Curio - Audio Journalism

Curio - Audio Journalism

By Curio Labs Limited

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NARRATED NEWS IN PODCAST FORM • Best pieces of journalism from 30+ of the world’s most trusted publications, including The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, WIRED, Financial Times, The Guardian and many more. • Narrated word-for-word by humans, not AI. GO BEYOND BREAKING NEWS • Start your day informed with our daily news analysis shows. • Understand how the biggest news stories impact your life and the world around you. EXPERTLY CURATED • Curio’s editors hand-pick the most informative articles from top publications every day. • The best part? We bring paid-only articles from these publications to Curio, so you get a world of premium content all in one subscription. LISTEN THROUGHOUT YOUR DAY • Enjoy short listens, long-form journalism, hand-picked personal development stories and podcasts. Try Curio for free for 7 days. Cancel anytime. (You will not be charged during your trial period.) Privacy policy: Terms of use:


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Good content, narration needs work

Pro: love the idea that I can consume in-depth articles while driving. There are other apps for listening to the news, but this is the best I’ve seen for long-form articles. Con (please fix!): Some narrators seem to act out the article, as if it were a performance. This takes away from the content I came here for. When I find myself listening to a dramatic reading, I close the app.
By Jy010101

Robotic AI Reading, Not Great

The idea is great… Audible for news. However, it’s very clearly AI reading these articles. Sounds robotic, distracting.
By its_bmo_time

This is NOT Audm

Narrow selection of periodicals, no access to written text and very expensive. I miss Audm!
By ScoutSanAnselmo

Way overpriced

I enjoyed this as a free app for a while. Just went in today and now they are asking me to pay. I have no problem paying but subscriptions are adding up and to add another $16.67/month ($199 immediately) subscription is simply unaffordable. Sad to go but as essential costs skyrocket, $16/month is a luxury I can’t justify.
By Richenri

Not Audm

I was looking for an alternative to what Audm used to offer, but this isn’t it. For $200 a year they add 3-4 articles a day, ranging from 4–15 minutes long. It is somehow completely random and over-curated at the same time. There’s no way to sort by audio length if you’re looking for longform content. Also who is demanding Olivia Colman narrate an article about sad nurses? The confluence of celebrity worship and hard reporting on actual problems is unsettlingly dystopian.
By kcrcrr

Dump AI and bring back categorily tab

I use this app mveru intermittently, mostly in long drives and road trips. The last time I used it, the UI was simple and allowed me to discover content by category. They've dumped a category tab/page in favor of AI... Like most needless implementations of over hyped tech, newer isn't better. Give me the categories page back
By Austin Bridgforth

Clunky interface

Interface is crowded with images and graphics making discovery slow and narrow. Needs a “headline only” option for grownups. Poverty of fresh contents from quality publishers is obscured by this design flaw. Sad!
By Paid member

New AI feature doesn’t work

My most fav app on the phone. Love the selection and hope they continue to grow the library with long essays. Thanks!!
By Saad_Ottawa


Computer generated reading of articles. Not pleasant to listen to.
By suzanna d.

Incredibly disappointed

I would have bet money on how much I’d have liked What do I know? I love Gillian and I love podcasts. No brainer that this is a match made in Heaven. But it feels more like a school class with homework… things being read in monotone from a script. And Curio apparently doesn’t allow for changing the speed of play, so I couldn’t even zip through it quickly. Still adore you, Gillian. But I need something that feels real/genuine. I canceled my free trial within a half hour of signing up for it. Dang. Disappointed.
By Meow33

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Curio - Audio Journalism

Curio - Audio Journalism

By Curio Labs Limited

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