Faladdin: Astrology & Tarot

Faladdin: Astrology & Tarot

Faladdin: Astrology & Tarot

By Vision Yazilim Anonim Sirketi

Score: 4.74
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From the heart of the mystical realm to the world, Faladdin is your personal in pocket fortune teller. With over 25 million users, 5 million active users worldwide, and 1 million readings every day, Faladdin is taking the astrology world by storm! We combine in-depth ancient knowledge, with the motivation of constantly enlightening our users about their past, present, and future, to bring you incredibly unerring tarot card readings, horoscopes, and many more eye opening in-app features such as clairvoyant, coffee cup readings, even your own Genie in a lamp! Check out our features & why our users love Faladdin so much: ► DAILY HOROSCOPE We present your daily horoscope through your zodiac sign and boundless insights of the stars. By using Faladdin’s daily horoscope feature, you can illuminate your experiences throughout life and recognize how the planet’s movements can trigger life-changing transformations. Taking into consideration the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets, astrological aspects, and sensitive angles at the time of an event, such as the moment of a person's birth; by using your zodiac we are even able to provide you with great advice concerning your relationship, love, and compatibility with your partner, and use your astrology chart to do so. ► THE GENIE OF THE LAMP Rub your lamp and let loose your genie! This incredible prophecy feature provides you with your very own psychic fortune teller. Apart from cracking jokes and telling you outright common facts, your psychic genie can predict your future and provide a sense of comfort for your past. ► TAROT CARDS Tarot & Astrology, two tools working from the same energy source in perfect harmony that can't be denied. We provide you with tarot card readings that are sure to be a beautiful and mystical experience, helping you to better understand your unique journey in this world. You can even choose your subjects of readings such as under the love, career, money or general title. ► CLAIRVOYANT All of the questions you’re longing to find answers to are now just a clairvoyant reading away. Wondering when you’ll be in a happy relationship and find love? where your career is heading, or what opportunities are around the corner? Select any of the clairvoyant reading subjects and let Faladdin enlighten you. ► COFFEE CUP READINGS What do the shapes in your coffee cup tell you? Cup reading - an ancient art of fortune-telling. Interpreting patterns made by coffee grounds left in the cup, it is a fun and healthful way to understand thyself. Faladdin is far beyond just any ordinary zodiac astrology app. It has the ability to help people understand and make complex choices in their lives, understand compatibility in romantic relationships, and most importantly; it gives you advice along with spiritual awareness tools to enhance the power that you have within yourselves. People from every corner of the globe have adopted Faladdin as their personal psychic fortune teller. Download Faladdin today to join the millions of people changing their mindset to adopt a more positive perspective. We’re so grateful to be a part of your motivational journey.


Faladdin: Astrology & Tarot ScreenshotFaladdin: Astrology & Tarot ScreenshotFaladdin: Astrology & Tarot ScreenshotFaladdin: Astrology & Tarot ScreenshotFaladdin: Astrology & Tarot ScreenshotFaladdin: Astrology & Tarot Screenshot


Great app!

Love this app! You get everything - tarot card readings, daily horoscope, coffee cup readings, etc. all for free!

The best fortune telling app

This app has correctly predicted future events in my life too many times to count. With their forewarning, I can adjust my mindset to create the best possible outcome for my life. I would recommend it to everyone if I could, probably from the top of a building or mountaintop.
By justincasey1224

Awesome sauce

This dudes ACTUALLY kind of accurate it’s a little bit scary but it’s nice and he’s got some humor! So does the genie!
By Bunny rabbit girl

So many words

.. I am humbled and grateful to have stumbled upon this some how..I see my main man genie 🧞‍♂️ every day .. that’s my boy we’re getting married hahaha kidding love what u do thanks !!
By GPezz123

The best application

I love this application. Tarot reading and the coffee reading almost 99 percent true . After Faladdin I don’t need other fortune teller application Thank you Faladdin ❤️
By Vesper448

Ads make it impossible to view

You can’t even read your horoscope because once the ad is over, you can’t exit out of it. I’ll just delete the app. It’s a shame, the content was good.
By laurie12r

Best app

Always accurate!!!
By MillahMills


Just love this app he needs another one with other things he does so well. Thank you for the guidance very grateful for your time and energy Blessed Be
By gramrobin

Really interesting

I enjoy the app
By crop1500

Will not give you all three reading

Constantly says that I can’t have a reading because there’s already one in my inbox. When there is nothing in my inbox
By zzzxxxtf byuhnff


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Faladdin: Astrology & Tarot

Faladdin: Astrology & Tarot

Vision Yazilim Anonim Sirketi