Jillian Michaels Fitness App

Jillian Michaels Fitness App

Jillian Michaels Fitness App

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  • Release Date: 2017-01-04
  • Current Version: 3.9.11
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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Score: 4.7
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Sweat to the free 7 minute workout or get beach body ready with unlimited access to Jillian Michaels The Fitness App, an award winning personalized health and fitness app with an advanced dynamic workout planner along with diet plans, calorie counter, and weight loss programs in the Jillian Michaels Fitness Advanced Meal Planner System (AMP)! Unleash your potential with a free 7-day trial of Jillian Michaels The Fitness App premium access! PERSONALIZED FITNESS PLANNER Includes over 800+ workout exercises shot in HD video and multiple Premium customized fitness workout planner programs. From HIIT, Kickboxing workout, Post and Prenatal workout, 5K & 10K running with GPS tracker, Weight Loss workout and custom workout planner like Ab workout, Butt workout, Yoga and more! The workout planner builds around your fitness plan with full customization including: • Select fitness levels to adjust workout intensity • Swap and ban exercises from the workout • Adjust transition time of exercise during workout • Select available equipment to use in your workout • Play your own music during your workout • Let Beat Sync adjust the beat of music to the pace of workout From beginner workout to advanced, Jillian Michaels The Fitness App has everything including a Workout Generator to build unique targeted workouts anytime with 10, 20, 30 or 45 minute options to target ab workout, legs, back, butt workouts and more! DVD WORKOUT LIBRARY All subscribers have access to stream select titles to watch from Jillian's DVD workout library in the The Fitness App including the full Bodyshred workout planner DVD set! CUSTOMIZED MEAL PLANNER The Fitness App by Jillian Michaels is also your own personal diet coach with the new Premium Advanced Meal Planner system to help you reach your weight loss goals or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Going beyond just planning your own meals, the Advanced Meal Planner System features tools to help plan meals for the whole family! • Omnivore, Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo & Gluten Free, Pescatarian, 5-Day Jumpstart, Keto Meal Planner • Filter out ingredients for food allergies or foods you don't like • Grocery lists to check off the items in the app as you shop • Dynamically adjust recipes for weight loss, maintenance or muscle gain • Dynamic recipe adjustment based on number of servings • Options for batch cooking so you can plan to eat delicious leftovers • Mark favorite recipes so they appear more often in your plan Jillian's Advanced Meal Planner System is a premium feature and literally built around you with 100's of recipes and more being added all the time. CUSTOMIZED FITNESS FOR YOU • Siri shortcuts to open, pause and stop workouts • Daily custom health and fitness app tips from Jillian Michaels • Earn and share badges for completing fitness programs • Jump between workouts on your iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad • Weekly side-by-side fitness app progress pics with selfie photo tracker • Compatible Bluetooth devices and Apple Watch for Heart rate tracking • Apple Rings and Apple Health heart rate and activity integration • Calorie and exercise tracking shared with apps like My Fitness Pal, Lose It! and more via Apple Health integration Download now and start your free 7-day trial of The Fitness App premium access for the ultimate workout planner and delicious meal planner recipes to get your beachbody confidence today! SUBSCRIPTION & PRICING TERMS Premium subscription plans from Monthly (1 month), Quarterly (3-months) and Annual (12 months). Unless canceled or auto-renew is turned off 24-hours before the end of subscription term or 7-day trial period, you will be billed automatically based on your subscription plan at the end of the free trial or on your subscription renewal date. You can manage your subscription and disable auto-renewal in your Account Settings after purchase or trial start. Read our full Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy at: https://www.jillianmichaels.com/policies/terms


Jillian Michaels Fitness App ScreenshotJillian Michaels Fitness App ScreenshotJillian Michaels Fitness App ScreenshotJillian Michaels Fitness App ScreenshotJillian Michaels Fitness App ScreenshotJillian Michaels Fitness App ScreenshotJillian Michaels Fitness App ScreenshotJillian Michaels Fitness App ScreenshotJillian Michaels Fitness App ScreenshotJillian Michaels Fitness App Screenshot


Huge library of workouts = worth it!

Just the library of workouts (premium, DVD, workout generator, guest trainers, etc.) makes the yearly cost worth. Plenty of variety and options to fit your needs. But before adding new workouts and features fix the existing glitches and limitations... - videos exit out randomly or pause - pause/play button glitches or starts on own - be able to start an exercise over from the top without having to skip backward, then forward...and then get lectured to “not make this a habit” Sometimes I just got a late start when grabbing my weights or moving from standing to sitting. - would LOVE a way to adjust length of circuits. As I get stronger I can up the weights I use, but sometimes I’d rather do more reps. I have to pause the workout, do a few more, then hit play again. - be able to schedule workout(s) of your choice, not just the automatic next in one program. - be able to DELETE workouts and PREVIEW workouts (especially DVD ones) without having to start them. - music feature is just confusing! No matter what app I use I can’t get it to correspond or play from one device. Would love to be able to turn off music on DVD workouts and play my own. - allow for weight to be added to the nearest tenth of a pound, not just whole numbers.
By BGarbo

Love the Variety

Positive: Has a range of workout plans to fit your needs and your schedule. I’m a busy momma so I like the short high intensity workouts. Negative: The app could be a little more user friendly.
By SlimJim2020

Love it

Great app, fully recommend
By Cmgbtr

Do it!!!!

This is the BEST fitness app out there. You get SO MUCH for what you pay for. Between healthy recipes, beginner workouts all the way up to absolute insanity. Plus she added meditation and mindfulness. I’ve lost about 40 lbs and gained more muscle than I could ever imagine I could have with this app and never stepping foot into a gym. Just my livingroom. Highly recommend!
By megs.love


I love this App. It has been perfect for my pandemic world! There are a couple of glitches. There was no background music this am on my 20 minute hard arm, chest, back workout. There are a couple of exercises where Jillian is on the ball in the video but the descriptions and sound do not mention the ball. I would love to have more data for my nerd brain. I’d love to have a total minutes worked and if you could talk to my Garmin watch or Apple Watch then I would be in heaven!
By ybnormal50

A Quarantine Dream

I had reached my heaviest ever during quarantine, but with the help of this app, I’m down almost 30 pounds. The workouts are challenging, but there absolute customization to assure your daily workouts are up to speed with your fitness level. There are ton of programs you can follow that are made for the app, as well as all of Jillian’s DVDs. I started with the 30 Day Shred program, and I can’t believe how far I have come in the last 70 days of following Jillian’s workouts! You can stream the workouts from your phone. This makes it a breeze to workout in any sort of place or at any time.
By sarah_burr

Great workouts, some annoying tech features

I’ve been exercising to Jillian Michaels videos for years and was getting sick of them when I discovered this app. I love the variety of workouts and the different levels you can choose. For me, a short, intense workout is perfect in a busy day. The app has a few annoying features. For example you can’t restart a segment of the work out if you need to pause for some reason without skipping ahead and then skipping back. Also, I’d like it to be easier to choose the difficulty level within a work out instead of having to go back in to my overall preferences and resetting my progress in the series I am working on. After all, some days I feel advanced, and some days I feel like a beginner. Finally,I only tried one of the recipes and haven’t made any more because that one was gross. There are some other tech features that just lead to a lot of clicking around, but overall I love this app.
By HayleyD99

THE workouts to get fit and avoid injuries

I’ve been using Jillian’s workouts since 2012. In 2020, I’ve hardly missed more than her prescribed 1 day of rest per week, all without injury. Over the course of my life I’ve done competitive gymnastics (though not super advanced), cross country, a few half marathons, track, yoga, bootcamps, and swimming, all of which have led to repetitive use injuries. Jillian’s workouts are the only ones that keep me consistently active and have never resulted in an injury. In fact, I have used her workouts to heal myself from injuries caused by other sports. Working out at home gives you the space to adapt as needed without having to answer to anyone but yourself. I find myself pushing harder alone than I do in groups, yet in all the right ways. When something hurts (not tired hurt, but injury hurt) I back off and do another move she’s taught me. I’ve learned that no matter how strong I get, my shoulders are too beat up from swimming for floor pushups. Even yoga left me with shoulder injuries from too much chaturanga and crow. In Jillian’s push-ups, I sometimes drop to my knees but more often head over to a counter. I still get stronger without tweaking anything. The balance of her workouts keeps you from over working any muscle, while working out your full body. I love how she breaks up front of the body vs back of the body rather than having a legs vs arms day (which inevitably overworks each one.) I’m almost never sore (after the initial few weeks) but always feel like I gave it my all. Just picking any-ol’-online workout is not the same. Her workouts are carefully constructed to create full body strength, interweave cardio to reduce body fat, and all of it to avoid injury. It just works. Her workouts have kept me out of my physical therapist‘s office because they treat the same issues that I’d spend many hours and dollars doing with physical therapy. Strong hips and quads relieve weak knees. Stronger chest, shoulders, and back have relieved my shoulder twinges that were a near constant. Wrist pain I had throughout my 30’s is gone in my 40’s. I’m stronger now than I ever was in my 20’s & 30’s— and it literally just takes 30 minutes a day. If you’re new, I’d recommend using some of her old school videos first because she explains breath and alternative moves more than she does in the newer formulated workouts. Plus, her workout partners are fun! Just be prepared for some old school body-shaming comments that are a bit more out of vogue in 2020. I just laugh them off and explain to my kids that my reasons for working out are about being strong for life, not about how I look in a bikini. To be fair, Jillian says both, but I do wish there was a little less focus on skinny jeans and bikinis. But look past that, and you’ll find the best workout series out there, and the most fit you imaginable.
By MaMaLy-AB

Love this App

I’m at 150 workouts and I am still loving Jillian’s App. Thanks for making it fun, It keeps me coming back day after day. Thanks!
By BGseven

Good overall app with some compromises

Pros 7minute quick workout Many different training modules Cons I fell in love with the Dashama 30DYC in the dvd workout section but lost access to it after a month or so. I don’t know why I lost access even after paying for the complete year subscription. I wish the mindfulness section had a more soothing voice. It’s not very useful as I am tuned to Jillian’s voice for workouts and can’t calm my mind hearing the same voice in the mindfulness section.
By Biker101am


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