TONALY: Write & practice music

TONALY: Write & practice music

TONALY: Write & practice music

By Christian Hengst

  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2017-12-17
  • Current Version: 3.2.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 74.94 MB
  • Developer: Christian Hengst
  • Compatibility: iOS 13.0+
Score: 4.8
From 3,952 Ratings


** No. 1 music app in more than 20 countries ** Write songs, find chords, and learn scales based on the circle of fifths! For every skill-level! FOR WHOM? This app is for musicians of all kinds, songwriters, and producers. Beginners and advanced. No matter if it's your intention to get better on your instrument or playfully find chords and inspiration for your songs or productions. WRITE SONGS & FIND CHORDS ▶ Chords within a key are highlighted, they will sound great together, just combine them. ▶ Lookup how chords are played on the guitar, piano, ukulele or bass guitar! With Left-Hand mode! ▶ Export songs as MIDI and use them in Ableton, Reason, Garage Band or any other DAW. ▶ Thirds? Fifths? Mixolydian??? Don't panic! You don't need to know or learn any music theory! PRACTICE & LEARN ▶ Learn chords and scales*, get easy access to music theory! ▶ Practice your own songs or popular songs. Analyze them and understand chord relations. ▶ Learn how chords and scales are played on the guitar, piano, ukulele, bass guitar, violin, viola, or cello! With Left-Hand mode! ▶ Display the names of the scale tones in the staff. Improve your sight-reading! ▶ Display scale patterns (intervals) in the staff. Learn scales more effectively! *basic scales are included, unlock more than 80 additional scales as Add-on if you are hungry for more! MIDI EXPORT Export songs as MIDI file and work with them in Ableton, Garage Band or any other digital audio workstation. PDF EXPORT* Export chords as PDF lead sheet. Get your songs printed, share PDFs with your bandmates or simply bring the sheets to the rehearsal. Lead sheets are an excellent way to make your music playable for other musicians! *available as Add-on PROS AND TEACHERS ▶ Have fun with modal interchange and customized chords! ▶ Check out chord statistics related to the current mode. ▶ Display and playback 4-note chords in the circle of fifths. ▶ Use the app to teach your students and let them practice chord progressions and scales. FURTHER FEATURES ▶ Song templates: Common Pop-, Jazz-, and Blues templates are integrated ▶ Share & collaborate Share song links with bandmates or your teacher. Receivers can open and work on them in the TONALY app. ▶ Chord symbols and chord structures are explained. ▶ Integrated instruments: guitar, piano, ukulele, bass, violin, viola, and cello in different tunings. ▶ Interactive keyboard Check out melodies or practice scales on the go. ▶ Interactive circle of fifths ▶ Display chords, roman numerals, Nashville numbers, and colors. ▶ Transposed playback for Bb or Eb instruments. ▶ List of popular songs ▶ Songwriting Easily pick chords out of the circle of fifths. Create custom chords, change time signature (4/4, 3/4, 6/8, 7/8, 5/8), change the tempo (40-320bpm) and adjust the flexible song structure. Once you've composed a song, you can quickly change the key to find the right one for you. ▶ Scales Available modes/scales: ▻ Ionian (Natural major) ▻ Aeolian (Natural minor) ▻ As well as Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, and Locrian. ▻ Unlock more than 80 additional scales as Add-on. Different clefs: ▻ G clef ▻ F clef ▻ C clef ▶ Different playback sounds: ▻ Grand Piano ▻ Acoustic Guitar ▻ E-Bass ▻ E-Piano ▻ Synth Pad ▶ App settings: ▻ Four color themes, including a color blind theme. ▻ Display minor chords in small letters. ▻ Display 4-note-chords. ▻ Display german note names (B will be H). ▻ Data can be backed and synced by iCloud. ▶ No registration (account) needed! Please have a look at the apps privacy policy before you download it.


TONALY: Write & practice music ScreenshotTONALY: Write & practice music ScreenshotTONALY: Write & practice music ScreenshotTONALY: Write & practice music ScreenshotTONALY: Write & practice music ScreenshotTONALY: Write & practice music ScreenshotTONALY: Write & practice music ScreenshotTONALY: Write & practice music ScreenshotTONALY: Write & practice music ScreenshotTONALY: Write & practice music Screenshot



The sound quality is very low. The app runs very slow, and the navigation is not simple. I don’t buy apps very often, and I am disappointed that I paid for this one.
By John Gabriel Arends

Mostly good

For the most part I think this app is fun and helpful, but I’m a little confused sometimes when I’m working with modes and the 5 chord ends up being lower than the 1? Additionally I paid for the add on to get more scales and it doesn’t actually let you study modes in different scales such as harmonic minor. Over all still very good, definitely some room for improvement though in my opinion.
By Mrkedgeness12488358(.;!&::$@?:


As a fairly new student of music theory this app is a must for me. I am a very visual learner and the ability to pull up practically any scale or mode and immediately see the notes and chords, along with the key signature is fantastic. The song writing function is also very cool and fun.
By Music Student Eb


Where has this app been all my life? Easy to use. Easy to understand. So worth it.
By Biasedreview

I’m hooked

Just a beginner at the guitar, so my opinion may not hold much weight to those with years of experience, but for those who are on the path to a better understanding, getting to know TONALY will benefit the serious minded.
By BlissfullThoughts

Wonderful app and super prompt response from Developer to address emerging issues

This app has become a staple for me and I am impressed by Christian‘s attention to detail and user satisfaction. I anticipate great things to come within this app as well. Bravo and thanks for such a thoughtful and useful tool!
By buksteiner

PERFECT for producers (1 idea!)

awesome app for anyone who wants to make music on the go or even producers like myself. Would love to see a feature where u can export the chords in a midi file so you can drag and drop them into DAW’s like ableton or fruity loops.
By Jackey Baxter

If you play, get this app!

This app is packed full of great information and useful features . Besides the circle of fifths, the chord names and diagrams are sweet and it has a righty or lefty feature. Recommend!!
By A real lesbian

Cool app, but it freezes

I just installed the app and have been working with it. It has cool features but it also tends to freeze. I’m not really that satisfied with it because of that.
By Tmotion

Limited time signatures

I JUST purchased it and it’s cool but I’m immensely disappointed that there isn’t more customization of the time signatures. Only standard ones are available.
By Krishna Swami


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TONALY: Write & practice music

TONALY: Write & practice music

Christian Hengst