Daily Blends Recipes

Daily Blends Recipes

By Simple Green Smoothies, LLC

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1 million people blend our smoothie recipes and LOVE them— which is why we created the #1 best selling app. Daily Blends is packed with the BEST smoothie recipes that'll help you take control of your health, gain energy, lose weight, eat more fruits and veggies, and finally get that glowing skin. "This isn't a diet. It's a lifestyle." - Jen Hansard Healthy habits can (and should) taste good— and they start with a daily green smoothie. Daily Blends quickly became the #1 Food & Drink App the first month it was released and is packed with over 200 quick, simple and tasty smoothie recipes to experience transformation from the inside out. All recipes are vegan, gluten-free and 100% plant-based awesomeness. New green smoothie recipes are added all the time to keep you motivated. -Jen Hansard, Simple Green Smoothies ---------------------------- DAILY BLENDS FEATURES • Over 200+ tasty green smoothie recipes that focus on energy, beauty, kid-friendly, detoxing, workouts and desserts • Filter recipes based on ingredients you have on hand, food aversions or sensitivities • Easily search for recipes thanks to ingredient keywords or by recipe title • Mark your favorites for easy accessibility • Custom shopping list based on your favorite recipes • Swap options within each recipe • Access to shopping staples like the Dirty Dozen list + our meal prep guide • Access to our popular Smoothie Challenges for FREE ---------------------------- TESTIMONIALS I'm loving this app so far! I like the grocery list function. The size and spacing of the text is perfect for on-the-go reference at the store. The app is very intuitive and I love how they've categorized the types of smoothies. Green smoothies have improved my health and given me so much more energy. My toddler loves them too! --Joanna Joy I am so glad to finally see a SGS app since I love all of their recipes. I also am SUPER excited to see an ingredient checklist that allows you to choose what you have on hand to get recipes with those items. Thank you for this beautiful app :) -- Jounie235 I LOVE this app from the Simple Green Smoothie people. The app is gorgeous and easy to use. I love that they give you options to swap out ingredients if you don’t like something. The Random Recipe is fun...just give your smartphone a little shake to see what you get (reminds me of the magic 8 ball). This app makes blending easy and fun. The recipes are delicious! You won’t be disappointed with this app. I highly recommend it...Cheers! --PreludeK8​ ------------------------------------------------------- WHO IS SIMPLE GREEN SMOOTHIES At Simple Green Smoothies, we believe YOU were meant to do great things. We also know that in order to have the energy and confidence to make this a reality, you have to fuel your body properly. And it starts with a daily green smoothie. Simple Green Smoothies helps by creating and sharing delicious green smoothie recipes + plant-based meal plans to inspire and encourage you along the wellness journey. Jen Hansard, owner of Simple Green Smoothies, struggled with exhaustion and a serious Starbucks addiction in 2011. She was forced to take matters into her own hands when her family hit hard times - unemployment, WIC and no health insurance after moving across the country. Armed with a daily green smoothie she'd blend for her husband, two kids (ages 1 1/2 and 3) and herself, they were all able to boost their immune system, have more energy and thrived during one of the most difficult time of their lives. Jen know how to make healthy accessible to everyone- with price, taste and health benefits because she's been there. Healthy can (and should) taste good… and become an enjoyable part of your lifestyle. Today, Jen shares that passion as creator of Simple Green Smoothies.


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Great...when I can access it

I bought pretty much all the bundles, and that adds up- but it’s worse when you pay for them and cannot access them! It continuously asks for me to purchase and restore does nothing! I’ve emailed and I’ve gotten that there will be an update, which should fix the issues but still nothing. It’s disappointing
By QTNurse75

Ingredient Bar Feature Does Not Work

Well, after doing the Simple 7, I was really excited about getting this app. I’m 5 minutes in and already disappointed. The feature that sold me in the app description does not work! The ‘ingredient bar’ claims that you can simply enter ingredients you have in your kitchen and it will spit out smoothie recipes you can make. What could be easier than that?! Except it doesn’t work as advertised. It generated about 100 recipes for the items I entered, most of which include ingredients I didn’t select. Your app doesn’t do what you say it does. Can you provide an update when this will be fixed?
By Asdfgghhjjkkkk


I’m always looking for new recipes and this app is super helpful and has great recipes. Everything I’ve made so far has been great. I love the shopping list feature too.
By Tor Vinj

Get this app!

Love the rawkstar team! You’ll love this simple to use app, whether your a seasoned blender or a total newbie, never made a smoothie before... THIS APP IS INCREDIBLE. Perfect for quick on the go, GREAT tasting, HEALTHY meal options and snacks!
By homemakerbear


I found the website and recipes that I was able to pull for free. I decided to try the app and was a little leery of having to purchase it but thought I would since there are tons of recipes on the website. Much to my surprise I’m forced to give my email address to get the 7 day challenge recipes . Then I was being forced to give a review on social media to access other recipes . And finally I am required to be nickled and dimed an extra $.99 per recipe for others. After forking over the $3.99 for the app to begin with I’m totally disenchanted. I understand that time and effort went into the recipes and I understand needing to make a living. But seriously, be transparent with all of this so consumers can make an informed purchase.
By Nt3179

Every recipe is AMAZING!

This smoothie recipe app is the only one I use anymore! It has the best tasting and healthy recipes and sooooo many to choose from. I love that I can search based on the ingredients I have on hand OR by category. This is def the best smoothie app out there and I’m so glad I found it!!! Healthy recipes that actually taste good are hard to come by... until now. Thank you Jen Hansard and the rawkstar team for making this app with so much love! Simple Green Smoothies has been one of my fav healthy eating blogs for years and this app was a great addition.
By Jen Hansard


Highly recommend—- you will never regret for this. It’s makes you fresh, increase motivations and I can’t describe how so many positives this. I really loves green smoothie there is many verity in the smoothie and green meals are my favorite it’s makes you increasing energy fresh, light, super healthy. I lost weight over 35 pounds. I promise you will feel complete change your life you will feel confident. That is why I’m stink with my amazing green meals. Worth it!!!!!!!
By Lovesmonkey

Cannot access bundles

The intention behind the app is good and I’ve enjoyed the few recipes I’ve been able to make. The problem, however, is that many recipes require a fee. I do not any issues with paying a modest amount for more recipes, but after purchasing the Autumn Challenge bundle, I’m not able to view the recipes. Instead, every time I try, I’m told I need to purchase them. Attempting to restore the purchase does nothing. If this one bug was fixed, it’d be a great app!
By AnotherJaneDoe09

Okay app but add ons add up

The recipes and pictures are good. I like the shopping list. Don’t like how I purchased the app and now have to pay additional fees or promote the app more to get access to recipes. If I’m paying for an app I would except to have more access to the recipes on it.
By plantbasedeater

Easy and at your finger tips

I love the ease of making daily smoothies and how they feel me up and make me feel great. This app makes it easy to do no matter where I am!
By Cherie19!


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Daily Blends Recipes

Daily Blends Recipes

Simple Green Smoothies, LLC