Full Code - Emergency Medicine

Full Code - Emergency Medicine

Full Code - Emergency Medicine

By Minerva Medical Simulation Inc.

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The #1 medical simulation on the App Store!  Full Code challenges you to take on complex clinical cases in a realistic 3D emergency room. Whether you are a medical student, resident, paramedic, nurse, PA or experienced physician you will enjoy the challenge of solving Full Code cases. Our library includes over 90 scenarios with a mix of common occurrences, trauma cases, life-threatening illnesses and obscure diseases that you may only see once or twice in your career. We add 2 new scenarios each month and we frequently cover clinical hot-topics. Earn CME credit hours with realistic medical simulation. CLINICAL PRACTICE Begin by taking a history and performing a physical exam, then click on equipment in the virtual resuscitation bay to order tests and perform interventions. Choose amongst a host of drugs, bedside tests, labs, and imaging to help you narrow the differential diagnosis. Our physiology engine will change the vitals based on your interventions and the patient’s condition just as they would in real life. While you zero in on the final diagnosis and definitively treat the patient you can consult with specialists and nursing staff for assistance, but the patient’s survival rests in your hands. PERSONALIZED ASSESSMENT At the end of each case, you receive a score in six core clinical competencies to guide your continuing education. Run through the case as many times as you like to improve your score and hone your resuscitation skills. After each attempt you have the choice of revealing partial answers which can give you valuable insight into the correct diagnosis. By revealing the full case answer you gain access to our detailed debrief notes which walk you through each case’s essential diagnostic and therapeutic interventions required to save the patient. Finally, we provide you with further reading through high-quality relevant web-links and references related to each case. CASE DESIGN The Full Code team prioritizes environmental fidelity in every case and we strive to replicate the complexity of managing critically ill patients from presentation to disposition. The medical content of each case is created by our team of emergency physicians lead by James Kimo Takayesu, a Harvard faculty member and ED attending at Massachusetts General Hospital with 15 years of experience training emergency medicine residents. He has received 16 teaching awards in his career for educational innovation and bedside teaching. Each case is peer reviewed twice, and our team continuously updates our clinical content to reflect the best in clinical and educational practice. FOLLOW FULL CODE Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MinervaMedical/ Twitter: @MinervaMedSim Web: https://full-code.com


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it’s good but i would change a few things

i wish there were more cases for non-pro users. but other than that, it’s a great way to learn and very informal
By livigirl4516

Most Enriching AND Entertaining Game Ever!

I came into this with no medical knowledge whatsoever, save what knowledge (shaky and unreliable) I gained from Grey’s Anatomy (please don’t kill me!) I cannot attest to this app from a medical professional’s standpoint, but from a citizen’s standpoint I find this app to be stellar. It allows me to pick up little things here and there, like what medicine to give for an opioid overdose and where patients need to be sent. I cannot stress enough how challenging this is for my untrained self, nor can I describe perfectly the feeling I get when I gain more knowledge from this teaching format. Rest assured, however, that it is a hugely great one! :-)
By Ftre1234

Great App

I am an NP student- I’ve played 80+ cases with this app and find most of them pretty cool. It’s a great way to exercise critical thinking as a clinician. Here how the cases go: A patient comes in- you are provided with the H+P as well as PMH. You can examine all the systems you’d like and that information will be provided. You can order labs and imaging. You can prescribe and administer drugs and see immediate responses in the patient’s vitals. You can consult other physicians. Overall pretty cool and accurate; although most of the cases are very basic and cookie cutter admissions so you dont have to think too hard on it. Sometimes certain tests won’t add up, but this is infrequent. For example, I remember once there was a patient with a PE though the EKG did not show RV strain pattern. Just a tiny detail, I know but little things like that. Overall, however it is very cool.
By AlHunter12341

Full code

Before I learned how to navigate the app I struggled. Once I paid the full price I was given all the answers. The more comfortable I became with the app the more fun the learning was. You can do a case while you are waiting for toast to cook and learn/ review vital patient care medicine
By Scootz222

Full code for life

Great application for nurses and doctors. It can help you a lot especially when it comes to critical thinking. I hope there are unlimited cases to play. Keep it up.
By Alvin RN

Love it

So educational
By yougestpiercer

Great game but.......

It’s great game wish I didn’t have to pay
By Babe 076972969739

The Knowledge!!

Absolutely love this game can’t get off of it! I have learned so much playing this and I appreciate whoever brought this to life!! I wish there were more cases
By Denniswatts

More free cases!!

I absolutely love this game! However I’m getting bored playing the same case over and over. I can’t really afford the premium right now so the free ones are all I got lol
By gametester9994

Fantastic premise but app never loads

Overall, awesome app for healthcare professionals. Great way to simulate emergent cases, especially for med students preparing for residency. Rated it 1 star due to it loading only 1 time since I downloaded it from the App Store. Tried at least 10 times without luck.
By ndog12


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Full Code - Emergency Medicine

Full Code - Emergency Medicine

Minerva Medical Simulation Inc.