Total Battle: Strategy Game

Total Battle: Strategy Game

By Scorewarrior

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-10-20
  • Current Version: 321.1
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 224.71 MB
  • Developer: Scorewarrior
  • Compatibility: iOS 10.0+
Score: 4.55
From 7,796 Ratings


EXPLORE & CRAFT Raid ancient tombs and crypts in search of epic loot and items to craft majestic equipment for your hero. Different equipment sets provide your hero with unique abilities—the armor of a legendary warrior, a fantasy beastslayer, an honored governor, or Indiana adventurer. If that's not RPG-like enough for you, then choose from nine completely different heroes, each with their own perks and abilities. TRAIN & LEAD Your very own military base lies right at the heart of your castle: train and assemble the best army possible using different types of units, ranging from infantry and catapults to titans and dragons. CRUSH HORDES OF MONSTERS Get out on the world map and lead your army into some hardcore mobile PvE action—attack titans, dragons, elves, fire worms, vampires, and black knights, to name just a few of the fantasy creatures lurking out there. Select your soldiers and attack strategy carefully; you wouldn't want a dragon to conquer the kingdom you care about so much. PvP STRATEGY Do battle and conquer the castles of the most skilled war game MMO players in this PvP RTS, including real-life army veterans, strategists, and generals. LARGE-SCALE MILITARY ACTION Military strategy and tactics at their best: join or create a clan, launch clan marches against free-roaming monster squads, besiege their forts, or declare war on other clans and burn them all to the ground—slowly, strategically, little by little, capture their territory and make them bow down to your banner! And finally, unite your kingdom and march out to vanquish other kingdoms. POLITICS After fighting your way into the senate, use your political skills to elect a King who will lead your kingdom into either prosperity or poverty, or maybe you're good enough to be King yourself? The King will assign honorific titles, decide how to spend the treasury's money, issue rules for the Kingdom, and ultimately unite his people in battle against other kingdoms. That's if you've made a wise choice with your fellow senators... Otherwise, you might get a clown with a bag of grenades ;) INTENSE MMO EVENTS Game events happen every day, with grand tournaments once a week. Things can get so intense, you just might forget your kids at school.


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Please just be honest with people when you write back! There are players I know who have been playing this game a more than 2years said they sent this request over a year ago and nothing. I am not wanting to spend any more money because it takes forever for things to change. The easier you make it for players to do things in this game the more likely they are to spend money to play. I would rather hear you say it’s not gonna happen instead of keep telling people you will consider it.
By Native Texan 1980

Great Game

Total Battle is a great game! There are a couple of matters that should be looked at, and adjusted. Every kingdom has player created and enforced rules of engagement. If one chooses not to abide by the rules of engagement, they subject themselves to being made and “Outlaw.” If one is declared and outlaw, the outlawed player can be attacked repeatedly and relentlessly looted. This looting can be particularly frustrating if the looted player spent a lot of money acquiring items. Gold ingots ought to be convertible to gold coins within individual players castles. Enforcement of taxes should always be a matter of the castles deciding how much contribute to the kingdom, but the ingots should not be otherwise worthless. After a certain level, it becomes very difficult to grow one’s avatar. Requiring Billions of points seems excessive. Overall the game is quite entertaining.
By Danno21


It's a fun game, but we have to add more stages and add the setting to control the voice and language. and thank you .
By Dv.v3

Not fun

Seems to just be a way for the developer to make money. And they also annoy you after you delete it and I can’t seem to keep from getting emails about it.
By goawayass


Extremely expensive to play this game. It’s unbelievable.
By Smigs&Biddies

Very Expensive

Cost prohibitive play. For example. You have to revive soldiers lost in “ruthless battle” and the cost is more gold than you could buy with ten dollars for a single event. Yet your hero gets a minuscule amount of valor points. This game pillages your pocket book and rapes your wallet. Good game but no fun because designers got greedy. 👎🏻 It’s a great game, but the designers trying to sell you on a clan are just doing so, because they know peer pressure will cause you to spend even more. This game is great, but unless you are wealthy, you can forget it. It will cost you hundreds of dollars to play. Given the choices out there, there are far cheaper and equally fun ways to entertain myself. As for the 4.5 stars, there are a ton of negative reviews, so I question these review numbers. This game was ruined by pure greed.
By davewright76


Easily addicting
By PauriannaC

Tedious drudgery

This game is maybe 10% what you see in the promos, interspersed with long winded tedious world building and boring backstory. Don’t waste your time downloading this snooze fest. You’re welcome.
By Lefut

There are to MANY ADS

By No ads uhhhh


Just started playing 9/22/23 pretty neat game so far. Don't plan on spending any money, hopefully it's not a game that requires that to advance because I have patience to play daily. We'll see how it goes after awhile, I may be able to come back and give ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and a great review. 👍
By SpitFireRebel

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