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MySudo allows you to create and manage multiple Sudos, each with a phone number and email address, to use for signups, downloads, or anytime you need a private phone number and/or email address. Setting up a Sudo profile is as easy as selecting a phone number and choosing an email address. At a time when just about every interaction you have online or offline ties back to your mobile number or personal email address, MySudo allows you to take back control by using up to 9 phone numbers and email addresses to eliminate the ability of advertisers, scammers, and other 3rd parties from building a detailed profile of your personal information. FEATURES: Your Sudo. Your control. • Each Sudo comes equipped with a phone number and email address • Use a different Sudo for work, socializing, online shopping, coaching/volunteering or whatever roles are important to you Customized Calling • Choose a number from an area code or location you select • Flexibility to call anyone, even if they don’t use MySudo • Create up to 9 phone numbers Enhanced Messaging • Send secure texts, images, and video • Edit, delete, or send expiring messages Simple Email • Set up a private email account in seconds • Say goodbye to email tracking and spam • Create and manage multiple email accounts from one app • Reset an email address if it gets into the wrong hands WHEN TO USE MYSUDO: Signups: • Signup for coupons, rewards, discounts, giveaways and subscriptions, without giving away any personal information Shopping: • Keep your inbox free from spam by using your Sudo details when shopping online Research: • Research hassle-free. Search for cars, apartments, travel deals or insurance quotes—all without being spammed with emails, calls, or pesky salespeople Selling: • Create a Sudo to use on sites like Craigslist to keep your personal information safe from people you don’t know. Once you’ve made a sale, you can delete your Sudo, so you never have to worry about being contacted again. Work/Freelance: • Get a separate phone number and email address for work. Use this Sudo to easily separate your business life from your personal life. SECURITY FEATURES: No Registration or Login • We never require your personal email address, mobile number or a password to register or log in End-to-End Encryption • Sudo-to-Sudo messaging, calling, video, and email are always encrypted Encrypted Cloud • All meta data stored on our cloud is encrypted. Only the user holds the unique encryption key • No one, not even us, can read any users’ communications PLANS Sudo-to-Sudo communications are always free. We offer a free 30-day trial to new users. There are 3 paid plans to choose from, with options to pay either monthly or annually. The plans offer phone numbers from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. • SudoGo: 1 free phone number • SudoPro: 3 free phone numbers • SudoMax: 9 free phone numbers At any time, you can reset your Sudo number for an extra $0.99 USD. PLAN TERMS SudoGo, SudoPro and SudoMax monthly or yearly subscription will be charged to your Apple ID account at the confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless it is canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can manage and cancel your subscriptions by going to your account settings on the App Store after purchase. Subscription cancellations take effect after an active subscription has expired. Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: Got a question for us? We’re here to help. Contact our support team on Twitter @MySudoApp or send us an email at


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Needs work

Pretty decent app, but it’s not smart enough to change to landscape on large screen devices that support this functionality. Come one fellas, this is app dev 101 on a mobile device.
By MotoTrvlr

Not happy with this

I used to be able to call any US number, but apparently this thing doesn’t recognize some US numbers. The 951 area code for riverside CA can’t be called. I used to be able to call this area code until i updated the app, and all of a sudden it gives me an error anytime I try to call numbers with such area codes. I have contacted MySudo and they have done nothing to resolve this. Ridiculous customer service. When you guys had the regular free Sudo things were great. You decided to go ahead and charge people to get a better service and that’s not what I’m paying for. Not cool.
By MiAmir125

Avoid damage to your paying customers

New update: After a very long time a new better support rep. is assisting and has given a solution which hopefully can work for the urgent issue. Encourage your knowledgeable customer friendly support personnel. Train the ones which don’t pay attention to customer problem, just send a generic message and end up blaming Apple and customers for problems. Work on fixing all glitches. Original review: I PAID for one YEAR of Sudomax on my IPAD. But my IPHONE Sudo now does Not work, It asks for payment and I have tried Many times to PAY again, but comes up with message that: I already am Paid and SUBSCRIBED, and does Not Process Payment. (a clear MySudo app bug and glitch, among several others). After Many messages and a Long time, support is blaming Apple for this and tells us that the customer has to CHANGE the iPhone Apple ID (which has for long time and needs to keep), suffer more Damages in order to Pay them, and threatening to delete the identities Today. Is it better for Sudomax to be responsible for damages of telling paying customer change Apple ID or damages of deleting their identifies emails phone numbers? Or Not delete and not damage, let Sudomax work and if necessary, receive more payment, (a way without damages of changing Apple ID)? I and my colleagues were early supporter of Sudo, but it seems some body or something is destroying the good will which was created, by insisting to keep the bugs and glitches and blame paying customers and Apple. Amazing! Pay attention to customer reviews which complain of Glitches and problems.
By Writer care1

HELP.. Sometimes my text wouldn’t go through..

I don’t know what going on but my text wouldn’t go through sometimes. I have to delete the app and install it again for it to work.. and after some hrs. It will stop again. Why is that ? Pls fix it ASAP.
By Isreal pena

Easy to use

So far I’m enjoying the free trial. Even with the free account, there’s a lot of added benefits of using it. I’ve been able to have comfort knowing my personal phone number and email are safe while I navigate vendors.
By Kerry d t

It won’t work when I use it on google

When I use it on google it says you need a real number and it requires networks so I count it like a Real phone. Example I’m at my friends house and I’m calling my cousin and it says I need WiFi which is so annoying
By Lukas boyyyy


I love it, 9 phone numbers 9 emails I can separate everyone so I know if I even need to bother answering my phone they all have different tones I have my banks and all that garbage silenced, my wife is also silenced lol but seriously this is really cool best app I have found in sometime.
By AddXan

Hate this app I wished I never started it

Ok they came out with Sudo and it was free. And used it without issue and the they forced an update that made you pay to use it. And it is unbearably expensive. 4.99 a month for 300 lousy texts. Hey sudo you just got my fee in the form of this very real warning to anyone that may be interested in your high cost app to stay away. I don’t need some high level security in a communication app, I needed one that was free or great value because I don’t have a cell phone service thus WiFi is my connection and sudo just wasted my time and some money until today because I am cutting it off with them. Thank you for nothing.
By johgyg

All good things...

It was useful while it lasted. Maybe Trump is now in charge? How much longer before the app disappears or the developer sells? I used to have this app as a backup to another VOIP app but Sudo only works when it wants. People call me and either the call goes directly to voicemail or its missed. I often can't pick up the call or when I do, I can't hear the other party. Additional, it doesn't seem like Sudo is listening to user feedback. Bye bye Sudo.
By Notapaidreviewer

Great call quality.

Sudo to Sudo call quality is superb. The GUI is getting better and better, in my opinion. The next feature I want is a native web app, mainly to check email and messages.
By slow Jim - Keep on Trucking


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