Blued - Gay Video Chat

Blued - Gay Video Chat

By BlueCity Holdings Hong Kong Limited

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Blued is a free & private gay social app with more than 30 million users globally. Blued could help you to meet gay, bi, trans, and queer people from around the world or right next door. Go get a chance to meet new friends, join groups, or find life partners in this loving gay community. - Go livestream and earn money! Go live on your mobile phone instantly and express yourself anywhere anytime. Music, dance, cosplay or just chatting with your followers and friends. Show what you've got, get what you deserve! - Safe & Secure! Blued cares about your privacy from the very start. Create an anonymous account and the fun begins! On Blued, you can create private photo albums, send private messages, do 1v1 video chat and even go live stream privately. No pressure at all. - More guys & More fun! No matter what kind of boys you are into: twink, average, bear or jock. They all have joined this gay social community! Browse unlimited guys in your neighborhood or use our travel feature to meet anywhere in the world. Photos, audio & video messages, GIF and real-time location sharing are all available in chatting! - Connect with hotties and stay updated! Follow whoever you're interested and stay updated on their latest post in timeline and their live stream. Blued is for males 18+ Only. Photos, videos or live streaming depicting nudity or sex acts are strictly prohibited. For troubleshooting and issues, please contact [email protected] Facebook: @bluedapp Instagram: @bluedapp Twitter: @blued


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Connection issues

App always has connection issues here in the U.S. Regardless of being on Wi-Fi or Data, this has been an ongoing issue my friends and I have been dealing with since we’ve been using this app. I hope they can fix this soon.
By pinoyamerican

App needs to be fixed

Im not getting the alerts for people’s lives, and on the off chance that I do, I can’t watch them, and like they aren’t showing up in my messages. The app overall is nice and I’ve never had this type of problem until now.
By yuboismeh

After all this app could be utilized only if you are aboard

After Mr GENG got his own child, he becomes crazy. No excuses.
By baiduyun user

Warning! Photo Privacy Breach!!!

This is the first app on the Apple AppStore I encountered that has the ability to directly access your photo library without prompting you for approvals. The app doesn’t not show on the Photo Privacy Settings of the Apple iPhone. There is no way to block it from accessing your photo library. How and why Apple allowed this is big question. How and why you have direct access to my photo library is very dangerous!!! Apple please fix this.
By TheTravelChronicles


App loves to crash as soon as i open it and the only way to log back in is to delete the app and redownload it
By Ever_Green93

It's really rubbish

It's really ironic! China's dating software can not be used in China!
By Geng Le


It was better before all this moderating started
By Alfrie Nguyen

Filthy Chinese app

Takes your money, bans you with no warning. Beware. I never went LIVE but the content watchers of this app are very biased in their banning. If you are new and expose yourself you are banned but if you get up in level and many people spend money on the host then you can expose yourself. Do not give this app any money. Once you spend a large amount of money for “beans” if you have a large amount in reserve then they can and will ban you without ever using your sum of “beans.” Corrupt and shameful. As this app ages it gets worse and worse. The creators are greedy and only desire money while secretly watching and banning private shows, in the guise of saying that “private shows” are private from all unless invited. This is a lie. It’s content moderators watch with lust and when they are finished they ban the host they were watching.
By Doesntsmattter

Can’t use in China

It refuses to let me log in when I am traveling in China.
By Nonstationary

Moderators are biased

I actually really like this app. It allows me to make friends with people back in Korea. What I hate about it, which is why I’m giving it 2 stars, is that you get banned for no reason. I’ve contacted moderators and they tell me they won’t release my ban. Yet the EXACT SAME moderators release the ban for people who were caught playing with themselves if its someone who they want to watch. (I contacted a user on how they were released from being banned within minutes and he told me who he contacted. That moderator took two days to respond to me vs immediate with the other guy. But two days is better than the usual no response if you contact their support team). I also hate that if someone reports you, you get an immediate ban. A lot of people seem to report you if they don’t like what they see instead of just leaving. There are also some things they need to change with how the app works for a better experience. Such as broadcasters being able to block people while live. There are many a-holes but all you can do is mute them. This is my first ever review. Just because of how unfair the people who manage the app are.
By terrius


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Blued - Gay Video Chat

Blued - Gay Video Chat

BlueCity Holdings Hong Kong Limited