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Speechify Text to Speech Audio

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Text to speech from Speechify lets you listen to docs, articles, PDFs, email, and various other formats — anything you read. With 20M+ users, it is the top rated TTS app in the AppStore. Our users have listened to over 250 billion words with Speechify. FEATURES YOU'LL LOVE • Scan OCR: Screenshot Image to Audio Find an image with text on it, no matter the length, with one click, you can easily take a screenshot and sync it to your cloud. Speechify will read the text out loud. Letters from loved ones? Scan them and turn them into audible notes. • Listen at Any Speed Our high-quality AI voices can read 4.5x faster than the average reading speed, so you can learn even more in less time. Ease into 300 words per minute & slowly increase the speed to as fast as you need it to be. • Natural-sounding Human Voices Our text to speech voices sound more fluid & human-like than any other AI reader. • Active Text Highlighting The text is highlighted and perfectly synced, word for word, with the voice reader to help you read along. Reading & listening helps you retain more. • Listen to Any Book on Your Shelf Use the app to snap a pic of a page in any book or printed material and hear it read out loud to you. Your favorite book sitting on your bookshelf? Turn it into an audiobook. • Desktop or Mobile Anything you’ve saved to your Speechify library instantly syncs across devices so you can listen to anything, anywhere, anytime. * Hundreds of Free Timeless Audiobooks Titles you get with Speechify: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen; The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle; Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll; Frankenstein by Mary Shelley; Moby Dick by Herman Melville; A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens; Ulysses by James Joyce; War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy; The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald; Great Expectations by Charles Dickens; Beowulf; Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy; The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne; Les Misérables by Victor Hugo; Walden by Henry David Thoreau; Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra Gwyneth Paltrow Uses Speechify to Listen to Scripts. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Speechify lets me listen to Goop blog posts out loud in the car and gets my friends through grad school. It's amazing for scripts." – Gwyneth Paltrow ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sir Richard Branson Loves Speechify. It helps him read with Dyslexia. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Speechify is brilliant. I’m so glad to have it today.” – Sir Richard Branson ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other Features • Note taking tools • Save audio bookmarks • Floating widget • Exemplary customer experience • Inline player seamlessly integrates into all your websites • Get hundreds of timeless audiobooks for free • Cloud sync makes for a seamless listening experience across all your devices We created Speechify so that reading is never a barrier for anyone again. Designed to help people with dyslexia, ADHD, low vision acuity, concussions, and other reading disabilities. Speechify now helps hundreds of thousands of people to consume their reading content with ease. From those with reading disabilities to auditory learners, productivity fanatics, second language learners, hobbyists, and more, we love all of our users and strive every day to create a reading assistant that empowers them to read more and succeed in life. We can't wait for you to join the family :) Install Speechify today, for free! Privacy Policy: https://speechify.com/privacy/ Terms of Service: https://speechify.com/terms/


Speechify Text to Speech Audio ScreenshotSpeechify Text to Speech Audio ScreenshotSpeechify Text to Speech Audio ScreenshotSpeechify Text to Speech Audio ScreenshotSpeechify Text to Speech Audio ScreenshotSpeechify Text to Speech Audio ScreenshotSpeechify Text to Speech Audio ScreenshotSpeechify Text to Speech Audio Screenshot


Good app but the app intro is terrible

What on earth were they thinking with that all open video.
By Mike Jewitt

Great tool!

Huge help in grad school
By b_dug


First you have to wait 5 minutes answer whole lot of questions and then find out its a subscription based. Waste of time
By Bubble Xplode

time is a lie

cool and helpful but i just realized the time it gives is way shorter and i thought i was crazy but its on average double what it says. some seconds take 3 seconds others take half i just need accuracy so i can plan accordingly
By clickerbelle

Great Tech, Questionable Support

Ill star with the bad since its the first thing you’ll read: They have a monthly word limit on premium that they don’t advertise. Yes, it’s high, but I still hit it, and in doing so can’t use the tool I paid $160 for… The text to speech is very good when using the Premium Voices. I use another app to turn free web novels into .epub files, then import them via drop box, which works well. Their free voices are unchanged from Microsoft Sam. The app is okay, and I’ve had to reinstall it a few times, as that’s the default fix for any issue. Layout is obvious and easy to navigate. Then there is the support. They average 2 days for a response, one that always seems to end up with “have you uninstalled the app.” Overall the tech is good, but may not be for you if you plan to use it regularly.
By jmruland


It’s not working I downloaded the app. It’s asked me to put my name in and it’s not letting me it keeps freezing up.
By god loves me and so do i

Charges you $159 for “trial”

First off: don’t do it. Soeechify will charge you $159 for the “trial”, no matter what you select. First they charged $1, then $139, then $159. Thankfully my bank auto flagged this activity as fraud, but not before the $159 actually cleared. My bank then shut down my card, which was definitely a hassle. I contested the charge with Apple and they eventually refunded my money, but this just added to the whole delightful experience. Now for the app functionality: I’ll admit, I wanted to hear Snoop Dogg read research papers, but it’s a pity he got involved with Speechify because it’s a subpar text to speech reader. Words like “reality” get pronounced as “Real. Eye. Tea.” It would be fine if it was just a couple of words, but words as simple as “reality” and far more complex are regularly misread in such a way that it became useless for me to try to use the app. I tried switching up voices to see if it was unique to the Snoop reading voice—and it’s the app. The problem carries through with every voice. The native Apple accessibility feature which can convert any text to speech (web, PDF, ebooks from Scribd or Kindle or anywhere, etc.) does a much better job reading, and it’s free. Ultimately I went with listening.io . The app doesn’t have as many snazzy features (yet), but it’s a flawless read aloud experience, without the flaws that Speechify has. It can take notes, and allows navigation through sections in a way that Speechify doesn’t. Most importantly: they didn’t charge my card during the trial period. (It’s also cheaper.)
By frau_farbissina


Whoa whoa I never agreed to pay for anything and then I just got charged for a renewal without my consent.
By Tedo9


This app is a waste of money as much as time. I hardly remember signing up for the free trial over 2 years ago, and today just got charged $140 out of nowhere with no confirmation in my emails and no authorization. they hide in the fine print that it's about $7 a month but they don't actually do that, they only charge annual. if you even notice that, i doubt you'll remember a year later. if they were as clear about the payment details as they are about not accepting refunds, then i'd leave a better review for this mischievous company taking advantage of people. customer support is also absolutely awful. they take forever to get back to you, if you even find a way to contact them. Overall i feel like a consumer who got taken advantage of by a big company. if you take to google, you will see i'm hardly the first person with this exact issue. I have not been helped in any way by my bank or Speechify so i hope atleast someone reads this and avoids the HUGE mistake i made in buying this waste of gigabytes that hardly functions properly. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!
By Gabe0226


Once app is open it freezes and your now able to do anything with it after the intro. Please fix
By Gsin82

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