KTM MY RIDE Navigation

KTM MY RIDE Navigation

KTM MY RIDE Navigation

By KTM Sportmotorcycle GmbH

Score: 1.66
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Turn-by-turn navigation on your bikes dashboard has been introduced for the KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S and R (MY 18,19 &20), the KTM 790 ADVENTURE (MY19 &20), the KTM 390 ADVENTURE (MY20) as well as KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE GT (MY19 & 20) & KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R (MY20) (Owners of 2017 KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S & R can also benefit by having the cost-free software upgrade installed and activated at an official KTM dealer.). Connecting a Bluetooth-enabled Smartphone means more than just co-ordinates and directions. Trips and routes can be saved and loaded for repeat use to allow for forward-planning, and an offline mode means a specific map can be downloaded and used without consuming mobile data in roaming. KTM dealers and the network for servicing and assistance come as custom icons on the map. Simply negotiate the ‘pairing’ process to make the phone and the bike ‘talk’ to each other and the information can then be relayed. The App transmits turn-by-turn guidance, the distance to the next navigation point, the street name and the arrival time/distance to the destination. In addition, audio guidance in various languages and offline maps are also available. KTM MY RIDE also allows incoming calls and music, displaying battery life and signal strength. All this data appears on the dash and can be managed with the mode switch, keeping your hands where they belong: on the handlebar.


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This app might as well be free or $80. Stupid to charge $8 after I paid $8000 for the bike. I know many paid more or less. That said, it’s worth $8. What’s eight bucks?
By weener long

Useless navigation app for an adventure bike

So disappointing that this app gives you so few options to plot a route and even if you do (after hours of manipulating way points), it’ll still take you on the route it wants to go when you start your trip. Come on KTM! It interfaces so well with the bike’s display, make it work as a navigation tool. It’s useless as it is and I have to use my phone and Google maps to navigate anywhere. Disgraceful!
By Gar man 123410


Works exactly as advertised. Easy setup. Map includes lots of off-road trails and will get you to your destination, and waypoints along the way! Easy to switch to ‘off-roads ok’ when necessary
By KTM Hooch

Works Really Well

Paired with my 2020 KTM 1290 Super Duke R. I can leave my phone in my pocket and see turn by turn on the dash. The nav from this app works well enough. Off-line maps are large as you have to download ALL of the US, at 6GB. But I can pre-plan any rides through the mountains. Overall I’m very happy with the App!
By Fleebubflobble

No stars if it was an option.

Huge let down from ktm. Not much else to say. It’s terrible. If you miss a turn it does not recalculate instead it has you return to the point of the missed direction. Disappointing.
By ToolGuySky

It’s a joke

Don’t waste your money. The app has a 5gb limit for downloads, means you can’t download the 6gb US Map. And for online navigation you better off with Google or Apple. It’s unbelievable that they make an app that can’t download its own extensions. How stupid is that? Should be 0 Stars, refund at least.
By Pinback78


I can’t say how very disappointed I am with this app. Downloading their maps can take days or never. I have yet to see actually updated a map without downloading the map all over again. Their server needs some serious updating. This app needs some serious work. My phone does a better job.
By genealto


Why make a gps app for motorcycles and not have the ability up import gps tracks or build custom routes. 2 stars just because the the app does work great for music but the gps side is complete garbage.
By Kimble peters

Listen to other reviewers—Needs options for routes

Was excited to give this a try. First time out, works ok but has room for improvement. Needs an option to use highways/ toll roads. The default is to use surface streets and this cannot be changed or altered. Also if you decide to find app support- it’s non-existent on their website. Just gives the user an error message saying that page is beyond their reach. If I had to do over, I would save the money and skip the app
By The Yarb

Don't let us down!

Please continue further development. Rider to bike to bluetooth to app control for skipping waypoints on the fly for starters. Useless otherwise. Continues to reroute to "missed" waypoints makes use for even small trips a lost cause. 8th KTM. Please update the app and call me in for updates to the bike's software as well. -SV
By srvye


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KTM MY RIDE Navigation

KTM MY RIDE Navigation

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