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TalkingParents provides co-parents with a secure, accountable, and complete record of all communication. Our service is easy to use and includes payments, calling, messaging, planning, and coordination tools for organized co-parenting. Sign up for a Standard or Premium Plan to access the TalkingParents app. TalkingParents Features Include: ACCOUNTABLE PAYMENTS℠ -Securely send or receive money or send payment requests. MESSAGING -Have conversations, send files, and stay accountable knowing nothing can be deleted or changed. -Receive real-time notifications and stay on top of new messages. ACCOUNTABLE CALLING℠ (Available within the US and Canada) -Allows you to make recorded calls to your coparent. -Gives you access to transcripts and audio files of every call. SHARED CALENDAR -Create and view events to stay organized with your coparent. -Manage custody schedules and parenting time. INFO LIBRARY -Securely store and share information cards with your coparent. VAULT FILE STORAGE -Store and share personal files. UNALTERABLE RECORDS -Download and send unlimited PDF Records. Records can be used in court or for mediation. PERSONAL JOURNAL -Document and maintain personal notes in this private feature. If you do not have an existing TalkingParents subscription plan, you can use existing credentials to upgrade immediately. Or, sign up for a new account when you download the app. Your Privacy is our priority. Read the Terms of Use


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You can’t attach bills as photos in payments and they also charge you to make payments.
By illionois dad


If your court or otherJurisdiction orders you to use this to communicate between two say he’ll no unless you live where their is perfect cell service and $10 a month for what ?
By TriZ 250

Co parents app

Best app for cooparents to communicate in %100
By kevyn r

Awesome App

This app is awesome. I love the journal feature!

Love this app

This app is very useful I paid for the full thing but I haven’t had anything bad to say about the app it’s doing great
By RugerRocks

Where’s my money at tho

I’m currently using a free trial version. My ex sent me money on 3/24. It is now 3/29. I got an email saying I was paid from Taking Parents. I check my bank account and There’s nothing pending no sign of any money anywhere. I’m getting a little scared we got ripped off of hundreds of dollars.
By AeRo6AnGeL

Poor performance

App crashes frequently
By A-River

You’re company is RIDICULOUS

The app should allow to sign in and use the general messaging feature without having to have a full premium plan. Your attempt to tell me I can use the app by purchasing a standard plan does nothing to change my review or statement. Make the app itself cost something if that’s the case. It’s ridiculous that you think people want to pay $10 MONTHLY for just a messaging feature. Using this company only makes communication more annoying and bothersome.
By JahMarie

Two Different Prices

I just downloaded the app. Though I feel it will serve its purpose and it’s something I need, I don’t understand why you promote a $5.99 price plan and as soon as purchase, it’s actually $9.99. It’s misleading. And unless I failed to read the details properly, which I’ll take fault for, it’s not very clear what the differences are, especially since you don’t immediately offer a $9.99 plan on your site. Either way, I’ll be using this and can return with more feedback soon. Would love to hear from the developer on this.

Life saver

First this was recommended by my attorney due to my ex and I can not communicate with out it leading to a fight. In the last 2 years of using it it has protected me and my ex. It keeps us in check knowing these cannot be altered or deleted. Also each message that is sent will tag when the other person reads it. So no games or last min games can be played. All communication goes through talking parent and a permanent record is created.
By Bigpapa303


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