Co–Star Personalized Astrology

Co–Star Personalized Astrology

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Co–Star is the astrology app that deciphers the mystery of human relations through NASA data and biting truth. 2x App of the Day. Featured in the New York Times, Vogue, Vanity Fair, and more. > "Good advice." New York Times > "Banging astrology app." Dua Lipa > "Connect with people about your astrology sign." Conor Oberst Features • Add friends to compare natal charts and see your compatibility. • Read personalized daily horoscopes. • Receive daily push notifications based on your horoscope for the day. • Learn how to read your entire birth chart. Premium Features • See the full natal chart of somebody who doesn’t have the app. • Get a complete personalized report on how you love and why. • For couples, Eros, a feature that gives you insight on how to navigate everyday relationship situations based on your zodiac compatibility. There are no bad zodiac signs, only complicated dynamics. Co–Star uses astrology as a framework for understanding ourselves and our relationships; a shortcut to real talk in a sea of small talk. We use NASA data to chart the exact location of the stars in real-time. This is then interpreted by real human astrologers who collaborate with AI technology to produce the birth chart and daily horoscopes you read in the app. Follow us everywhere • Instagram: • Tiktok: • Twitter: Need help? Email us: We don't do creepy stuff with your data —> Terms —>


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No ability to message

Why did you delete the message function? And why did all of my messages vanish?
By lawstudent424

Spot On

I really love this app, I’ve had it a couple of years and it is almost always spot on. I love the “do’s and don’ts” and seeing the fun prompts and how you relate to your friends. My only criticism is that recently a lot of the horoscopes reuse the same sentences both in the same horoscope and on different days.
By SER021


I love this app so much, it’s always grounding and relevant to where I’m struggling/succeeding and the guidance to move forward PLUS I can connect with my homies through the app so it supports self-awareness in relationships and awareness of your surroundings (how to be there for others)
By Isabelgrios

You are legends

At least for me you are legends and I have no doubt there are many like me. A big big thanks to all of you amazing people who put so much time and effort into this amazing and so accurate app I’m really sorry that I didn’t make any purchases but I will gladly do it at a later time. I didn’t spend any money but the results and the new things this wonderful app taught me is incredible. Im really glad to have you. Gracias.
By Miliiix

Who are these people

One thing that drives me crazy about this app is that list of people add me, and I’m curious to add them back but from their user names I have no clue who they might be so I don’t. There must be a better way
By adfreeeeplease

Twinkle Twinkle 5 (co) stars!

This app is a wonderful way to learn about your own astrology / astrological chart and see what is revealed in others’ charts. Also, this is a wonderful tool to see how your astrology combines with others (also known as a astrological synastry). The aesthetic is edgy, simplistic, poetic and simultaneously profound and deep. Co-Star seemingly continues to evolve in a thoughtful way. Recently, the ability to chat anonymously or not with others with similar elements of their charts in sub-groups has been really fun. The charts are non-traditional and a bit elementary, however in this simplicity one can easily learn and remember. I love being able to quickly look up so-and so’s chart and have my friends, family, co-workers and Co-Stars always stored in one spot. At times the synchronicities I see in the notifications, “dos and dont’s” are eerily mind boggling in the best way. It is great to see the short term and long term planetary aspects and understand what their influence will be. As a person that has studied astrology for over 30 years, I can say that this app challenges me to learn more but is also perfect for a novice or the astro-curious to learn. I read an astrology book in the 90s that explained when astrology would be taken seriously… it was during the age of Aquarius; which most astrologers recognize we are finally in. It’s amazing to watch that promise of astrology, humanity, networks, technology (all ruled under Aquarius) beginning to be regarded as a science as we recently had Saturn go through Aquarius and soon, the next 20 years Pluto to reside there. Co-Star blends all of these aforementioned Aquarian things well- it has the zany Aquarian ability to innovate, teach the science, allow for human interaction while providing guidance and entertainment. LOVE IT!
By Sara-licious

The text option is gone?

Heyy I wanted to report a problem and it’s that when I click on the inbox button and click on my friend that I want to text it won’t let me message my friends but it would take me to their account? Any idea how to fix it?
By iphone6shelpplease😭😭


I love this app it’s really fun to have a daily horoscope and figure out my different signs and my major three. I don’t find any app flaws although there are some things I wish were free but you have to pay for and that’s my only complaint.
By 333Skye555

This app is phenomenal

I have never written an app review in my life. I got on here to write this one- a first. App is better than any out there, and always spookily accurate, in engaging language. Highest marks
By ohcomeonnowlove

Bug in the App

Daily horoscopes not uploading
By esssjayyyy

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Co–Star Personalized Astrology

Co–Star Personalized Astrology

By Co-Star Astrology Society

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