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  • Release Date: 2018-01-20
  • Current Version: 1.6.10
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Developer: Steve Kuo
  • Compatibility: iOS 9.0+
Score: 4.37
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If you love tracking aircraft using dump1090, tar1090 or Virtual Radar Server then you'll love OpenADSB. OpenADSB is a full featured high performance aircraft tracker display app that connects to a variety of backend air traffic sources. Enjoy OpenADSB's smooth native iOS experience instead of using the web interface. PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING: You purchasing a general purpose air traffic display app that connects to a variety of servers types. New traffic sources can be added under Settings (gear button) - Track Source. As a convenience, OpenADSB comes preconfigured to use ADS-B Exchange, a non-profit crowdsourced dump1090 data source. Air traffic from ADS-B Exchange is the sole responsibility of, LLC. Frequent users are encouraged to support ADS-B Exchange through donations ( Features: • Connects to dump1090, tar1090 and Virtual Radar Server. • Comes preconfigured using ADS-B Exchange ( Note that OpenADSB is not affiliated with, LLC • Smoothly displays thousands of aircraft • Shows aircraft history trails • Various aircraft and history trail color schemes and optional legend • Fully configurable filtering, display only the aircrafts you want to see • Configurable military, VFR and emergency highlights • Long-press on an aircraft to perform a browser search engine search of its callsign and registration • Tap on an aircraft to show more details • Details are fully configurable and includes callsign, registration, ICAO hex code, altitude, speed, vertical speed, heading, aircraft type, squawk code, MLAT, latitude/longitude and more • Display values in imperial or metric units • Bookmark up to 3 favorite locations • Mail track details feature, send an email containing an aircraft's details along with a map snapshot, fully configurable • Optimized data fetching logic minimizes network, battery usage and server load • Highly configurable • Supports Dark Mode on iOS 13 • Supports Split View, Slide Over and multitasking on iPad • Keyboard shortcuts for external keyboards Limitations and Disclaimer OpenADSB is a general air traffic visualizer for Virtual Radar Server and dump1090 data sources. OpenADSB is not affiliated with, LLC. As a convenience, OpenADSB comes preconfigured using as the default data source. Air traffic data, its accuracy, and its validity, is the sole responsibility of the data provider. OpenADSB is for entertainment use only, and not for operational, flight, navigation, traffic avoidance or any mission critical use.


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Needs proper icons!

A Piper Cub, Bell Jet Ranger, and a B767 all look identical in this app ✈️. It REALLY needs individual icons so you know what you're looking at on the screen. Please implement this feature that so many reviewers request.
By iphonereviewer#2

Great for a more advanced UI, Filters

A nice upgrade from FR24, for most things at least. Love the ability to filter military flights, as well as see details on “blocked” flights that were censored on competitors. Only downside is the photos. The app only displays a single photo of the aircraft, and redirects to another app to expand it.
By ScooterMan26

Not Worth the Price

I wish there was an easy way to test an app for 24 hours or so and then quickly and easily delete it and get a refund. I would have taken the refund within the first hour. This uses data from, which should have been my clue. You can simply go to that Web site and use it directly, which will most likely give you everything you want and need. This app has a few specialized features, and, truthfully, $9.99 isn't much money, so you can get it if you want. However, I just want to track a few planes that I know and the base Web site is simpler and quicker to get that data---a waste of my money.
By Rocker Ronnie

Love it!! Best and smoothest Flight tracker App

I have a ton of Flight tracker apps on my iPhone but this one takes the win. Very smooth, customizable and accurate! Plus it gives a ton of info for not having a monthly subscription! Not a complaint but the Only thing I would like to see in a future update. Have different icons for the aircraft being tracked. Example, I use your website still sometimes and I like how the KC-135 I’m tracking, the icon is a KC-135. Helps when looking for something quickly!
By Chargerf18


Wow, I’m surprised at the critical nature of some of these reviews. For safety’s sake, I hope pilots are using approved ATC and GPS tools and not relying on apps to build a VFR plan. For the aviation enthusiast you’ll find a lot of tools to filter and drill down on the type of traffic you are seeking and provides a trove of data. For commercial flights I’ve found routing pairs to be incorrect at times (e.g. listing a flights inbound routing when it’s flying in the reverse direction), but those curious can look it up. The color-coded altitude markings are helpful without the need to display another label that uses valuable screen space. I’ve tried to filter commercial flights by using dump1090 filters of A2,A3,A4,A5, which comes close but you'll see see private Gulfstream’s and the like. Perhaps the Dev can advise on a better method of doing this. Because of the filtering options alone this app should be in every enthusiasts toolbox. I don’t remember if this is a paid app, but the cost is nominal and worth it if so. I’ve not had Issues with the app crashing as others mentioned. One enhancement that would be helpful (but likely laborious for the Dev) is to vary the icons according to AC size.
By LAX20531

It does work well

I posted a negative review under the name Mr Tabor earlier this week. The problem was me not the app. I figured it out and it’s on my end not the developer so I’m correcting my review to give it 5 stars and I apologize for all the inconvenience I caused everyone. So end of story, thank you everyone out their. That’s it nothing more to say here.
By Mr Tabor

Works with iOS now

Nice program.
By Cxwing2


Until this afternoon this app ran great, but now it started crashing 5 seconds after opening it. I updated the app to no avail.
By Behobo


No longer works on both my iPad and iPhone. Needs to be fixed. Crashes when opening.
By sxxsmith

Great app to track all sorts of different aircraft!

I am no longer able to filter military and interesting aircraft. Before, they where illuminated by a orange or blue circle around the aircraft on the map, but now they appear just as any other aircraft. I tried restarting my device and deleting and redownloading the app but nothing seems to work. I’ve talked to other users of the app and learned they are having the same problem. Update: Was fixed a couple days after this review. App is back to running flawlessly!
By Gwohl6878

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