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Webnovel - Stories & Mangas

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Webnovel - Fantasy Novels, Adventure Mangas & Romance Books for Story lovers! - Book Genres: Romance, Mystery, Fantasy, Western, Sci-fi, Fan-fic - Collection of Best Novels/Comics & Hottest New Stories in Every Genre! Webnovel has plenty of popular novels and comics/manga/manhua, provides you with the latest books of the highest quality. This is a must-have book app for the majority of story lovers. Start reading your favorite novels/comics/manga/manhua/fanfic, by downloading webnovel app! - No.1 Book app for story Lovers - Numerous of novel Genres for Choosing Freely - Hundreds of comics/manga/manhua Read More Than 1,000,000+ Times - Professional Team Creates Best Novel & Fanfic 1)Massive Exclusive Comics and Novels Discover our library of exclusive novels such as The Supreme Magus, My vampire system, , and tremendous translated novels like Library of heaven’s path, Lord of the Mysteries, Full Marks Hidden Marriage, as well as numerous adapted comics/manga/manhua. Come to life as you jump into a wonderous world full-filed with comic and novel! 2)Quick Daily Updates Join our millions of readers, looking forward to the Webnovel daily-updated chapters. The Webnovel brings you an unequal and immersive comic and novel reading atmosphere. 3) Active community That Loves To Read Webnovel attracts over a million readers and authors who dedicate all passions of reading and writing. No matter you like reading translated novel or the original one, a romance novel, or Fantasy story, with sharing common comic interests, readers and authors come together, regardless of genre. Download Webnovel now. Start your reading or writing journey and be part of novels/comics/manga/manhua/fanfic community. 4) Share Your Story and Gather Your Fans Join with thousands of aspiring authors. Start you journey, telling your stories on the Webnovel. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Join our bi-weekly writing prompt contest and publish your novel with our matchmaking system to millions of readers who share a similar interest in your genre. Find your voice and share you message with the world. So many book genres await you to explore on webnovel App. Anyone can find their favorite novel comics/manga/manhua/fanfic on webnovel. Start reading stories without delay! Privacy Policy:https://www.webnovel.com/privacy_policy Terms of Service:https://www.webnovel.com/terms_of_service Agreement for Subscription Services:https://activity.webnovel.com/noah/20220926/subscriptionservices *****Follow us on Webnovel social media***** Twitter : https://twitter.com/webnovel IG : https://www.instagram.com/thewebnovel/ FB : https://www.facebook.com/webnovel/ Website : https://www.webnovel.com/ Forum : https://forum.webnovel.com/ Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/AeYDMQw


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Used to be great, Now it’s awful

I’ve been using this app to read comics for about 2 years, and all I’ve got to say is that whoever is updating the app needs to be fired immediately. It used to be on a one fast pass system for new chapters, and now it costs 3 to read a single chapter of a short comic. Even then, it takes 3-4 days for the fast passes you earn to actually be usable for the comics, and really frustrates me to no end and honestly makes me want to drop the entire app and the comics I’ve been following for the past 2 years. Before the 1 fast pass system was implemented, it used to operate on a coins only system with each chapter costing about 20 coins, with 40 rewarded for certain missions. I’m hate the new system and a lot of users seem to feel the same on the app based on the comments. Either fix the system so that it isn’t so greedy for peoples income, or bring back one of the old systems.
By CreepyDragonFormer


It’s a good place to read amazing works, but it will constantly nickel and dime you into paying more to keep reading. If you enjoy reading, this app is set up so you constantly need to upgrade your plan, purchase privileges, or buy more coins to keep reading. Check other platforms before reading a book on Webnovel.
By chai157

Love it, use it daily

Vast library of books, genres, some bad, but you have to dig a little to find the good, the greats, and the hidden gems… Every book has a set amount of chapters free, then comes the locked ones that require either the premium coin currency, which is either bought with actual money or given through the premium service, which grants numerous benefits, or Fast-Pass’s, which you can get a total of 5, DAILY, if you do the daily tasks, which most comprise of shorter than 30 and no less of 5 second Ads, they exist NO-WHERE else besides that, with more given through the occasional events, bought through the store with the point currency given through reading, and check in rewards, with a number of other functions to check out. Webnovel, to give a few ideas… One, better the rewards with leveling up, the voting thing is both cumbersome, and not as rewarding, try incrementing the Fast Pass’s given with each more vote earned, so each level feels more refreshing and good for the user, to give an actual DRIVE to them trying to level the hard amounts of XP needed to achieve it, and at the max level for normals, allow a, once a day, transfer of a Genre Fast-Past to a different Genre; myself included, there are loads of users who leave genre type Fast Pass’s to dust just because they don’t have the book with said genre, this way, they can make use of them, and as this is the last level, they would have to go through tons of XP and grinding, rewarding the oldies of the users who have been loyal to the app for a long while, while keeping the XP needed JUST as it is as it is cumbersome enough just to get to level 2 and 3, not to mention past it, I even feel tempted to ask to make it easier as a user myself, and maybe, to incentivize people to premium more, make them able to get the function earlier and maybe even increase the limit for them, make XP easier to gain, there are multiple ways to go for it. My final idea is to make a new idea/event for authors to initiate to benefit both themselves and their readers, a sort of "Book Vs Off", allowing two novel type web novels to face off in a challenge of sorts, essentially, whichever book gets more unlocks of chapters AND chapters released from the author(Let the author releasing chapters count more-so as readers outnumber them), wins, the only way for the event to start is for both authors of said book to give a consensus, and for the book to already have a numerous amount of both chapters AND followers, gives the books a sort of, "life" to them and the communities that love and cherish said book, heck, you can even incorporate power stones to it if you wish, this would allow things to 'liven up' by a considerable margin if both easy-to-access, and easy to do, and to introduce it, make it’s entrance an event with the limiter less, strict to begin one, to allow it to make it’s place in Webnovel, heck, add it as "Experimental" if you want to try it out, and the rewards simple, both be rewarded, but the winning side more so, with the readers getting "Book-Specific" Fast-Pass’s for said book, maybe even some for the other book to encourage the reader to try the other one it competed with(imagine it was almost a tie, then they should certainly be compelled to check it out), and the authors also fast pass’s, except Site-Wide ones, and a medal to their profile as a author, to show as a sense of pride of how good that community is and how well the author writes to have such a community united under their book… This both drives the readers and authors to support what they enjoy, energize them, the writer’s to write, and the readers to read, you can even make of the incentivization for the readers to purchase coins on the spot to use for said chapter in the competition, which would give bonus contribution to rake in more revenue. If you do 'do' this, make sure to tie up all loose ends, such as making sure the author won’t finish their book during the competition. Thank you if you’ve read this, and have a wonderful day… And thank you for the amazing app.
By Truthful Informationalist

Love the app

I just need you to please fix the search option I can not search for fanfiction as an option it does not appear thanks. You fixed it thank you so much 🥹
By kuvira121

The new voice reader

Not a fan of the new voice reader I liked the old one better now they sound just wrong and it keeps messing up and reading in a different language every few paragraphs so kinda want the old voices back sorry to say
By fear1324


They have a lot of great books
By Dreking959

Very nice

The stories written here are very enjoyable and the app is doing good with making money so I don’t need to worry about it being shut down mid-read!!
By wedghjoouyfdeuiwfvjovhdg


Not as good as it used to be. Most of the free passes (free chapters) are genre specific now so you can’t use a good chunk of them for the novels you are actually interested in. Now some of the later chapters in the novels cost 2 fast passes so they eat up the few universal fast passes they do give you, which forces you to spend money to actually be able to read a reasonable amount. Which is a total scam because some of these novels are prices at hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth to read the whole thing. Some great novels here but they really want you to spend money if you’re going to use the app. Don’t expect them to make it beneficial for the user any time soon if you decide to start reading.
By FrozenGlaive

Fix needed for the audio!!!!!!!!

I enjoy this app so much and usually I am working so I put on my AirPod and listen to the novels but the latest Audio is so bad I have been using other app and limit my usage of Webnovel. Please and please fix the audio please. Just the old one is enough!!! Please for the love of Cthulhu!!
By Ggnan 1234568

Audio for novels

What in the heck happened to the audio it now has an accent that I have trouble understanding. Whoever thought of this update isn’t all there in the head. If you want to make this update atleast give an option to reverse to the old voice. I can no longer understand the audio sometimes which ruins my immersion. I want to know if you guys will make more accent options cause if not then you’ve really gone deaf.
By randosmon

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Webnovel - Stories & Mangas

Webnovel - Stories & Mangas

By Cloudary Holdings Limited

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