Preventicus Heartbeats.

Preventicus Heartbeats.

Preventicus Heartbeats.

By Preventicus GmbH

  • Category: Medical
  • Release Date: 2016-06-22
  • Current Version: 1.6.14
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 150.55 MB
  • Developer: Preventicus GmbH
  • Compatibility: iOS 10.3+
Score: 4.24
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With the digital medical product Preventicus Heartbeats you can easily check your heart rhythm with a smartphone camera. Regular usage supports the identification of undetected heart rhythm diseases, especially atrial fibrillation, for stroke prevention. Analysis and documentation of your measurements can be performed in ECG-comparable quality. The high accuracy of the application has been confirmed in international clinical studies. With >10 million performed analyses, Preventicus Heartbeats is one of the most successful German health apps. Regular self-measurement of the heart rhythm, especially "atrial fibrillation screening", is recommended in the guidelines of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) and the European Heart Rhythm Association and is particularly suitable for people with an increasing risk of stroke: - generally from the age of 65 - from 55 years of age in the presence of other cardiovascular risk factors (e.g. high blood pressure, diabetes, after a stroke or heart attack, in case of felt palpitations) - according to doctor's recommendation The purpose of the app is to detect evidences (suspected or tentative diagnoses) of cardiac arrhythmias, in particular - Extremely irregular pulse (absolute arrhythmia) with suspected atrial fibrillation - Suspected other cardiac arrhythmias with frequent irregular heartbeats (e.g. ectopic heartbeats) - Determination of the heart rate with indications or suspicion of bradycardia (pulse too low) or tachycardia (pulse too high), without their further diagnostic differentiation All results are suspected (tentative) diagnoses of a digital medical device, not an actual diagnosis in the medical sense. Suspected (tentative) diagnoses are under no circumstances a substitute for personal consultation, diagnosis or treatment by a physician. This app may not be used to make decisions in situations that are considered life-threatening. A major risk factor for stroke is untreated atrial fibrillation (AF). It is often unnoticeable and only occurs occasionally, making it difficult to detect in a doctor's office. Therefore, guidelines recommend regular self-checking of the heart rhythm. After medical diagnosis of AF, a (mostly drug-based) therapy can almost normalize the risk of stroke. Use the free basic version to get to know the measuring process, determine your heart rate and get first hints if the app detects possible heart rhythm disturbances. The full version offers you additional features: - a detailed analysis and presentation of the measurement results in ECG comparable manner - saving and sharing measurements as an ECG-comparable PDF document - a longer 5-minute measurement option, especially if recommended by a doctor, in order to be able to record less frequent arrhythmic events more probably - optionally the possibility for ECG technicians of Telecare centers to perform an evaluation of the measurements to exclude possible measurement errors and to verify rhythm disturbances from a medical-technical point of view. Use this possibility especially after a doctor's recommendation, since a medical-technical pre-qualification of your measurements can considerably support the subsequent diagnostics of your doctor Legal information: The Preventicus Heartbeats application is a clinically validated Class IIa medical device certified by TÜV NORD CERT GmbH and meets the basic requirements of the 93/42/EEC Directive or its national implementations. The quality management system of Preventicus GmbH is certified according to ISO 13485:2016. This standard formulates and defines the internationally valid requirements for quality management systems, especially for medical device manufacturers.


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Helps check my heart

I use this to monitor my heartbeat and it works very well you can save the report to show your doctor so they can see what is going on
By Nate H Froggy

Says I have Conspicuous findings multiple times, but I don’t???

25 F. I’ve had health anxiety this whole year so I have been super hyper aware of my heart etc. After multiple EKG’s, a stress test, and a few other tests that my cardiologist went through to give me a peace of mind, all came back clear and normal. Well this app, not once but on several occasions told me I had bad rhythm and when I would repeat it, it said it was normal....
By violet2648969281

Doesn’t work the best

Couldn’t get it to properly read until I stuck it to my jugular.
By Cahveir

AFIB and pacemaker

This program told me my Mother was in regular rhythm when she was in a paced rhythm in AFIB.
By lwnurse


I purchased a one month subscription. It was working fine the first week. Trouble is when I go to use it now the signal is always not good. I find it very hard to use with an iPhone Xs even though it says it works with it.
By ddk149

Scares me

The application is great and it tell me majority of the time that my heart rate and rhythm is normal. Twice already though, with impaired quality signal it tried to tell me I had atrial fibrillation but once I do it again it says normal rhythm. I get a little scared because my mom has afib and i have anxiety so I’m constantly checking my heart rate. Idk why it does that but it freaks me out.
By Stephmdisla

It works

My pulse seemed off so I downloaded this app to see why. It said I was in AFIb which I did not believe and once I went to the ER they confirmed the results that I was indeed in AFIb.
By flash107587

It’s okay.

It seems to work pretty well for your heart rate. It even picks up some PVCs that I have. But this app has told me 3 times now that I am in AFIB and I am not in afib. I was using this app while actively wearing a heart monitor. This app had shown I was in AFIB so I called the heart monitor company and they confirmed that there was no AFIB episode happening at the same moment this app said that it was... that nothing was even happening that would have been out of the ordinary.
By Rg050

Wish it could do accurate pqrst.

I like your app a lot and it really helps me to see when I am in bradycardia or arrhythmia. I especially like the fact that I can do a 1 minute or 5 minute reading as my problems are intermittent. Unfortunately my doctors refuse to accept or acknowledge the reports as they don’t show the normal ekg wave forms (p,q,r,s,t) that cardiologists and EPs look at every day. My Dr just advised me to get the Kardia app so that I can share accurate information with him.
By thomasjmilton

Waste of money!!

Do not use this app unless you want to be scared out of your mind and waste money. I have been using this app since Oct 15 I have had times when I have been in “absolute Arrhythmia suspicion of AFIB” so the test showed. I sent one of the test to their telecare that didn’t show any disruption on my test but telecare said there was so they couldn’t get a good reading. Then I sent them 5 test which cost me $32.99 to do and supposedly all but one didn’t have any disruptions. They didn’t analyze 4 of them because of to much disruption during the test but it didn’t show the disruption on my test. So now I’m out of $32.99 plus the cost of the app which I got for peace of mind and it has only freaked me out and wasted my money. This is a complete joke. The 4 test I wanted answers on because it said I was in AFIB which my cardiologist has never found out of 8 ekgs, stress test, echocardiogram, and wearing a holter monitor for 7 days. This app now tells me I’m in AFIB but when you pay to have it analyzed you won’t get any answers. They will tell you there was to much disruption even tho it doesn’t show the disruption on your side. So how do you know if any of the test are accurate when it looks good on your side but they say they can’t read them. Total scam if you ask me so buyer beware if you don’t want the crap scared out of you don’t purchase this app!!!
By Mom too two


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Preventicus Heartbeats.

Preventicus Heartbeats.

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