Zwift: Ride and Run

Zwift: Ride and Run

Zwift: Ride and Run

By Zwift, Inc

  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Release Date: 2016-12-10
  • Current Version: 1.0.60640
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 1.90 GB
  • Developer: Zwift, Inc
  • Compatibility: iOS 9.0+
Score: 4.6
From 4,925 Ratings


Zwift blends the fun of video games with the intensity of serious training, helping you achieve every one of your fitness goals. Pair a Zwift-supported device to our app, and get started today. Train. Race. Make new friends and find new competitors, all from the comfort of your home. Daily runs and rides rise to the next level thanks to Zwift. Dive into a collection of immersive worlds using a treadmill and footpod to run , or bike trainer to ride. Follow training plans designed by world-class coaches, create your own, or just go for a casual ride or run with a global community as dedicated as you are. Your training levels up with this any-weather, at-home game that helps you smash your goals! Spin your way through central London. Stride through a futuristic New York City. Transform your living room into a training playground where you can tear through the desert, across Mayan Ruins, beneath an underwater tunnel, and beyond. Training is now better at home: trust your bike trainer or treadmill and footpod to track your results and give you all the data you need. Analyze your workouts. Take your performance to the next level. Trust Zwift to turn every ride and run into a game. Because fun is fast. 5 REASONS TO WORK OUT WITH ZWIFT: • Over 1,000 structured workouts and training plans. Pick whatever you need to help reach your goals. • Take part in group rides, runs, workouts, or races. We offer over 200 live events a day. • Immersive experiences. Get cycling in the Alps or run in the English countryside! • Drive your performance with data. Monitor your progress and analyze your performance. • Widely supported technology. Our app works with dozens of trainers and devices (smart trainer, classic trainer, footpod, etc.). Download Zwift and experience the freedom to train, ride, or run any time. Your time, your pace, your place. GO UNLIMITED Run for free, or ride as much as you want with Zwift’s monthly subscription of $14.99. Prices may vary from country to country. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Auto-renew may be turned off by going to your Account Settings after purchase. WIDE SELECTION OF SUPPORTED DEVICES For an exhaustive list of supported treadmills and footpods, please visit APPLE HEALTH With access to Apple Health, save your activity data from rides or runs and let your Apple Watch provide you with real-time heart rate data. Please see Terms of Use at


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I am not one to review apps but I recently caved and bought the Wahoo Snap trainer and it’s been addicting how fun it is to see my virtual self in Watopia. I am absolutely drenched by the end of my rides. I use to commute on my bike 7 miles each way but with Covid, that went out the window. Glad to incorporate ZSwift rides into my day now.
By Viva16

Amazing and not a pro

This save the pandemic for me.
By Coachhadly

Last update has bugs, still true as of 1/10/21

Love Zwift but it freezes my screen when I join group rides right after the ride starts, can’t rejoin timed races so have missed out on many since last update. Meetups won’t join riders 3/5 tries. Max meetups of 3 a day makes it impossible to ride together as planned when it takes 3-5 meetups to get one to work successfully. Please fix!! So frustrating to be all ready and people all over the world joining a ride together and then the ride fails. 1-2 more updates later, still same problems as above. Has gotten worse of course with record numbers riding during Tour de Zwift events this month. Frustrating.
By Catrophy2

Political position spoiling a great service

I really could do without your political position. This is one place I can get away from that crap and Zwift just has to chime in Shut up and ride
By nickname-required

Dumb dumb

I don’t mind you keeping up with my cycling but I have an insurmountable amount of disgust with your complete stupidity in trying to dictate your political views on me. I’m a board-certified physician, I think for myself, I am not stupid and I am entitled to think as I wish so long as it does not harm or hurt anyone. For such a good app, you wandered into an area that shows your complete ignorance. You have lost me permanently as a member
By htdvhknbj

Great App, AppleTV, Curved Treadmill

I am new to this app and only trialing the running mode. The concept of having a virtual environment connecting with other people to compete and provide support is awesome. Although, I find the layout somewhat confusing and when using it on mobile device the font is very small and hard to read. I was excited to see the Zwift app available for AppleTV and got that set up and now am able to read the font on my 32” TV. The Apple Remote is obnoxious to use with the Zwift app, is there anything that can be done to improve the functionality? I have two Zwift profiles with different email addresses because when I set up my first profile using my Apple email I believe the mobile app glitched and automatically assigned me the wrong gender and the only way to fix that is to contact tech support. I didn’t want to bother with contacting tech support so I set up a second Zwift account with my Google email. I learned the AppleTV would not allow me to log into Zwift with my Google email and I had to revert back to my Apple email Zwift account and have now contacted Zwift to update my gender. To my knowledge, the workouts are not developed/compatible for a curved treadmill. This is probably not a prevalent issue as curved treadmills are less common. My manual Xebex treadmill connects beautifully however the run workouts are designed with the assumption that the treadmill is a flat treadmill. Curved Treadmills have a natural incline of approx 8% according to studies and when in use one’s cadence is variant due to the manual control of speed through body weight. Due to the 8% fixed incline, I could potentially suffer cardiac arrest if I were to run at the recommended speeds of the Zwift workouts, although I am a moderate runner. It would be great if the app had a way to recognize curved treadmills and sync to hill workouts that are appropriate for the 8% incline. Options to consider which could help Zwift identify a manual treadmill are bluetooth device name, detection of erratic variant cadence speeds that occur in a 30-second time span, or just simply an option in one’s profile to indicate a curved treadmill. Lastly, I was successful in connecting my Fitbit Alta to the Zwift Companion in hopes my heart rate would display in Zwift, however I was not able to get Zwift to show my heart rate. I’m not sure how to make that feature work but I am hoping to figure it out.
By Shawnygirl


Re-subscribed for the winter season. Their desktop site is a nightmare to navigate (trying to link to Strava) pages don’t load. Their mobile site is just as bad. You cannot access notifications/ settings/ security/ connections etc. have tried for over an hour to get my 3 test rides to link to no avail. Please update your garbage app and site to the glory it used to be. Will be exploring other apps in the meantime and asking for a refund.
By GTR Porsche

Poor user experience

For all the hype about Zwift it is severely lacking in usability. When it works it’s fine but pairing with my Wahoo KIKR Snap is intermittent. It’s frustrating to have to unclip, get off my bike, unplug the trainer, plug it back in, clip back in and hope it pairs. Today I had to do this and it paired for one ride but when I went to switch to a different ride the trainer unpaired. I had to get off my bike again to unplug and plug the trainer and this time it didn’t pair. There should be troubleshooting within the app for when this happens. Instead, I had to search Google while on the bike in the hope that there would be some help. It is very difficult to find your way around the app. The user should be able to access their profile from the home screen, not have to start a ride in order to go to their profile. That doesn’t make sense. Why can’t you have a profile icon on the ride screen so the user can easily access it. It would be easier to exit a ride, in case the user doesn’t want to complete it, from the ride screen and not have to go back to the menu screen. Here’s a thought, have a hamburger menu with access to user profile, troubleshooting, ride history, awards, settings, garage, and a tour of how to use Zwift. Also, why aren’t all of the cities with routes shown? The user should be able to choose from any of the available cities. This is especially frustrating when one of the cities has very similar routes and distances like Richmond. I don’t understand why there is a companion app. Why not have one app for everything? Also, why would a user want to watch someone else’s virtual ride? It would be nice if during a ride, both miles ridden and miles remaining would show in case the user forgets how long the route is. The graphics are okay but considering the quality of the graphics on gaming consoles today, Zwift could be much better. Please hire someone who knows what user experience design is.
By Treeman336

Zwift love

Whats not to love. It will get even better when training peaks run workouts transfer over like to bike workouts
By randy mounts

Diversity inclusion continues to ignore Blind Cyclist

Zwift makes sure the platform remains out of reach for blind cyclists. It is possible to make visually stunning interfaces where a blind person with no light perception that is reliant on VoiceOver can still access apps and become apart of the community. Zwift has been informed about this for several years and has been approached by the blind and visually impaired community and organizations to assist to rectify these issues, yet Zwift refuses to incorporate suggestions to allow screen readers like VoiceOver to interact with the apps. This effectively eliminates many blind and visually impaired users from participating in camps and races hosted by US Cycling and many Paralympic organizations. If Zwift really wished to fully take on a diversity initiative that would require actual effort and internal transformations, they would make Zwift accessible for the blind and stop shutting us out.
By timthorn


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