Range Finder for Hunting Deer & Bow Hunting Deer

Range Finder for Hunting Deer & Bow Hunting Deer

Range Finder for Hunting Deer & Bow Hunting Deer

By Joel Bowers

  • Category: Sports
  • Release Date: 2017-01-23
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 10.65 MB
  • Developer: Joel Bowers
  • Compatibility: iOS 8.0+
Score: 2.22
From 51 Ratings


Make the perfect shot deer hunting! The Range Finder for Hunting Deer - Deer Rangefinder allows you to estimate the distance from your hunting spot to your deer. Perfect for bow hunting. This Range Finder for Hunting Deer - Deer Rangefinder is perfect for any deer hunter and bow hunter who wants to improve their chances of success in the field. Simply point the crosshairs at the base of the object you want to find the range for and the yardage will instantly show on your screen. Great for estimating distances to approximately 40 yards. FEATURES: - Range finder overlay of the distance from your current location to target visualize your shot range - Easily set your current height above ground for range estimations - Significantly more cost effective compared to expensive store bought range finders - Yardage to object clearly indicated on screen with this bowranger - Distance continually updates as you check ranges with this range finder for hunting - No calibration needed! Simply set your current height above ground and point for rangefinder - Never forget your rangefinder at home again, you always have your phone rangefinder with you - Impress your hunting buddies with this distance tracker because you can place perfect bow hunting and deer hunting shots based on range -One of the best range finder hunting apps to bring with you on your next deer hunt Download the Range Finder for Hunting Deer - Deer Rangefinder and start having deer hunting and bow hunting success today!


Range Finder for Hunting Deer & Bow Hunting Deer ScreenshotRange Finder for Hunting Deer & Bow Hunting Deer ScreenshotRange Finder for Hunting Deer & Bow Hunting Deer ScreenshotRange Finder for Hunting Deer & Bow Hunting Deer Screenshot


Works like a champ once u figure it out

Pay attention to your elevations especially if your in hilly terrain. Flat ground and it’s a piece of cake to use!!! Stand elevation vs target elevation EX:on a hillside, to your left is maybe 21 ft down, to your right only 16 ft, in front of you 26ft, and behind you only 13 ft. If you’ve ever ran a laser or transit you’ll understand easily how this works. It’s pretty dam close!! I like it a lot!!
By momshafer

Life Saver!

Love it! Forgot the range finder in the truck! Downloaded this app! Set my tree stand height and I range a couple spots I had ranged before and knew the ranges and it was dead on! Range finder will just stay in the truck from now on!
By KyleAlstott

Big mistake

I knew i messed up as soon as i accidentally bought it.
By sww989

Doesn’t work

I set up my target 25 yards away and measured how high I was off the ground and pointed the cross-air at the bottom and it gave me 8 yards. Would’ve been really cool if it actually worked. Don’t bother buying it, it’s a waste of money!
By Jjjjjjjjaaason

Dude just read

If you are saying it’s not working you are bad at reading directions. Use it all the time, and I’m a hunting guide. MAKE SURE YOU USE THE HEIGHT ADJUSTMENTS ACCORDINGLY. AIM. AT. THE. BASE.
By coastmalone420

Hoping for it would work

Ok so I’m gonna have to agree with the previous buyers. This app is not accurate even you adjust the height accordingly. I was hopeful that it would work. It doesn’t work. It’s not accurate with even the simplest distance (flat ground). I would have to agree again a refund is in order. Both the previous reviewer and the developer sound believable but after seeing it for myself. Yes a refund is in order This app needs more R&D.
By Rick Hunter 1983


I bought this even though I had bad reviews. It is wildly in accurate! But it gives you a general range you can work off of.
By Guitarplyr0620

I thought I would try it

I followed the instruction, adjusting the slide bar for your hieght, and puttingt he cross hairs in the appropriate place. The readings were really off by about 20 yards. I wanted this to work.....
By Rccp07

Not super impressed

This app is OK at best. Maybe on perfectly level ground it may work ok, but any bump really throws it off. Waste of $2.99, not accurate or applicable for hunting. If their was a way to return apps I’d be returning this one...
By Firewood366

This app is terrible!

I accidentally left my range finder in my truck. I had a few spots marked already by my stand for distance and compared them. It is way off!! I want my money back. That’s crazy how off it is. Why would you even produce this app knowing it’s not even close to accurate
By Kyle blackk


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