TONALY: Write & practice music

TONALY: Write & practice music

By Christian Hengst

  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2017-12-17
  • Current Version: 3.4.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 32.89 MB
  • Developer: Christian Hengst
  • Compatibility: iOS 13.0+
Score: 4.8
From 4,672 Ratings


** No. 1 music app in more than 20 countries ** Write songs, find chords, and learn scales based on the circle of fifths! For every skill-level! FOR WHOM? This app is for musicians of all kinds, songwriters, and producers. Beginners and advanced. No matter if it's your intention to get better on your instrument or playfully find chords and inspiration for your songs or productions. WRITE SONGS & FIND CHORDS ▶ Chords within a key are highlighted, they will sound great together, just combine them. ▶ Lookup how chords are played on the guitar, piano, ukulele, or bass guitar! With Left-Hand mode! ▶ Export songs as MIDI and use them in Ableton, Reason, Garage Band, or any other DAW. ▶ Thirds? Fifths? Mixolydian??? Don't panic! You don't need to know or learn any music theory! PRACTICE & LEARN ▶ Learn chords and scales*, get easy access to music theory! ▶ Practice your own songs or popular songs. Analyze them and understand chord relations. ▶ Learn how chords and scales are played on the guitar, piano, ukulele, bass guitar, violin, viola, or cello! With Left-Hand mode! ▶ Display the names of the scale tones in the staff. Improve your sight-reading! ▶ Display scale patterns (intervals) in the staff. Learn scales more effectively! *basic scales are included, unlock more than 80 additional scales as Add-on if you are hungry for more! MIDI EXPORT Export songs as MIDI and work with them in Ableton, Garage Band, or any other digital audio workstation. PDF EXPORT* Export chords as PDF lead sheet. Get your songs printed, share PDFs with your bandmates or simply bring the sheets to the rehearsal. Lead sheets are an excellent way to make your music playable for other musicians! *available as Add-on PROS AND TEACHERS ▶ Have fun with modal interchange and customized chords! ▶ Check out chord statistics related to the current mode. ▶ Display and playback 4-note chords in the circle of fifths. ▶ Use the app to teach your students and let them practice chord progressions and scales. FURTHER FEATURES ▶ Song templates: Common Pop-, Jazz-, and Blues templates are integrated ▶ Share & collaborate Share song links with bandmates or your teacher. Receivers can open and work on them in the TONALY app. ▶ Chord symbols and chord structures are explained. ▶ Integrated instruments: guitar, piano, ukulele, bass, violin, viola, and cello in different tunings. ▶ Interactive keyboard Check out melodies or practice scales on the go. ▶ Interactive circle of fifths ▶ Display chords, roman numerals, Nashville numbers, and colors. ▶ Transposed playback for Bb or Eb instruments. ▶ List of popular songs ▶ Songwriting Easily pick chords out of the circle of fifths. Create custom chords, change time signature (4/4, 3/4, 6/8, 7/8, 5/8), change the tempo (40-350bpm), and adjust the flexible song structure. Once you've composed a song, you can quickly change the key to find the right one for you. ▶ Scales Available modes/scales: ▻ Ionian (Natural major) ▻ Aeolian (Natural minor) ▻ As well as Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Locrian, and Major & Minor pentatonic. ▻ Unlock more than 80 additional scales as Add-on. Different clefs: ▻ G clef ▻ F clef ▻ C clef ▶ Different playback sounds: ▻ Grand Piano ▻ Acoustic Guitar ▻ E-Bass ▻ E-Piano ▻ Synth Pad ▶ App settings: ▻ Four color themes, including a color blind theme. ▻ Display minor chords in small letters. ▻ Display 4-note-chords. ▻ Display german note names (B will be H). ▻ Data can be backed and synced by iCloud. ▶ No registration (account) needed!


TONALY: Write & practice music ScreenshotTONALY: Write & practice music ScreenshotTONALY: Write & practice music ScreenshotTONALY: Write & practice music ScreenshotTONALY: Write & practice music ScreenshotTONALY: Write & practice music ScreenshotTONALY: Write & practice music ScreenshotTONALY: Write & practice music ScreenshotTONALY: Write & practice music ScreenshotTONALY: Write & practice music Screenshot



Just waisted my money on this. Nothing that I can not do in other free apps
By D0950

Amazing app but one suggestion

An addition of 7 string guitars would be amazing since there are 5 string basses. Other than that the app is perfect!
By MacadeAndCheese

Essential Tool

My favorite tool along with Oolimo for songwriting on guitar. This app is very well designed because short of sitting at a piano, this allows you to quickly form voicings and to edit arrangements WITH an easily read piano layout a click away to see the movement of the bassline. Like Oolimo this app excels at teaching and utility. This guy should take a crack at the IRS tax code and see what could be done!

This is amazing

Brilliant and beautiful
By Nick3l


Helped me fill in so many gaps in my theory knowledge and then some. As a result, it’s become a studio staple. One ‘quality of life’ feature I would like to see added is the ability to drag and drop chords when in the edit window.
By aphasiaboy

Why was I just charged $24 for a $7 app?!

I purchased this in the App Store and was charged $24 instead of the $7 (already quite pricey) this was advertised for. Please refund me!! Also how is this a $7 app and the pentatonic scale isn’t even included?! Disappointing
By SewaneeRights


Not worth it, app completely unresponsive. Wish I could get my money back.
By Whatsittoya?!

Great for songwriting

Great app and great for songwriting as well!
By Kari David

Has the potential to be perfect

The only thing I’m missing is an easy inversion control next to the other chord settings
By Auriént

Absolutely Brilliant (two suggestions, though)

Hats off to the developer(s). This app is so well thought out and designed. I’m absolutely in love with it. A great tool for learning, songwriting, and deconstructing popular songs for making your own arrangements. One thing I’d really like to see added is more in depth archive options when you save songs. I’m in the process of building out covers I know and would love the ability to tag songs to a genre, artists, etc. and be able to type in a search bar to jump right to it. It would also be nice to be able to add custom text fields above song parts. If I could just type in the first line of lyrics for versus, choruses, so on that’d be awesome. Then this app will be dang near perfect! 🤙 There are options to export out to PDF lead sheets so you could still use this app as a tool for building a good archive system yourself, but the app design and functionality is so beautiful I don’t wanna leave it.
By GuyGotchu

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