Curio - The Atlantic, WSJ, FT

Curio - The Atlantic, WSJ, FT

By Curio Labs Limited

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NARRATED NEWS IN PODCAST FORM Stay informed with news and insights from 30+ of the world’s most trusted publications, including The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, WIRED, Financial Times, The Guardian and many more. You’ll have access to the best pieces of journalism from these publications, narrated word-for-word by humans, not AI. One subscription, dozens of publications. Try Curio for free for 7 days. GO BEYOND BREAKING NEWS Understand how the biggest news stories impact your life, and the world around you with our daily news analysis shows focusing on global affairs, business and technology. Join us every morning to explore thought-provoking articles from The Economist, The Guardian, and other leading publications. From the impact of a recession on your day-to-day, to climate change and major business moves, go beyond listening, and start your day informed. EXPERTLY CURATED Curio’s editors hand-pick the most informative articles from top publications every day, giving you the best selection of professionally-narrated news anywhere. The best part? We bring subscription-only articles from these publications into Curio, so you get a world of premium content all in one place. LISTEN THROUGHOUT YOUR DAY Enjoy short listens, long-form journalism, hand-picked personal development stories and podcasts. Find a selection that fits seamlessly into your day, whether you’re commuting, cooking, walking the dog, or simply relaxing. Try Curio for free for 7 days. Cancel anytime. (You will not be charged during your trial period.) Privacy policy: Terms of use:


Curio - The Atlantic, WSJ, FT ScreenshotCurio - The Atlantic, WSJ, FT ScreenshotCurio - The Atlantic, WSJ, FT ScreenshotCurio - The Atlantic, WSJ, FT ScreenshotCurio - The Atlantic, WSJ, FT ScreenshotCurio - The Atlantic, WSJ, FT Screenshot


Clunky interface

Interface is crowded with images and graphics making discovery slow and narrow. Needs a “headline only” option for grownups. Poverty of fresh contents from quality publishers is obscured by this design flaw. Sad!
By Paid member

New AI feature doesn’t work

My most fav app on the phone. Love the selection and hope they continue to grow the library with long essays. Thanks!!
By Saad_Ottawa


Computer generated reading of articles. Not pleasant to listen to.
By suzanna d.

Incredibly disappointed

I would have bet money on how much I’d have liked What do I know? I love Gillian and I love podcasts. No brainer that this is a match made in Heaven. But it feels more like a school class with homework… things being read in monotone from a script. And Curio apparently doesn’t allow for changing the speed of play, so I couldn’t even zip through it quickly. Still adore you, Gillian. But I need something that feels real/genuine. I canceled my free trial within a half hour of signing up for it. Dang. Disappointed.
By Meow33

Gotten pretty buggy.

I've been subscribed for years but in recent months the app has gotten really frustrating to use. Mostly stemming from its constant crashing on resuming playback. None of the app updates have fixed it. Having to go back into the app all the time to restart playback has gotten me to the point where I'm almost ready to unsubscribe. I enjoy the app otherwise, but it's bugs are awful.
By TorgoServo

Best thing to listen to on my commute

I love listening to the high-quality articles on Curio. I don’t have time to actually read the long-form journalism articles but I love listening to them on Curio, while doing other things like commuting or cooking at home. If I want to understand a little more on what’s happening in global news, I tune into the Informed show. The show always gives me thoughtful analysis and commentary.
By Nitya A

Fantastic app, but new intros are annoying

I’ve been a pretty devoted Curio user for at least a year and frequently recommend it. I’ve always loved its format: narrator briefly introduces article, author, and publication; reads the article; and then reiterates the title, author, and publication at the end. Now, for some reason, they’re adding intros by “hosts” (I think they’re supposed to be hosts?) ahead of the actual stories, which I’m guessing is intended to add more personality and/or make Curio more of a ~destination, but in reality, it’s just made me resubscribe to a similar app that still provides the straightforward service I originally subscribed to Curio for. Honestly, it’s great if Curio wants to continue using hosts in its own content/shows; if that’s an initiative on their roadmap this year, more power to them! But it’s annoying to expect an article (because it’s labeled that way), then have to listen to a two-minute intro that adds zero commentary—just a synopsis with repetitive music beneath it.
By Sidewalkvocals

Font Sizes

Needs larger font sizes
By michaellporter

High Quality app

Good diverse content delivered in high quality voice.
By SelectiveUser

Needs cleaning up and less clutter

Several of the listed publishers aren’t kept up to date. For example, the most current article for OpenDemocracy is from 2018. The publishers that are kept up to date tend to be the monolith corporate media like Wash Post, FT, Bloomberg, and WSJ or decidedly partisan like the Guardian, Vox, and Vulture. More problematic is the apparent inability to adjust my feed and only see articles from publishers that I explicitly follow. So it’s not really My Feed but Curio’s clutter.
By markbyrn

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Curio - The Atlantic, WSJ, FT

Curio - The Atlantic, WSJ, FT

By Curio Labs Limited

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