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  • Release Date: 2016-04-29
  • Current Version: 2.4.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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Talking Parents is a co-parenting communication tool. We help co-parents communicate and avoid disputes by maintaining a secure, unalterable record of all conversations, shared calendar events, and shared files. Enjoy these features with your Talking Parents Premium Subscription: - Receive Instant Notifications for New Messages or Events - See the Number of New Messages on the App Icon - View and Create Shared Events with Your Co-parent - Have Secure, Easy, Unalterable and Court-Admissible Conversations with your Co-parent - Store and Share Files - Download and send unlimited PDF conversation records - Get a 10% Discount on All Printed Conversation Records - Maintain Personal Notes to Your Journal Terms of Use:


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The worse experience ever. The app tells u can deleted your account. I do. The other parent can’t get connected. I haven’t been connected since the huge order in September. A back and forth with no solution. I reset passwords did it with another email same night mare. Not a good application some changes needs to be made and make it people friendly.
By cheer up people

What a scam

You have to pay $5 a month in order to have your ex harass you... by “court order “ Brilliant idea, I’m sure there is money changing hands under the table...


This is NOT a free alternative to texting...
By sudjc disisndjc

Feature free

A repeating calendar know... So we can remember that every other weekend and every Wed evening pplan that destroys American children and their future? I'd like to implement a few of my own personal technologies that helped me with overcoming the This defacto reimbursement parenting plan every other weekend equivalent to 1 day a week and nobody has been in trouble with the court? The state's pursuit of enforcement reimbursement grants. so those of us being trafficked by the state so they can file for a grant to enforce child support order that 9 times out of 10 has nothing to do with the children's abandonment but more importantly revolves around the state illegally assigning your children to be dependent of the state and in an emergency welfare situation. After all, Congress was clear and concise in the signing of the social security act in 1935. We are seeing a lot of parents being signed up for the welfare right assigned by the state without any abandonment of children by parents. This is human trafficking operation and the states have literally depleted the SSA fund which I am pretty sure had trillions before the mid nineties when the exploit to get into that money was put into process. This human trafficking the children and working parents in families is the number 1 leading cause of childhood poverty. Let's get this done and done right. The intent of Congress could not be more clear. This self funded (abandoned by founder) welfare right was to curtail the welfare state of America right after the depression in 1935. Congress specifically designed the TITLE IV-D PROGRAM to allow the assignment of this emergency welfare right assigned to abandoned children to stop if a parent who had been working was willing to take charge of the children and support them. Now the state is reimbursed for enforcement of the enrollment in child support and coincidentally, no money for the state when no enrollment exists. We're seeing forced enrollment in situations where the parents are celebrities. Nobody is starving. This is a good clear human trafficking operation. It's huge and systemic. I am not sure what the heck happened to America. This ain't 1935. Women hadn't entered the workforce until wwII. Women make more than men often now and women in college outnumber men. Equal protections gone. Due process...preliminary injunction wipes those out. This is redistributed income forcing indentured servitude to the working parent after the children are court napped and forced into poverty in Liu of the state obtaining reimbursement from the SSA for "locating the parent who abandoned the children " and."enforcement of the support order" on a deadbeat. Anyone who has been assigned child support and has to pay for the children whom they've been a sole provider up to the day is being labeled a deadbeat by the state. Furthermore, some get a long time to fid a job and some get a fraction of the time before becoming a felon and the state has been found in violation of the federal government's regulations with regards to the TITLE IV-D REIMBURSEMENT GRANTS. This right is an invasion of the right to parent children. The state forcing the children of America in a state of dependency which is 90% of the time founded in poverty and I am here to help with the children being forced or sold to get the reimbursements the social security administration is handing out. We're Better than that. American people, get up. Your children are being sold out in a process that is likely the work of foreign influence. Our retirement plan (SSA) was drained to pay the state to tempt non working parents with a redistribution contract for the other parents income. This often leaves the children in the custody of the irresponsible or lazy parent and the state has been found to lack in the concern of gender the parent whom they entice into enrollment is. Male or female, both are placed into indentured servitude. The children of the parties rarely return to the life prior to the state enrollment and enticement to traffick in human rights violations.
By 4470N

Great app

Great help in communicating with my ex through this sucky time
By C mac24

Mobile app

Mobile app should be free to use and should be simple to install .
By hershi37

Doesn’t work on iPad

You can install on iPad but it’s not a full screen experience. Need iPad support.


I have custody with a narcissist and this helps keep track of all communication. He tends to lie and say he wasn’t made aware of things and this app helps me prove that he was. Nothing can be deleted and it’s so easy to find something you need. All you need to do is type in a key word and it brings up all the threads relating to it. So much easier than reading through tons of texts and emails. I cannot make my ex respond, or respond in they way I would like, but if we need to go back to court, I have proof of his lack of response and controlling responses. I would recommend this to anyone having trouble with “co-parenting “ with an ex. They may not like it, but it will help you keep your sanity and maybe cut down on the nastiness.
By ElCocodrillo

Alerting failed

All of a sudden I’m no longer getting alerts. I have to actually open the app to see if I have a message. Which could be dangerous if an emergency happens and my ex has my child!
By pancakes1032

Works OK

This app seems to work ok. I paid for the premium access so I can use the app on my phone. More often than not, the app will crash whenever I try to attach a picture or video. I have even made the extra attempt to shorten a video down to just 4 seconds. After a few attempts I can usually get a picture to send but after almost a month I've never been able to send a video. I'm really trying to do whatever I can to stay on his mom's good side by making sure she doesn't miss out on anything he's doing. Obviously not a huge deal but since I'm technically not allowed to text her phone number, it'd be nice to be able to send videos as well as pictures without so much hassle. It's also a bit frustrating that the red notification symbol doesn't disappear even after viewing the message.
By Dick1405


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