Plan to Eat - Meal Planner

Plan to Eat - Meal Planner

Plan to Eat - Meal Planner

By Plan To Eat, LLC

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date: 2017-07-19
  • Current Version: 2.7.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 32.31 MB
  • Developer: Plan To Eat, LLC
  • Compatibility: iOS 11.0+
Score: 4.84
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Meal planning can save you money on food costs, result in better eating habits, and encourage families to eat together more often. The Plan to Eat app is the perfect tool for making meal planning an unobtrusive part of your daily routine. Right now, you can try it out for FREE for 30 days, no obligation or credit card required. After that, annual subscriptions are $38.99. Some key features of the app include: - THE ULTIMATE COOKBOOK: Tap the share icon in your web browser to import recipes from the web, or enter your family recipes manually in the app. - SHARE WITH FRIENDS: Connect with other Plan to Eat subscribers to share and save recipes, or share a recipe by text or email. - PLAN EVERY MEAL: Take control of your meal schedule by adding recipes to the planner. You can even adjust portions, reschedule meals, plan leftover nights, and track extra portions in your freezer. - SHOP WITH PURPOSE: The ingredients in meals are automatically added to your shopping list. You can also add shopping list items manually, add your usuals from a customizable staples list, plan your list weeks in advance, and create lists for different stores. - START COOKING, STEP BY STEP: Tap "Start Cooking" when viewing a recipe to get step-by-step cooking instructions that make cooking easy! - KEEP PLANNING, EVEN IN THE GROCERY STORE: No Internet? No problem! You can still manage your recipes and shopping list items even when you're offline. - STAY IN SYNC: Your Plan to Eat account automatically synchronizes your recipes, planner, and shopping list across all of your devices, and your spouse's, too! Sign in on all of your mobile devices and at to keep on planning! Ready to start planning a happier, healthier lifestyle? Sign up today! If you have questions or feedback, reach out to us at Thanks for using Plan to Eat!


Plan to Eat - Meal Planner ScreenshotPlan to Eat - Meal Planner ScreenshotPlan to Eat - Meal Planner ScreenshotPlan to Eat - Meal Planner ScreenshotPlan to Eat - Meal Planner ScreenshotPlan to Eat - Meal Planner ScreenshotPlan to Eat - Meal Planner ScreenshotPlan to Eat - Meal Planner ScreenshotPlan to Eat - Meal Planner Screenshot


Great meal planner

I’ve tried a bunch of different ones, and this is my fave. Intuitive to use, and I love the toolbar “grabber” so I can quickly add in recipes found on the ‘net.
By DavisAli1

The best app for meal and grocery shop assist

This app is a life changer. I can’t imagine not using it. Instead of just browsing recipes online and then never trying them, this app makes it so easy to save and then re-find that recipe that looked so good. And sharing is So Easy!!! I love how easy it makes the grocery list! Just plan the recipes and the list is automatically made and always with you! Menus are a brilliant idea and one I hope to maximize fully eventually. I’ve only made one two-week spread of menus. I used it for a bit before I got bored. I’d like to plan some seasonal two-week spreads as well as themed menus, like Thanksgiving or Sunday company. There is a bit of a user learning curve. I still haven’t really used the freezer part. But with persistence in use, I gradually use more and more and it really does make your life easier! Overall, this app is 5 stars!
By MonicaRaeCichosz

Save money

I’m a mood eater, so I wasn’t sure if I would like this, but I do. I choose my meals, do the shopping, and then don’t worry about cooking them in the order I planned them. It has saved a lot of money to use this app.
By Dghiyfvnufxergb

Good but

I really enjoy using the app. It saves me loads of time between planning, pantry and cold storage inventories, and grocery list making. I have discovered that not EVERY internet site will load correctly (and sometimes not at all) into the database for meals. And there are bugs loading the finished list into shopping at other websites (Instacart doesn’t work, and food lion imports ALL of the list, even the items I remove because I have them on hand.) But this may still be in beta stage. We, as a family Laos enjoy the convenience of anyone being able to add to it from anywhere and anytime. If the hubby decides he wants a special dessert due to a work function, he can add it at the time he gets the info instead of waiting and usually forgetting to add it to a paper menu. The kiddos can add the snacks and lunches they feel like eating in the next week. And being able to see what else is happening around dinner time makes picking a meal based on time allotted super easy. Soccer practice til 5:30, no problem, plan a make ahead or 15 minute meal. I can also prep each meal well before I need to start cooking by listing from one place instead of flipping from book to book or website to website. Other than fixing the shopping/delivery, I would like to add a feature that would allow for multiple menus for the same day and meal time. Such as, 4 different ‘name slots’ for lunch for several people and lunch conditions (microwave or no, on the go or sitting sown...). Like lunch titles for Andy (hubby), Mel (teenager), Sara (kid), Bruce (toddler) and fill in for each. And several slots for notes. Also a ‘make ahead’ would be nice for like homemade yogurt, granola, stock, breakfast made in bulk for the week, etc. But overall, I have personally recommended this app to dozens of people in all stages of health, family size, and kitchen skill. I think it is good but...
By Household 6 W

Very helpful!

I’ve been using Plan to Eat for several years now and was so excited when they finally launched the app. It’s so much easier than pulling out my laptop in the kitchen all the time. I don’t use it as often as I want to, but when I’m on a good meal planning kick it is essential. Worth every penny.
By AussieMac1


April 2020 my husband and I did a 180 in the way we eat. We went from Paleo to Plant-based low fat. Having to find all new recipes, Plan-To-Eat was a lifesaver with storing new recipes in an organized way. The mobile app is great! I can plan a weeks menu anywhere. I’m one that tends to only cook the same thing a few times a year. I’m basically cooking something new each week, if the recipe gets 5 stars, it’s a repeat. 4 stars with tweaking make the cut too. I use recipes as an outline for cooking, this program is great!
By Viv P.

The best meal planning/cooking app!

We love this app and the whole program! 5 stars, hands down!
By or0ro

Exactly what I need.

Where have you been all my life? Thank you for bringing sanity to hectic schedules.
By Lego Lucas

Operates like me!

I’ve had Plan to Eat for about 5 years. When I first got it, the concept was great but I really didn’t leverage all it had to offer. Now, I use it quite frequently to save recipes and to meal plan. The greatest new feature is saving recipes from a mobile device. I am forever perusing the internet for ideas and when I come across something it so easy to save it! I also like how I can sync meals withy calendar and develop shopping lists to my nearby stores. The team is always working on making the app more user friendly and keeping it current and I love that I can renew on Black Friday for 50% off regular pricing! Thanks Plan to Eat!!
By VA mama

Love it!

It’s not just a meal planner. Auto-import recipes from web pages (including the ability to edit for allergens during the import process), sort, add pictures, rate. THEN plan. But then you also get a very powerful shopping list. You can edit item names within the list, with the option to update your recipes. Assign items to different stores. Keep a separate list of staples that are easy to include with your planner shopping list. I use this app/site every day.
By unraveller


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Plan to Eat - Meal Planner

Plan to Eat - Meal Planner

Plan To Eat, LLC