Doppler Music Player

Doppler Music Player

By Edward Wellbrook

  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2018-04-21
  • Current Version: 1.2.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 16.53 MB
  • Developer: Edward Wellbrook
  • Compatibility: iOS 11.0+
Score: 4.5
From 18 Ratings


Doppler is a new, beautifully designed music player for iPhone. Import your music and playlists into Doppler to experience your library in a stunning new way. Doppler's design adapts itself to match your music, and offers quick access to your now playing queue. Doppler automatically imports new music when you open the app to ensure you always have your full library. Features: - Beautiful, intuitive design - Reliable offline playback - Support MP3, FLAC, AAC, WAV and many other formats - Create and edit playlists - Edit song metadata - Full library search - Import your existing albums and playlists - Edit your now playing queue as you listen - Listening through AirPods, HomePod or any bluetooth enabled speaker - Import new music automatically - Share album infomation quickly with friends - Support for - Search and download album artwork - Import music from Safari, Dropbox, Google Drive and more ... and much more to come. --- Please note, Doppler is not able to import your songs or playlists from Apple Music.


Doppler Music Player ScreenshotDoppler Music Player ScreenshotDoppler Music Player ScreenshotDoppler Music Player ScreenshotDoppler Music Player ScreenshotDoppler Music Player Screenshot


A wonderful, open alternative to iOS Music

I switched from macOS to linux a few months back, and the biggest thing I missed was a way to transfer music to my phone. Sure I could boot into windows and use iTunes, but that's a massive hassle and shouldn't be my only option. Thankfully, I found Doppler! Doppler lets you plug your phone into a computer and manually transfer mp3s to the app which is absolutely essential for a linux user without access to iTunes. Not only that, but being able to download directly from cloud services and safari is incredible. The UI is clean and easy to use, no Apple Music features being forced on you, and has the welcome addition of background scrobbling! Also, while likely not an issue for a lot of people, playing music through a lightning accessory (car stereo) doesn't disable the queue feature like iOS Music does! To top it all off, the developer is great and helped me troubleshoot and push fixes for some difficult-to-reproduce bugs I was facing earlier on in development. I highly recommend Doppler to anyone that misses iOS 6 music, or just wants a simpler alternative to the iTunes/Apple Music lock-in.
By Nathan Wentworth

Great Music Player

So many times I wished I had songs on my phone that I knew were on my Mac. Say, for example, you had a physical CD that you transferred into iTunes. That won’t appear anywhere else. This is the perfect app to transfer those songs, that may not be in your Amazon Music account or in Apple Music, from the Mac to the iPhone! Keep in mind that it will use storage space on the phone, but it’s more convenient than carrying your Mac around with you. 😊
By Beatleboy

No improvement

Indexing is beyond poor. Honestly, that there's even a progress indicator indicates this is a failure. Why are you not pulling in the iTunes database directly? Other apps have no issues with this. As far as the rest of the experience, it's nice, but middling at this point. Can't recommend as a purchase.
By velgor


How about Apple music support😀 I have maybe 30 songs out of the 3000 songs I have on Apple music
By James Terrell Johnson II


I love this app so much. I wish in the future you can make it to where you go upload your music using some sort of cloud that you upload using your phone or computer! Being able to store using your music in the cloud would be really cool!
By micahandrew99

A pretty good choice in the selection of alternative Music apps

If you've come to dislike Apple's changes to the native Music app, you may or may not enjoy Doppler's approach; its strengths being that it just shows you a list of artists in your library, playlists, and search, along with a Now Playing bar which allows for skipping tracks/pausing, it's weakness being that it omits the essentials we've come to expect from our iTunes database - Star ratings and lyrics. Saying that, being able to import from Safari with the extension is something I have wanted to see in a third-party app for a long time now, and I would love to see it extended to include archive (ZIP) support. My own personal gripe is that it lacks shuffling of one's entire library. You're expected to know exactly what you want to listen to when you open the app, which is not always the case.
By Jessica Lares

Simple and Elegant

I love it, but it would benefit from some small extra features like a ‘repeat all/repeat album’ option.
By Hugo César

Really Nice App

This app has a really clean UI and it allows you to import songs from other apps which comes in really handy if you have mp3 files but no computer access. Three things would like to be added is download from link and a lighter interface and song scrubbing from the lock screen and control center... but other than that I really enjoy using the app! You get your 5th star when we get music scrubbing from lock screen. EDIT: Thanks for adding the scrubbing feature...Now how about a repeat button?
By King of ifunny

Just what the DJ ordered

Simple to ease. Clean. Uncluttered. Plays all files including purchased. Nice break from the forced iPhone player and Apple Music. Huge thanks to the developer.
By JEEPmurse

Feel mislead

I saw this publicized on YCombinator (Hacker News) and it was billed much the same as it is here: an offline music player you can import your music into. However, there is no way to import music other than automatically importing your iPhone's music library, which in my case was just podcasts. I was hoping to manually install my Bandcamp songs from my computer, perhaps over SSH, FTP, USB, web interface, what have you. I felt based on the description here that that was possible in some form, but it is not. I advise the developer to modify their marketing copy to be less ambiguous or add functionality to make it accurate. Additionally, there is no deletion mechanism.
By phrz


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Doppler Music Player

Doppler Music Player

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