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Take control with MySudo, where there’s zero registration, zero knowledge, zero ads. Protect your personal info and keep your communications private for everything you do in the digital world. With MySudo, you choose how, when, or if you share info—not the other way around. Protect your private and personal info from strangers, businesses, sites, and services that you don’t know or trust. Use a Sudo anywhere—on any site or app that wants your personal info to track, hack, or spam you. Call or text anyone—from ones you know and ones you don’t—with peace of mind and security. You can create, manage, and personalize your Sudo for any task. It can be temporary or permanent. Use your Sudo for work, socializing, shopping—everything you do. How you use it is up to you! All Sudo to Sudo communications, called SudoIn, are FREE and encrypted end-to-end, so no one—including us—knows who you are or what you’re doing. We’ll never advertise to you or ask for personal info. It’s quality of life—your digital life. WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH A SUDO? SEARCH Research jobs, insurance, or real estate with privacy. Avoid robo calls. SHOP Shop on your favorite sites without pop-up ads, spam, or relentless marketing. SELL Sell your sofa, not your identity. Use your Sudo number and email to safely sell on classified sites. SOCIALIZE Create a Sudo for dating, so you don’t have to share your personal info until you’re ready. VOICE CALLS* Call anyone anywhere from customized phone number(s). SudoIn calls are FREE and end-to-end encrypted for 100% privacy. VIDEO CALLS With family and friends, for work or play, chat face-to-face. SudoIn video calls are FREE and end-to-end encrypted for 100% privacy. MESSAGING* Privately text and share pictures, videos, and GIFs with anyone. SudoIn messages are FREE and end-to-end encrypted for 100% privacy. EMAIL Sudomail is FREE and easy to use. Keep your emails private and safely stored. 100% PRIVATE. END-TO-END ENCRYPTED. MySudo provides strong anonymity through end-to-end encryption to ensure all SudoIn communications are 100% private. MySudo is so private, we don’t even know who you are. PLANS Get a FREE trial of MySudo for one year. SudoIn communications are always FREE and UNLIMITED and end-to-end encrypted for 100% privacy. Plans are currently available in the US, Canada, and the UK. -SudoGo: 1 phone number, 30 SudoOut min./mo., 100 SudoOut messages/mo., unlimited email storage -SudoPro: 3 phone numbers, 200 SudoOut min./mo., 300 SudoOut messages/mo., unlimited email storage -SudoMax: 9 phone numbers, unlimited SudoOut min, unlimited SudoOut messages, unlimited email storage SUBSCRIPTION TERMS SudoGo, SudoPro and SudoMax monthly or yearly subscription will be charged to your Apple ID account at the confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless it is canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can manage and cancel your subscriptions by going to your account settings on the App Store after purchase. Subscription cancellations take effect after an active subscription has expired. Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: IMPORTANT: Please note that all Sudo calls use Wi-Fi or cellular data (not cellular minutes). MySudo is not for 911 emergencies or any x11 services. * SudoOut calling is currently supported in the US, Canada, and the UK. SudoIn communications are always FREE. Calling and messaging limits may apply. Some rates may apply for SudoOut calls and messages. Certain data and roaming charges may apply. Check with your carrier for details. At any time, you can reset your Sudo number for an extra $0.99 USD.


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Glitches make it impossible to be functional

I’ve been using this app for about 5 months and at first it worked OK but now I can’t send emails. I can write an email but it never sends. When I try to save it as a draft, it never does and goes in an infinite loop of save draft and back to the written email but it never exits so that I have to restart the app. People are starting to side-eye me like I am ignoring their emails! One of the most annoying things about the app is that EVERYTHING (email, text, contacts) is in the same app. What happens is you’re on a phone call and if you need to reference an email or text, forget it! You’re stuck on the call screen with no way to go into your emails and texts. These problems should not be happening for an app I pay $15 a month for!!! I am considering ending my subscription because these issues are so frustrating. People in my life are starting to comment that there is something wrong with my phone. For this price, this app should be flawless.
By Gromit1084

Latest update

Thanks for fixing the size of the Sudos! Keep up the great work team and thank you for providing a solid solution in this surveillance capitalism world we live in.
By katiesweet2010

Very Impressed

At a time where people willingly give up their privacy for mere convenience (often without even realizing it), this app is a huge breath of fresh air. I do a lot of online purchasing and local selling and it gives me peace of mind to know that I'll never have to give out my personal information to companies or people that may use it for shady purposes. This is a must have app for this day and age. Worth every penny.
By ch4yboy

Too many glitches

I really did like this app from when it was just SUDO and sometime in my MySudo. Now it’s one problem to another. For some reason the app wouldn’t open. Been clicking and trying but it wouldn’t work. Most times you have to wait till the next day before it starts working again, but this time I’m not even sure it’s going to work. So you guys need to do some cleaning up.
By Be Careful with the app

Closed source, buggy, contacts NOT stored locally!

UPDATE 1/19: Not only are your contacts still stored online without Sudo telling you, but it looks like your emails may also be stored online too, as I couldn't mark an email as read or delete it while my internet was out. If an email was really on your device only, why wouldn't I be able to delete it? This app is getting less private. To make matters worse, at least once a week I don't get any messages for over a day, then they all arrive at once super late, AND messages I try to send randomly disappear with no indication if they sent or not, sometimes repeatedly, which means I'm either spamming someone (and have to totally retype it every time btw since I can't highlight it to copy/paste) or entirely unable to reply at times. This app is totally unusable and sadly no longer trustworthy in my opinion. If anyone has ideas for a good alternative please let me know. UPDATE 11/2018: In response to the developer, I see that you did add the QR code backup, which was critically needed. I was happy to update to 3-stars until I noticed something else; I realized I could not save contacts if I was offline. WHY are you keeping our contacts online? An option for this is fine, but you are doing it forcefully without notice or consent. This is a further invasion of privacy and at this point I have completely lost trust in MySudo, given that they keep some limited logs, spy on our contacts (and who knows what else), and is a closed source American company. I have decided at this point that I will be deleting this app once I have found a better open source, non-USA solution. (Original review 9/2018:) First off I just want to note that I do not remove any stars due to them going from a free to paid model. Those bad reviews due to having to pay are very unfair, everything can't be free you fools, do you want companies to go bankrupt? I believe in paying those that provide valuable products 100%, people deserve compensation for their hard work. I was surprised at all the low scores initially to be honest, as the original Sudo was 5-star quality. But the new UI is awful, it's buggy (brand new bug that freezes the app whenever I try to add or edit a contact), VPNs work even worse now sometimes, and worst of all for some crazy reason, the option to easily backup your numbers has been removed! So if my phone gets stolen it is now GAME OVER. Total loss of all numbers! Even worse yet, someone recently pointed out to me that this is an American company and is not open source. Which puts its trustworthiness at the same level as Wickr. Maybe less so, as Wickr at least has their business version open source. I am so sad with how this ended up because I want to love this app.
By Amy Meditate

Load problems

App will no longer load. Had to get a new phone and it just don’t load up.
By RubberBanned

Sad to see the old sudo go

Used to love this app, until it’s not free any more. Can you imagine when you are texting someone, and all of a sudden you realized that you have used all the free msg? So bad. All you can do is to pay! Here I’m recommending FreeTone to you guys if you don’t wanna pay for it.
By kdrt1


The app is amazing..... BUT I’m switching to an android and i want to switch my profile over. When will mysudo be available on playstore ? :(
By Yomainb

Because privacy matters

The free version of the app offers a lot of value and I see myself becoming a paid user once the first year is over.
By Diegus83aaa

App won’t open

The app stopped sending text messages and then I decided to delete and then reinstall. Stuck at blue logo screen now and won’t open. I also just subscribed for the 0.99 plan right before delete reinstall. This stuck screen has happened a few weeks ago in the past ... not sure how reliably programmed the app is but the idea is great.
By UniDav


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