MySudo - Private & Secure

MySudo - Private & Secure

By Anonyome Labs, Inc

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MySudo is the all-in-one privacy app that lets you speak privately, browse privately and pay privately, all via secure digital profiles called Sudos. Each Sudo can have a secure phone number, handle, email, private browser and virtual card, so you can use your Sudo details instead of your own. Your personal information is safe since you haven’t shared it — we won’t even ask for a username or password to set up MySudo. Create up to 9 Sudos for everything you do: shopping, socializing, online selling and more. MySudo is a privacy powerhouse, packed with: Sudo handles - Use for end-to-end encrypted messages and video, voice and group calls with other MySudo users. Sudo email addresses - Email anyone, and if they’re a MySudo user too, your emails will be end-to-end encrypted. Sudo phone numbers - Get working phone numbers in locations of your choice, with customizable voicemail, ring tone and contacts. Call or message anyone. Sudo-to-Sudo calls and messages are end-to-end encrypted. Sudo-to-Sudo comms - Connect with other MySudo users via voice, video or group calls and text, with unlimited messages and minutes. Sudo private browsers - Use each Sudo’s private browser to search the internet without ads and pop-ups. The browser blocks ads and tracker cookies by default, and lets you compartmentalize your browsing by Sudo. Sudo virtual cards - Use your virtual card instead of your personal credit or debit card to check out and pay online. Protect your privacy, stop tracking, and keep your money safe.Virtual cards are US only. Other locations coming soon. MYSUDO LETS YOU: • Search the internet without ads and pop-ups using the private browser. • Pay online with your virtual card without worrying about tracking or hacking. • Call, text, and email anyone without giving up your private details. And if they use MySudo too, voice, video and group calls, email and messages are end-to-end encrypted. SO MUCH PRIVACY PACKED INTO ONE APP: • No personal information like email or phone number to create an account • No registration login or password to access the app • End-to-end encrypted communications with other MySudo users • Built-in decentralized identity technologies MYSUDO PLANS: After installing and creating your account, you can choose from three paid subscription levels, to get up to nine separate Sudos and phone numbers. Phone numbers are available from the US, Canada and the UK: SudoFree: 3 Sudo email addresses, 3 Sudo handles, end-to-end encrypted Sudo-to-Sudo comms, 3 Sudo private browsers SudoGo: 1 Sudo phone number, 3 Sudo email addresses, 3 Sudo handles, end-to-end encrypted Sudo-to-Sudo comms, 3 Sudo private browsers, 3 virtual cards SudoPro: 3 Sudo phone numbers, 3 Sudo email addresses, 3 Sudo handles, end-to-end encrypted Sudo-to-Sudo comms, 3 Sudo private browsers, 3 virtual cards SudoMax: 9 Sudo phone numbers, 9 Sudo email addresses, 9 Sudo handles, end-to-end encrypted Sudo-to-Sudo comms, 9 Sudo private browsers, 9 virtual cards See our plans for full entitlements. You can reset your Sudo number for an extra USD 0.99. MYSUDO PLAN TERMS: SudoGo, SudoPro and SudoMax monthly or yearly subscription will be charged to your Apple ID account at the confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless it is canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can manage and cancel subscriptions by going to your account settings on the App Store after purchase. Subscription cancellations take effect after an active subscription has expired. *MySudo virtual cards are only available on iOS and in the US. More locations coming soon. Privacy policy: Terms of service: Privacy choices: Contact our support team on Twitter @MySudoApp or send us an email at


MySudo - Private & Secure ScreenshotMySudo - Private & Secure ScreenshotMySudo - Private & Secure ScreenshotMySudo - Private & Secure ScreenshotMySudo - Private & Secure ScreenshotMySudo - Private & Secure ScreenshotMySudo - Private & Secure ScreenshotMySudo - Private & Secure Screenshot


5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Awesome app

I have been using this app for over a year and it’s working flawlessly. I have no problems with it. It’s working like a charm. I am updating this review September 2023. I was first introduced to this app from Leo Laporte on his very popular podcast MacBreak weekly. He only recommends products that he thinks are great and he has tried himself, so I thought I would give this a go. I am very pleased with this product. First thing I want to say which is really cool is that the app doesn’t even need to be open and you’ll still get phone calls and text message notifications just like a normal cell phone carrier like AT&T Verizon, etc. The notifications haven’t working very reliably. I have been using it to make Sudo‘s for a new phone numbers for different accounts because I don’t wanna give out my personal cell phone number in case the company sells my phone number or my email address and then I’ll get spam so this will prevent that from happening. I have been receiving and making phone calls using it for text message and email and it’s been working flawlessly. I purchased the MySudo max so I could have unlimited Sudo etc. Also, you can customize the notifications within the app, and of course you could also customize notifications Even if the app is not open or if I force quit the app, I still can receive phone calls, email or text on my phone even if the app is not open or if the app is quit, which is fantastic. I am using this on my iPhone 14 pro max running iOS 16 and iPad mini 6 although I mainly use it on the phone 📱 This app is ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
By DudemanLA

Has potential but needs more improvements

Suggestions 1. remove devices from main account if one device gets compromised , 2. Broadcast message to larger groups without revealing each others number. 3. Be able to have option to block incoming call overall and just have sms. 4. Have set automate response (chat bot function if not available or for new numbers that text) , 5. Be able to export contacts to csv and if importing contact from native phone to have it share accross all shared devices. 6. Be able to assign contacts all at once to certain groups or multiple sudo groups
By Bulkylime

Getting charged two for one number after your expiration

I just got charged twice when I try to get a new number after deleting my old number and this is not the first time this is happening
By angry_user5524

Overall Great, But Some Attention Needed

Overall this app is great. My biggest complaint is the user settings are global instead of per device. My wife and I share the Max plan and we each have our own Sudos as well as a few shared ones. There’s no need for her to receive notifications for my personal Sudo account on her device or vice versa. Conversely, for the Sudo accounts we both share, it would make sense for both of us to receive notifications. So developers: please consider adjusting notifications per account and per device. Thank you!
By reformedcigars

I can’t upgrade my current plan

Please I can’t upgrade my current Sudo plan if keep telling me try again later
By Smart425

Deceptive plan

I previously used the three phone number plan, but let the subscription expire as I didn’t need it anymore. I then purchased the cheaper plan that offered one phone number. What I didn’t realize is that apparently my “resets” of numbers had been exhausted, and I have to pay additional money to actually get a number (even though I just paid for a new plan). I’m not interested in supporting a nickel-and-diming company.
By Blahqrtfee

App won’t let me create a studio

After I downloaded the App and I’m creating my first studio I had a feedback “ We encountered a problem when starting to register your device contact support” I have sent a couple of emails but know response.
By Fan-Fred

LuV mySudo!!!

I absolutely luV the mySudo app. Just as it claims, the mySudo app. protects your online identity and keeps you private. It’s clearly another huge step with encryption as well. I’m currently having some issues importing & exporting previous accounts, but I plan to email support about that. Even if my issues aren’t resolved, I still wouldn’t change my rating at ALL. I’m a harsh critic, but this app. ruleZ & deserves every star offered. Thanx guyZ!!!
By bicyclebabe_69

Great privacy app

This app will help you manage your online profiles so you can protect your personal data. I use this app everyday and really enjoy the fact that I don’t have to worry about signing up for promos on retail websites because if I really need to, I can delete that particular MySudo profile. I also love that I have a phone number that I can use that’s not my personal number. 5 stars.
By Rolquan

They are disguising

They just take peoples money and after like 1-2 hours, you’ll get a notification that you’ve violated their app by using VPN and won’t refund you so if you’re using vpn don’t bother to pay for this number
By Anonymous 63637

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