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Created by CrossFit® practitioners and health professionals, and already used by more than 1,000,000 people including the best CrossFit® athletes on the planet, GOWOD is the only program designed to improve your flexibility and mobility in a totally personalized way! TEST YOUR MOBILITY FOR FREE! Download GOWOD, discover your mobility score, and access for FREE one of the largest video libraries of mobility exercises (more than 240 exercises) ! GOWOD PREMIUM. SIMPLE, EFFICIENT, PERSONALIZED. Take it to the next level and unleash your full athletic potential with GOWOD Premium! GOWOD Premium is the only mobility program totally adapted to YOU!
 GOWOD’s mobilization protocols are tailor-made, taking into account all your needs and training constraints. Adapted to all your needs: Well-being, training preparation, and recovery. 
Adapted to your own weaknesses. 
Adapted to your training movements. 
Adapted to your available time. Each month, retest your own mobility and track your progress. Access all your personal mobility data, increase the quality of your movements during your workout, improve your general well-being, and recover better from the sports effort!
 14-day free trial with GOWOD Premium! Terms of use: https://www.gowod.app/terms-of-use
 Privacy policy: https://www.gowod.app/privacy-policy


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The best!

The best mobility app out there!
By alraptis

Too expensive

This app appears to be a decent but not great app. I can’t get past the price. No app is worth over $100 per year.
By Note Taker


These lasts weeks the app is freezing all the time, it’s annoying, hope you can update that failure
By kamilomotor

Landscape mode in most recent update crops video. (Edit: Fixed!)

By H0pelessOpus


Great app but videos aren’t playing anymore so 3 stars
By disappointedhbomaxuser

Helps me everyday

I literally do this everyday in the morning and if I have time before bed. My back has felt so much better. I’m going to try and keep this up for the next year.
By Usmc0621wgb

Best Mobiblity App

Lanscape playback issues was fixed temporarily but is back. Using iPad Air 4th Gen/
By H0pelessOpus

Update app for iOS 16

Fairly unusable right now. Can't get through a routine without the app freezing
By DerBear1989

Not worth a long subscription

I purchased the year long membership a year ago and I feel like it was worth it for about 2 months. The initial assessment is helpful but the stretches are all very standard and I felt like I ended up doing the same ones over and over again. I felt like there was no additional benefit to having a long subscription. Some of them I really didn’t even like or feel like they were effective so I would end up skipping them. I could have just looked some up on YouTube or kept a running list of them on my phone of the ones I did initially. Of course it’s nice not to have to think about it and have the app tell you what to do, but personally I wish I had just saved my money.
By becca425bird

Great app, but not crazy about last couple of updates.

The previous update went to a smaller font, which is hard to see some of the instructions. The latest update doesn’t always show the video on the daily.
By Gwilli42

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