Mellow App

Mellow App

By Mellow Inc.

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date: 2017-06-02
  • Current Version: 2.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 50.72 MB
  • Developer: Mellow Inc.
  • Compatibility: iOS 10.0+
Score: 1.48
From 181 Ratings


Meet your new sous-chef! Mellow is the first sous-vide machine designed around a busy home cook's day: it combines the technology to make jaw-dropping food with a 30-second setup, an in-app assistant chef, and built-in refrigeration. It takes a lot of energy to craft a great meal, when you have to balance dinner, work, and everything else you have going on. Mellow makes it a lot easier by cooking ingredients to perfection while you're away. This way, when you want to cook dinner, you can let go of the stress and focus on enjoying yourself. Think of Mellow as your loyal helper. Tell it what to do, teach it what you like, and it'll do its best to make your life simpler. Using the Mellow app is as simple as selecting what you're cooking, how you would like it done and when you want it ready for. Mellow will do the rest and let you know when the food is ready! Mellow will also ask for your feedback and learn your taste over time so it can suggest you the best doneness every time! What is sous-vide, though? Widely used by top chefs, sous-vide means cooking in food-safe bags in a water bath to precise times and temperature. The water circulates and cooks the food to perfect temperature, texture and taste. No more undercooked or overcooked, raw or dry. Sous-vide is a way to cook food with such precision that we get results we could never get otherwise. Many great restaurants rely on sous-vide to make the food we love. We’re here because we think sous-vide needs to be better designed to be perfect for home cooking. Get to know more and order your Mellow at!


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Once brilliant. Now a bunch of scamming thieves

Once upon a time this device was so helpful. Then they decided to spring a trap and lock everything that made this device worth it behind a paywall. Then when I faced billing issues where I tried to subscribe to their app and was still locked out of features, they basically laughed off my issue in a week late support email. When you combine these things with the scam they pulled by using indiegogo funds to pay creditors, these people have descended into full scammers. Avoid.
By Skoldylox

Shameful Company

Shameful company that made us wait years to get our machines, and then wants to charge us to view recipes in the app that we’ve always had. Run as fast as you can.
By davidalcaraz

Can’t log in

Facebook login is broken. Can’t log in. Must log in to use device. Please fix
By BrokeTheInterweb

literally vapor ware, actual scam

the app no longer loads and they changed the pricing to egregious amounts if you want to automate your cooking which is the whole point no customer support. i now just have a dead sous vide
By Panic At The CostCo


The mellow was a good sous vide when the app worked. Now, not only do they want to charge me a subscription for the privilege of using their expensive appliance, their app no longer loads, and the sous vide is useless without it. I’m appalled. If they fixed the app and dropped their subscription fees tomorrow I’d still throw my Mellow off a rooftop.
By EvanCrossett

Is my mellow a brick?

App has not loaded past login screen in a week, and customer support has not responded to me for several days. Without the app, the device has no controls and is essentially bricked. I hope it comes back, otherwise I will need to trash this expensive device.
By threehundredfps


I originally loved my mellow.. it was amazing. But with current updates it has become unusable. Which is very disappointing. Do better.
By Dionuse

Useless, do not buy

I don’t care what they promise in the future, all their existing promises are broken and they cannot be trusted. I was an original backer and I loved my mellow. Even after the subscription changes, I stuck with it. This all came to an end when they malfunctioned and their app didn’t let me sign in (and, yes, I’m very computer savvy and took all the usual steps, and then some). What sealed the deal was the lack of response from their tech support for over three months! Mellow is dead. Do not buy.
By ossmkitty

Another bait and switch due to greed and poor planning

Ridiculous to now have to pay a subscription for the one defining feature of this expensive device. Going in the trash.
By Ncassel77

Rent seeking

This device needs a hack to circumvent this fraudulent bait and switch tactic. It was advertised with features, and requiring me to now pay rent to use this device is a dirty move. I'm not even sure it's legal.
By srybix

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Mellow App

Mellow App

By Mellow Inc.

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