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Get reliable flight loads for the flights you wish to staff travel on. Staff travel, Non-rev, Interline, ID90, ZED fares, call it what you want... We, airline crew, love to travel! StaffTraveler gets you the seat availability for the flights you wish to staff travel on. Making staff travel easy and stress-free! - Get the loads for the flights you want to non-rev on - Exclusive hotel deals, only for StaffTravelers - Rental cars anywhere. Easy & fast - Insider city tips from the worldwide airline community Please note that you need to be eligible for staff travel to use StaffTraveler.


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Love this app

This app has saved me a ton of time finding flights to get home. Love that we get to see the loads in minutes!
By Skybabe737


Perfect for any airline employee
By R bare


This app is INDESPENSIBLE for the airline pilot. Commuting is a breeze as I show up knowing with 97% certainty the load of the flight... thank you Staff Traveler for producing this app!!
By Parbuckle99

Awesome resource

I’ve never had to wait more than five minutes for a response. This is a great tool to get flight loads ASAP.
By K10S

Was okay, now non-functional

I am a pilot for a major airline and have used this app for a while. While I am always skeptical of the accuracy of the information provided it has been somewhat useful. Since the recent update I am unable to log in and use my PAID credits. So now I have been robbed. The app doesn’t recognize me regardless of the email address I use including my company email. I have also provided the other verifications and still am unable to get back. Thanks for the awful update.
By KhalReblic23

Good app but needs some work!

I’ve always loved the staff traveler app but since more and more people have joined, some problems arises. Since more and more people are competing to get flights to do loads for it’s been incredibly stressful. I usually try to click on the flight as soon they come up and it prompts me to enter the load. When I go to get the load and come back, within a few seconds it says “already loaded by another user” or wording similar to that. Also, I feel that updates should be free if another user requests the same flight after you’ve done yours. That’s all the update for now.
By BH199812

A Non-Rev dream!

It is a beautiful thing that this tool was developed, airline family across the names able to help each other properly gauge and use our benefits!
By ajh757


Non Rev to a whole other level. This app has saved me hours of flying and also gives me trust on ZED travel. Thank You!
By Hamad Alghazawi

Great App

Extremely helpful, I will recommend to anyone. I only had 1 incorrect load information in the 6 months I’ve had the app and it was corrected immediately!! As a Non Rev traveler, don’t leave home with up downloading this app!
By Rojjb

Great APP

Great app, saved me a lot of emotions!
By LucianoIV


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