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Newsmax TV is America’s first truly free 24/7 live channel with real news. Delivering breaking news and analysis on the latest topics, Newsmax TV in¬cludes exclusive interviews with high-profile talent and contributors from across the political spectrum. Get up to the minute headlines and the latest info on politics, health, personal finance and other news that makes your life richer and better. Each day millions of Americans turn to Newsmax online, now you can watch Newsmax TV to see the latest newsmakers and hear the latest talk that can empower your life.



Greg Kelly

Your a very good news reporter. I am a vet from the Vietnam era flew C-130’s A-B-E models. I’ve been quite pleased with your organization,telling the conservative view that we 75 million of us appreciate. Thank You for your service Sempi Fi, keep up the good work. Your whole team from 8 in the morning tell 11 at night I enjoy thanks again. Robert J Cervi
By ot Rock

Make that annoying Taskbar go away!!

Get rid of the permanent semiwhite taskbar, it is so annoying to look at. There is a taskbar that has 3 options that will not fade over time. Make it go away please.
By rbswrds

Real News

Real News that reports facts. It’s nice to hear the truth not opinions and political views of others.
By Ur #1 one

News that is up to date and without the bias of the normal tv networks

I like hearing the in depth interviews that are real and informative. They have actual facts not made up stuff and opinions.
By martirhb


Just began watching this network, and I am so incredibly happy that we have a Conservative News Channel that is not afraid to speak the truth. FOX News has definitely crossed over. Thank you for standing strong for the United States of America!!
By RusCatta

Fox going Left.

Can’t understand why they called the State of Arizona for Biden so soon. Also can’t understand why the hired Donna Brazil. Isn’t she the person who gave Hillary Clinton the questions for the Presidential Debate when she worked for CNN. Love Shawn Spicer. Keep up the good work.
By Jerry from Detroit.

Being truthful

Finally a news media telling us the truth and being what a true journalist should be. Investigators finding out the truth whether they agree with what they find or not. So sad that the United States has lost what a true journalists should be and not using common sense to know when they are being lied to. Thank you Newsmax for showing true journalism 😊
By teacher20yeard


I love Newsmax! I heard about it 6 months ago and ordered it on my Dish TV. I was switching back and forth between Newsmax and Fox but now I only watch Newsmax cause Fox left me.... I will not go back to Fox. My hope is that the true conservatives on Fox come over to Newsmax. There’s still a few great conservatives still at Fox. Love you and keep up the great work!
By I love Sopa

Good app almost!

The app is good except for the bar at the bottom of the screen with the cc, pause/play and home buttons which you can’t get rid of or make it go away.
By poppop0810

Shame on FOX NEWS

Great and honest.....SHAME on FOX NEWS Wearing sheep clothing while truly being a shady fox!!!
By nshfgauehfb


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