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TalkingParents provides co-parents with an accountable record of all communication. Our service offers several tools to make coordinating with your co-parent easy and secure. TalkingParents Features Include: ACCOUNTABLE PAYMENTS℠ Securely send or receive money or send payment requests. MESSAGING Have conversations, send files, and stay accountable knowing nothing can be deleted or changed. Receive real-time notifications and stay on top of new messages. ACCOUNTABLE CALLING℠ Allows you to make recorded phone and video calls to your co-parent. Gives you access to transcripts and video and audio files of every call. SHARED CALENDAR Create and view events to stay organized with your co-parent. Manage custody schedules and parenting time. INFO LIBRARY Securely store and share information cards with your co-parent. VAULT FILE STORAGE Store and share personal files. UNALTERABLE RECORDS Download and send unlimited PDF Records. Records can be used in court or for mediation. PERSONAL JOURNAL Document and maintain personal notes in this private feature. If you are a member on our Free Plan, you can upgrade your subscription to get mobile app access using your existing credentials. If you are new to TalkingParents, you can sign up for a new account when you download the app. Your Privacy is our priority. Read the Terms of Use


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Force to Upgrade for Video Call

This was court ordered for which I would rather my money go towards my child than waste on a platform my ex uses to harass me. I went to settings to accept video calls from the other parent and the site automatically takes you to sign up for a 30 day trial or to purchase a subscription; you have to choose one before you are able to receive video calls. It does state that free users are allowed to receive free video calls, but again you have to choose between the trail or the paid version before you can. We never used this feature because of that issue and opt for continuing to FaceTime instead. This platform is very deceiving and money hungry which takes advantage of people’s situations. Thankfully I don’t have to use this website very often.
By Canis lupus arctos

Can’t update Credit card info

This is great until you try to update cc info. Customer service is not much help and you can’t talk to someone by phone. You have to wait for someone to respond by email only for them to tell you to go on their website and click on the little pencil icon to update. This doesn’t work at all. It would be great if you can call someone and update the info over the phone.
By 80m41

The judge said this program is supposed to be free!!!

The judge said I can’t talk here with my x and it’s free! But the truth is they just take advantage of your situation they try to increase the price to $10 I don’t know why I supposed to be $10 for that they are just taking advantage of the People who struggle in their life.
By coolalex465

No loyalty

After being a long time paying customer, our package is now double what it was. If we choose not to pay double each month and just use the web, we have now lost access to features and must pay $50 for PDFs that we always had prior. There was no grandfathering, nor loyalty.
By Mommyinfl

Too stressful

This app is a weapon that is used by former spouses to attack and belittle their ex. It is a platform for people who are narsasistic and want a weapon to use because they are too weak or incapable of sitting down and having a realistic conversation with their former spouse . It’s all about them and how to get back at their ex. Makes me wonder why you would want to get into a relationship in the first place . It will make you hate women. In addition once all women get together they will recommend this app as they seem to think it will force their spouse to do their bidding. Makes me sick
By KLXA380

They double the price of their subscription

Terrible to see how companies like this take advantage of the necessity of others when you are forced to use them by the legal system. They take advantage of that
By cauoae

Price jump from 5.99 to 9.99

This is a big price jump. Hopefully for this price, they will make the transcript more reader friendly when printed. You would think the service would be significantly enhanced with this type of increase.
By CB1347

Why the price increase?

First off it is a great app, and I had no issues at all with it. I see they are increasing the price so I had to drop my subscription and will just stick to the free email. It’s bad enough the amount of money I paid in child support, court cost, lawyer fees, state fees, and now this app wants to increase their prices too? Lower it back and I will gladly pay the original price, and change my review to 5 stars. Which it really should be.
By Pauldag

I thought the other coparenting apps were bad until I tried this one

Could not be more basic. Very little thought put into the design and functionality. Absolutely not a chance that any divorced parent had any input into this app.
By emudrb

Doubling the price, but haven’t doubled the value.

If you’re going to double the price of the app, you should double the actual functionality, value, and reliability of the app as well. TalkingParents is increasing its subscription price per 1 month from $4.99 to $9.99. You have until January
By big.G.Express

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