KTM MY RIDE Navigation

KTM MY RIDE Navigation

KTM MY RIDE Navigation

By KTM Sportmotorcycle GmbH

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Turn-by-turn navigation on your bikes dashboard has been introduced for the KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S and R (2018 and 2019) as well as KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE GT 2019 (Owners of 2017 KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S & R can also benefit by having the cost-free software upgrade installed and activated at an official KTM dealer.). Connecting a Bluetooth-enabled Smartphone means more than just co-ordinates and directions. Trips and routes can be saved and loaded for repeat use to allow for forward-planning, and an offline mode means a specific map can be downloaded and used without consuming mobile data in roaming. KTM dealers and the network for servicing and assistance come as custom icons on the map. Simply negotiate the ‘pairing’ process to make the phone and the bike ‘talk’ to each other and the information can then be relayed. The App transmits turn-by-turn guidance, the distance to the next navigation point, the street name and the arrival time/distance to the destination. In addition, audio guidance in various languages and offline maps are also available. KTM MY RIDE also allows incoming calls and music, displaying battery life and signal strength. All this data appears on the dash and can be managed with the mode switch, keeping your hands where they belong: on the handlebar.


KTM MY RIDE Navigation ScreenshotKTM MY RIDE Navigation ScreenshotKTM MY RIDE Navigation ScreenshotKTM MY RIDE Navigation ScreenshotKTM MY RIDE Navigation Screenshot


Very unreliable and lacking features

1. Display is very slow to update . Unlike using other gps mapping apps I can often go past a turning point or exit before the app updates that I was supposed to turn there (like if it’s without a few hundred feet of a previous turn) 2. Display on TFT sometimes hangs and doesn’t update without indication that it did - it’s like it looses Bluetooth connection but then suddenly will reconnect perhaps miles past a direction change. 3. In general routing is less reliable and optimums than other apps like google maps. 4. the directional arrows don’t show enough detail especially on highways with multiple exits 5. for some reason KTM has chosen to use Highway names that don’t appear on signs rather than interstate or highway numbers (eg veterans highway or Ronald Reagan freeway) 6. The map updates are not segmented and only delivered in large packages making updates take a very long time and almost impossible to download unless you are on a very fast WiFi connection. 7. when using the navigation there is no display of phone battery power or signal.
By ZiggyinNC

Still Broken

Glitchy to setup. Still can’t download off-line maps. Routing to destinations and recalculating are mostly broken. Please just apple car play your bike, don’t reinvent the wheel.
By Renegadeballoon

Skip The App

What a disappointment- very poorly thought out app, no moving map shows in the dash, just the next turn. Really? The app is so badly done that I’ve gone back to simply mounting my iPhone on the handlebars and gave up entirely on using the beautiful TFT dash on my 2019 SDGT. I hope they revise the app soon, since music controls through the switchgear is fantastic, but navigation is more important to me.
By AlamedaPaul

should I have known,I would have bought a Honda

Purchased a brand new KTM Duke 390. One of the main reasons was the my ride navigation- so I could leave my phone in my pocket and not have it exposed. The app has never worked, and the dealer can’t figure it out either. My phone says it’s connected, my bike says it’s connected, but the app fails to show this. As a result, I am unable to use directions when I travel. When I click app support on the apple App Store, it takes me to KTM’s FAQs in their website- which is not helpful at all. I feel ripped off. If I could give this app 0 stars I would.
By JCSaracho


what a ball drop Ktm. No resolve too this and it’s near 2020 garbage of way to do business.
By DubSt3P-SF

Ruining the ktm name..

It would be nice if they made it compatible with more bikes that have the same tft screen so I could use it on my 390 cruising around town too.
By Cjbisme

Trust the 1 star reviews - 2019 Duke 390

Just picked up a new 2019 Duke 390. This is the first 1 star rating I’ve ever given. I was hoping a 2019 bike fresh from the dealer would not have the issues the reviews here note, but it does seem to be the case. I had originally paired the 390’s console to my iPhone and to a Sena 3S headset in my helmet (well the nice sales girl did it for me before I drove off). That gave me iPhone audio and “KTM My Ride” menu access to play, pause Etc for the music app from my phone, playing through my helmet headset. Nice!! Control music with my left thumb while riding. +10 KTM!! NOTE: I had NOT yet install this app. Important point. Then today I wanted to try navigation so I PAID $8 for an app for a relatively expensive bike (seriously KTM?). However I could not get the app to pair with the bike. As a bonus, audio from iPhone no longer worked in my headset. I had to unpair everything. everywhere, uninstall the app, then re-pair everything. Thankfully it worked and I got audio back. Here’s the good part! Apple Maps (haven’t tried others) speaks turn-by-turn through - iPhone audio! So I started navigating in Apple Maps and voila! I had nice in-helmet voice guidance all the way home. I sincerely hope KTM reads these reviews and gets this app in shape. Being able to glance at the console to get navigation status would be a 10 star app. And please, use Apple Maps as a basis. Please oh please KTM app developer, at least respond here in the App Store to us (who paid a good price for this app...) and let us know “it’s coming”.....
By Genesis_Fides

Crap App

Yep, you stole my money. Your parents must be so proud.
By xcarbondatedx

Waste of money..

I just sent $8 to somewhere i don't know because I got nothing in return. The screen on my 390 Duke says its paired with my iPhone 8 plus but the app has no function. Nothing. Zilch. When you try and “add” your bike, the app doesn't recognize it. Since theres no support, i just sent $8 to KTM for nothing in return. I love my 390 but its little things like this that will have me buying a Yamaha when i get my next bigger bike.
By mallai

Stability and guiding

App stalls or quits from time to time, disabling navigation while riding, annoying. Turn by turn navigation is not comfortable, as highways are mentioned by their names and not numbers+direction (i.e.N, W). All signs have numbers and never names! Please fix these issues or allow other navigation app to connect with a bike. My ride is 2019 SuperDuke GT.
By Danny-1978


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KTM MY RIDE Navigation

KTM MY RIDE Navigation

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