful for learning as a novice

While this may be useful for people who have some knowledge of Kanji, it's not useful for a novice who only knows hiragana and katakana. Market it as a study tool or create a separate non-kanji section for beginners to learn Japanese grammar
By Newbie314

very good app :)

This app explains grammatical concepts very clearly and simply, and even provides good examples! It has a great, simple design and I just CANNOT GET OVER HOW PERFECT IT IS!! I would like it if there was level N5 grammar, just to review. I would also love vocab and kanji apps that are this simple and comprehensive!!
By Tatsu Hana


The typing quiz is completely broken! I tried to type the answer with a hiragana keyboard but the screen showed nothing was being input. If this app can’t accept answers then it is completely useless!
By TheIntimateAvenger

So useful for learning at any level

The design of the app is exactly what I’ve looking for, studying for JLPT, being both a “grammar dictionary” and grammar teacher. Since the terms are grouped by level, the UI may not lend itself as an explicit grammar reference, but it can if you need it to, and nothing around compares to how complete and clean the quizzing system feels. It acts as both a great refresher and teacher, and I can’t thank the devs enough for making it.
By ElStrawFedora


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Learn Japanese: Bunpo

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