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TalkingParents is the only co-parenting communication service offering recorded calls. We help co-parents communicate effectively and avoid custody disputes by maintaining a secure, unalterable record of all calls, messages, calendar events, and shared files. Sign up for a Standard or Premium Plan to access the TalkingParents app. TalkingParents Premium Plan Includes: ACCOUNTABLE CALLING ℠ (Available within the United States and Canada) - Make recorded calls to your co-parent - Get text transcripts of every recorded call All TalkingParents Plans include: EASY AND SECURE MESSAGING - Receive instant notifications for new messages or events - See the number of new messages on the app icon SHARED CALENDAR - View and create shared events with your co-parent VAULT FILE STORAGE - Store and share personal files easily and privately UNALTERABLE RECORDS - Download and send unlimited PDF records - Get a 10% discount on all printed certified records PERSONAL JOURNAL - Document and maintain personal notes in this entirely private feature If you do not have an existing TalkingParents subscription plan, you can use existing credentials to upgrade immediately. Your Privacy is our priority. Read the Terms of Use


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You’re company is RIDICULOUS

The app should allow to sign in and use the general messaging feature without having to have a full premium plan. You’re attempt to tell me I can use the app by purchasing a standard plan does nothing to change my review or statement. Make the app itself cost something if that’s the case. It’s ridiculous that you think people want to pay $10 MONTHLY for just a messaging feature. Using this company only makes communication more annoying and bothersome.
By JahMarie

Communication comes easy now

When I committed to communication with my separated spouse only through TalkingParents all games and name calling and bitter attitudes stopped in a day. Communication improved and we accomplished in a week agreements it had taken over a year and a half to make. Fewer conversions are necessary now and the free exchange of children is happening. We are working on a joint settlement custody agreement and no one is seeking an advantage now. The agreement is nearly ready to submit to court. While we have not said it aloud, I mused that if things go this well should we even divorce? I almost started communicating again through text messages but I resisted it and continue only through the TalkingParents app because it keeps us honest and respectful knowing the courts will have full access to our conversations and we don’t want to appear petty.
By enjoytalikngnow

Types of services

This app has different levels of subscription, that make communication difficult.
By Not so great or true


LOVE IT, I was told of the app by my Therapist and Friend. Brought it up in mediation He agreed to in front of Court appointed People and my attorney Finally...And He has no excuses now for repeated calls to Harass me. Now his excuse is this not Communicating as Parents this is not Co- Parenting properly. I beg to differ, It’s me Having my sanity and my life back, my control back. And someone can read and see what’s being said and the lies being told. I Can’t Thank You enough for this APP. CO-PARENTING WITH A NARCISSIST IS HELL!!
By Tesia Washington

Bad app specially when u want to cancel the membership membership

Many times and many masseges no one reply no one help me to fixed cancel membership..the account settings not working when I want to cancel..that’s too bad ..!!
By reem akram

Few things I’d add

I downloaded the app to see what features it had. I think the recorded calls, etc are all great features. I chose to move on to another app, because this one only allows communication between two people. The app I chose to go to allows other parties to be added in for communication - step parents, other care givers - which I think is important. Eventually parents move on and find a significant other, being able to add them in is something I find as a must for these apps.
By Badong17

Legal Way to Communicate with other Parent

Super useful. Puts accountability to both parents. Legally records for legal purposes. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
By BrilliantMom

Too many ads not feee

Too many adds other apps have more tools for free and records things better
By imjustagirlnamedashly

This is amazing for coparenting

The only issue I’m having is that it logs me out and says I have no internet connection when I’m fact I do and have WiFi on. Please fix this bug this is the second time it does it and I can’t seem to know how my son is doing without this app. It is frustrating because I pay monthly for premium...
By ErictheRuler23

Talking Parent

This app is completely horrible. It’s always refreshing. This application needs to be fixed
By bulestare


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