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By Mellow Inc.

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date: 2017-06-02
  • Current Version: 2.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 50.72 MB
  • Developer: Mellow Inc.
  • Compatibility: iOS 10.0+
Score: 1.55
From 156 Ratings


Meet your new sous-chef! Mellow is the first sous-vide machine designed around a busy home cook's day: it combines the technology to make jaw-dropping food with a 30-second setup, an in-app assistant chef, and built-in refrigeration. It takes a lot of energy to craft a great meal, when you have to balance dinner, work, and everything else you have going on. Mellow makes it a lot easier by cooking ingredients to perfection while you're away. This way, when you want to cook dinner, you can let go of the stress and focus on enjoying yourself. Think of Mellow as your loyal helper. Tell it what to do, teach it what you like, and it'll do its best to make your life simpler. Using the Mellow app is as simple as selecting what you're cooking, how you would like it done and when you want it ready for. Mellow will do the rest and let you know when the food is ready! Mellow will also ask for your feedback and learn your taste over time so it can suggest you the best doneness every time! What is sous-vide, though? Widely used by top chefs, sous-vide means cooking in food-safe bags in a water bath to precise times and temperature. The water circulates and cooks the food to perfect temperature, texture and taste. No more undercooked or overcooked, raw or dry. Sous-vide is a way to cook food with such precision that we get results we could never get otherwise. Many great restaurants rely on sous-vide to make the food we love. We’re here because we think sous-vide needs to be better designed to be perfect for home cooking. Get to know more and order your Mellow at!


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Actually harder now than a cheap stick sous-vide

The Mellow sous -vide is size limited and takes up space when not in use. It requires an app to set the temp. The key thing it had was you touched a button and it cooled then later heated to be done at a specific time by selecting from a limited number of recipes. Sorry that a server farm to provide this costs money, but that can’t be $50/year, or $14 for a month! Maybe $5 a year could be understood, but as it stands, no one would pay the $400 I paid, then another $50 every year for an appliance, albeit formerly great, that gets used maybe 15 times a year! Reduce the usurious subscription! The company continues to misrepresent via the cooling “feature.” Whereas before, it automatically cooled until time to heat - i.e set up in AM and leave to co e home to dinner ready, now it only cools until you are around to set a manual program. They could at least allow a sequence in the advanced menu to let you cool until a specific time, then heat, but they limit the lowest programmable temperature to 86 F to effectively disable the cooling that you overpaid for when you bought it.
By drbobl


Great idea, great product, horrible scum running the company! Rolling out a subscription fee years later is pretty low. If you are reading this after recently purchasing a mellow YOU SHOULD RETURN IT!!
By - S J T -

Burdensome app

Constantly asking you to “sign up”. Creates hideously inconvenient app navigation if you don’t sign up. Do not buy a mellow device unless you want to be constantly harassed by this company until you finally sign up for a subscription.
By Gbnt

Bait and Switch

I can understand the need to fund your service offering, but that was not how the device was sold. I might be willing to update the rating if you at least made it possible to permanently dismiss the shameless ask for money. I’m fine using manual mode, but that annoying pop up every time you access the app is beyond annoying. BTW, we personally bought 4 for us and family, and helped sell another 6 to friends. They all blame me for this surprise.
By ChrisLovesDogs

App No longer working?

After all this handwringing about Mellow going subscription model... the writing was on the wall of them going out of business? At least, as of this week (Nov 20th+) the app is no longer working. Upon startup it just circles, trying to connect to something. Did they power down their servers? I contacted their customer service, no response. Don’t buy that product at this point, you can’t operate it without the app and since the app appears no longer working, the Mellow machine is bricked. So sad! I loved it!!! (While it was working) RIP Mellow
By xTexLutz

Total Rip-off. RUN AWAY

I’ve never written a review before but I felt compelled to do so after what was a 5 star device turned into an unusable paperweight after the guerrilla style forced subscription. A what was once great appliance is now unusable. For the price we all paid, Mellow should be ashamed.
By Changedwin1

Pay a few hundred for device, app now ridden with ads

Instead of helping you cook, the app now literally harass you with their subscription service with every single click now. As bad as one of those as-ridden free to play apps. At this rate, might as well have given the machine away for free!
By jcaolieu

Was great until they ripped us all off

They now charge you to use this product that I purchased. Refuse to give a refund. Useless brick now.
By StickamGillan

Subscription surprise is sad to see

We just pulled out the Mellow for the first time in a while to find that we now need a subscription to use most of the functionality. I get they’re struggling, but this is just frustrating. The app was never good enough to pay for. Now we can’t access some core features without paying to subscribe. I feel like a Sous Vide Meal Plan or some other source of revenue would have been a better model for keeping customers happy and pulling in $.

This Company Essentially Stole Functionality from Customers

I’ve loved my Mellow for years. It’s an awesome appliance. One day I open the app to maje my morning eggs and I’m told I need to pay $72 a year to use the functions that were the selling point of the machine. This company has lied to their consumers and stolen from them. I understand it cost money to maintain a company, but this a horrific way to go about it. Offer a subscription with enhanced features and functions, don’t steal what someone already paid for. Very, very disappointed.
By Amber-Ryan


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