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Fender Tone

By Fender Digital

  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2017-05-04
  • Current Version: 2.1.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 117.73 MB
  • Developer: Fender Digital
  • Compatibility: iOS 10.0+
Score: 4.5
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The ultimate companion app to the new Fender® Mustang™ GT and Rumble™ Stage and Studio amplifiers, the Fender Tone app uses your iPhone to connect to your amp, so you can edit, share or send presets to your amp wirelessly over Bluetooth®. *** THIS APP REQUIRES A FENDER® MUSTANG™ GT OR RUMBLE™ AMP *** MANAGE PRESETS ON YOUR MUSTANG GT AMP OR RUMBLE AMP • Scroll through up to 200 presets. • Make changes. • Play it real-time through your connected Mustang™ GT or Rumble™ amp. EASY EDITING WITH THE TONE APP • More than 60 amp models and effects to choose from. • Endless sound options for Mustang™ GT or Rumble™ amps. • Intuitive interface & responsive design for easy modification. 10,000+ PRESETS • Search, browse and download over 10,000+ presets from the Tone community. • Discover presets by well-known artists & players created exclusively for Fender Tone. • Create your own custom tone and share your presets with others. TONE TIPS • Tips and info about amp models, effects details, and signal chain basics. • Clear, illustrated walkthroughs and everything you need to begin your tone quest.


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Use to work fine until most recent update. App crashes every time I sync to my amp rendering the app useless. The online presets are pretty great.
By Erk&amda

Major issues with presets.

Every time this app is updated, it overwrites the presets until you do a sync with the amp, plus with the latest version, it can’t seem to keep the presets and their settings and names straight. Changing to a preset sometimes shows the wrong name, or the wrong settings. The app also needs to be optimized for a tablet. Who is going to use this routinely and still work off of a tiny phone?
By Parallax3D

Preset does not match amp

The app would be great in my eyes if it just worked reliably. I don’t get the same disconnecting issues but the glaring thing to me is the presets on the app sometimes do not match the amp. At times I can’t tell to trust the app or amp (but I do lean on just checking the amp). It’s very weird if you try to edit one of the erroneous presets in the app because it’ll sometimes miss the fx of then preset on the amp. Either way that is weird so please fix it Fender. I like the app so I cm easily scroll through the library of presets - it’d be great if it matched the amp 100%.
By Poogie305

Fender Fuse was better.

Needs more intricate settings more similar to fender fuse. Noise reduction, chain effects, a computer to use with it.
By JoleoG

Fender Tone and Artist Sounds

#1 in my book if it stays Free! It’s comparable to a Xbx or Px4! The app is super easy, to find songs, artists, & classic amps! It’s like downloading 50k in amps! And all the pedals! And effects. Have two of them. The Mustang and Rumble hold 200 tones. 100 come preloaded. The ‘65 twin reverb.. to everything! *we can add any effect or pedal tone. Before and after, as well as doubled pedals. Like SRV and his two tube screamers. Or just the Tone on the phone and pick most his songs ya had probably thought of. Or just his tone and build the tones ya save. The is a set list. And faves. Or learn songs that ya see for a show better than ever. Too easy to use ya may just be embarrassed to admit. *The amp and app have made easy friends! *Best SOCIAL APP that I can really say it helped me meet others. “we made music together” “The neighborhood heard.” Ok enough of the fun and games. It’s far better than the only negative to the set. Only pedal offered at this time. I called Fender to complain to have better ones soon. We will see. The foot-switch that makes the set is extra.... unless it’s with Mustang GT400. *it only loops for one minute, nor capabilities of the current loop pedals, a tuner is in the pedal though, but again, it needed pedal to activate the tuner in amp? Updates may have addressed that. *there was a period it was free. And then the app cost a rather steep price. Now it’s free again last I used it. Note: if ya have first models like me. The Rumble had to use micro cable to a computer. Not to the phone. I won’t tell ya how many I’ve sold probably. It’s kinda my pride and joy.. Ha! Song is a click away if the official sounds the Tone App has. Let’s just hope it will be Free! It will make the pedals..the past. *I’m a regular guy, and I can’t play like my friends. I’m ok. ...but I’ve seen so many pedals in the past they wanted, that I just played acoustic for as long as I could. They would carry a mess of them to play on the tubes. Now... it’s just so much fun and simpler.. I didn’t write this much in school! The Tone app and amps... ... over the last year, Are that much fun!
By 54784995937161


Have the patience to do any upgrade. The rest is easy!!! Presets are great!!! So many possibilities!!!
By Fabulous Fender GT40

So easy!!!!

Love the app. It’s incredibly user friendly and allows me many options on my amp
By EcuDan

Set list syncing problem

In theory, the Fender Tone app should be a welcome companion to the GT series. However, the implementation is fatally flawed. When adding pre-sets to a “favorites“ Setlist, certain presets were renamed and re-numbered. For example, I attempted to add “Basic Vibrato” # 24. The app somehow decided to add “School’s Out” # 45“. When I tried to delete “schools out“ from my favorites, it warmed me that I was going to delete Basic Vibrato. Clearly there is something going on with the sorting in the database, and this phenomenon is not limited to the example above. Somehow the preset list has been corrupted… Not sure if this is app related or application related, but it renders the app (and the usability of the amp) virtually useless to me. I do hope the developers fix this soon. This combo of amp and app has so much promise.
By KenL76

Modern Age Amplifier

What a difference to be able to have built-in presets that change your Rumble 800 Stage bass amplifier to match the most popular amplifiers of all time in history. It like have a bunch of different bass amplifiers in your studio and switching from one to another on the fly with the turn if a knob. Then on top of that having the ability of creating your own sound that you created yourself. Forgot all those pedals you used to carry around and use the amp to build your own pedals that are like the classics of the past. Included is a multi function 4 button floor pedal that does looping and effects that you program yourself. Plain and short now you have a modern Bass Amplifier that can do pretty much anything.
By ITGuy1


Hay algunas cosas que podrian mejorar, que el sistema sea aun mas interactivo, una interfaz mas personalizable por el usuario c;
By Memo ju78


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