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  • Release Date: 2017-05-16
  • Current Version: 4.11.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
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Score: 4.34
From 26,390 Ratings


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App Review

This app is nice, but it’s not the best. It is very frustrating to be reading and be lost in the story to come to an abrupt stop! Sorry, chapters locked! Seriously? I have another app, that does have “ads” but I don’t get locked out of reading and have to jump through a bunch of hoops!! Be honest up front!
By JBreader5

Underhanded advertisement, won't delete account

I still can't delete my account so here's more places you can actually read free books and stories (because this app isn't actually free)! - Google ebookstore - project Guttenberg - fanfiction.net - overdrive with your public library - webtoon app - internet archive - open library - smashwords I'll be sure to post more in another review tomorrow if they still won't let me delete my account!
By pieceofshtwheel

Love it but..

In all honesty I love this app and have nearly a dozen hours on it, however the only problem I have is with the fast passes, I takes a long time to get them and they only unlock a single chapter which in my opinion, is not even close to worth it.
By hippies190

It cheats you out of check in times

Apparently the app goes off of the UTC time zone. You get extra points to be able to read more, and a lot of those points are based on checking in every day. So it’s 2pm on a Friday in my time zone and I missed the Friday check in. They refused to fix it without me paying for it. I’ve already paid $20+ to read one story. I’m not spending anymore.
By Moxy momma

Love it.

Good stories.
By WaqiIsCool

Problems. I’m just gonna write a review for every problem I come across.

I have 2 fast passes right now. Both of which I got today. But I can’t use them. It says that I have no available fast passes when I already used 2 and this is the 3rd one from the quests, while the last one came from spend 100 coins this week quest. But I can’t use those 2. It’s not letting me. But or done on purpose?
By The Taken Nicknames Though

Great app, wish their were more rewards

So there are so many great stories and things to read in this app. This so far has the best availability for content and out of other similar apps it gives more user rewards. That being said, it could definitely do more rewards or incentives to keep readers and unlock chapters. I totally get the need for the authors to be supported, but even after signing up for the VIP membership it still seems not worth it. If I haven’t come across so much good content, I would probably not keep the app. Definitely the best story app available.
By Anniemarie666

Ridiculous nonsense, huge expense to read a good story

What happened to just buying a book and reading it?? I was hooked, after starting to read a story that came up on Facebook- so to continue reading, I downloaded this app. After several chapters, I came upon “locked” chapters. To unlock, you must pay 6-11 coins for EACH chapter, or a batch of chapters costs of course more. Apparently you can do a daily log in to earn coins to open 1 chapter a day. Chapters are only a few pages each. Most people don’t want to wait an eternity to finish a good story, so this doesn’t work for me. I tried to see just how many chapters this book has, but at 191 or so, you MUST use a “pass” to continue the ABILITY to unlock more chapters. I looked briefly into this pass, and there is a ranking system, something about gaining points by becoming a member for $10 per month, voting, doing tasks-including daily log ins, inviting friends to become members and then as you rise in ranking, you rise in privilege? Then you can read privileged chapters?? So, from a quick calculation, I would have to easily spend over $50.00 US just to get to chapter 191. Then, if I have enough points, tasks complete, and a high enough ranking, I can purchase a pass to unlock the ABILITY to unlock who knows how many more chapters? Then how much more money would I have to spend? How many friends would I have to get to join to finally get to the end of this (so far) interesting story?? Would I EVER be able to finish the story?? Would I even own a copy of this story to read again if I wanted? I see no other way to read or even purchase this novel. I think this is taking advantage of readers in the worst way. You know that some people have no impulse control, and will pay the insane amounts of money just to finish a story. They will jump through the hoops of this pyramid scheme “reading platform” so they can find out what happens to their new favorite characters. Reading and “investing” your time/money in a good story should not be so difficult or expensive. It is supposed to be relaxing, exciting, and let you get caught up in it. You have taken the joy out of it and added anxiety, stress and a feeling of using people to get ahead. NO THANKS!! I would rather purchase a book for $40.00, own it, and read it cover to cover, when I choose, on my terms- not someone else’s. If I was an author, I certainly would not put my works on here for people to be taken advantage of. DISGUSTING and a real shame!!
By xtinamoon

Good and bad.

The stories themselves are great. They have been translated and come with a lot of misspellings. The reason for the 2 star is that it’s all not worth the overly priced cost of a beer ok, especially when you don’t get a hard copy. I’m $60 in on 1 story. Now I’m asked to pay an additional for privilege to buy new chapters which we already pay for. Each “chapter” may truly be 3 pages, if it was put in hard copy. No clue on how many more so called chapters till the end of the book? So the real question is how much are you willing to pay for 1 book? Then you are asked about what website your reading the book and told which website this should be on, and reminded about pirating. No problem except in 1 book, you should only have to see that question and reminder 1 time. It becomes a annoying to have to read it every so called chapter. While the story is great and worth the read, the cost far out weighs the desire to finish reading it.
By KatrinaSB1971


By book lover 1235679


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Webnovel - Fictions & Comics

Webnovel - Fictions & Comics

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