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Get reliable flight loads for the flights you wish to staff travel on. Staff travel, Non-rev, Interline, ID90, ZED fares, call it what you want... We, airline crew, love to travel! StaffTraveler gets you the seat availability for the flights you wish to staff travel on. Making staff travel easy and stress-free! - Get the loads for the flights you want to non-rev on - Exclusive hotel deals, only for StaffTravelers - Rental cars anywhere. Easy & fast - Insider city tips from the worldwide airline community Please note that you need to be eligible for staff travel to use StaffTraveler.


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Non Rev to a whole other level. This app has saved me hours of flying and also gives me trust on ZED travel. Thank You!
By Hamad Alghazawi

Great App

Extremely helpful, I will recommend to anyone. I only had 1 incorrect load information in the 6 months I’ve had the app and it was corrected immediately!! As a Non Rev traveler, don’t leave home with up downloading this app!
By Rojjb

Great APP

Great app, saved me a lot of emotions!
By LucianoIV

Best App Ever

This is the best app I’ve ever had. With so many people using is you are able to get loads so quick and easy! We need to spread the word to our international friends also! We need more of their employees on!!!
By dlyingaround44

Nonreving is my cardio

I never ever review things but this app is freaking amazing. The loads are accurate and usually get the loads within 5mins. It’s the best app for commuters and crews who enjoy using their flight bennies. I’m also on the fb group for non revs but this app is 10,000% times better and as good as walking up to a CSA and asking them for the loads directly. I highly recommend it.
By Sidnella

Great for S/B travel

Great app to get loads. Some carriers are quicker to respond to request but if most of the time close to departure you can usually count on getting quick turnaround on submissions. Way better than wondering if you are going to get on, or worse not knowing what to expect before you head to the airport. As more people participate in this app it will only get better and faster.
By aafcu1

Poor sign up policies

Never received sign up email. When I contacted support, they said to submit proof of my airline employment. What? Wow.
By Notusingthisappapparently

I wish I could give it 10 ⭐️

As an FA that commutes this app has been a God send.
By andrewebb

Great app , need more features

Fantastic app and idea. Can we have a feature for providing waitlist positions as well ?
By Akif@United

A life & marriage saving app!!

Holy smokes!!! Best non-rev app ever. Whoever developed this app deserves to be a bazillionaire!!!!!!!
By DrJohnnyLove


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