Mealime Meal Plans & Recipes

Mealime Meal Plans & Recipes

By Mealime Meal Plans Inc

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Mealime is a simple way for busy singles, couples, and families to plan their meals and eat healthier. Our meal plans & recipes are highly customizable so you can easily personalize a plan that works with your unique tastes and lifestyle. Mealime is a better way to shop - Our recipes become a grocery list that you can even have delivered – Meal kit convenience at grocery store prices! Join over 5,000,000 people who have used our meal plans to eat healthier, reduce stress, lose weight, save money, and live happier, more productive lives. Check out our top benefits and features: 1. THE EASIEST WAY TO SHOP FOR GROCERIES When you build a new meal plan, a grocery list of all the ingredients you'll need for the week is automatically created. Simply grab your iPhone and shop in-store or get your grocery shopping done from your phone in minutes. Mealime works with most leading grocery retailers and we're always adding more! 2. COOK HEALTHY MEALS IN ABOUT 30 MINUTES OR LESS We've reimagined and streamlined the cooking experience. Prepare meals quickly with our step-by-step and hassle-free cooking instructions. You'll never again have to jump around looking for an ingredient, instruction, or piece of cookware that you may have overlooked. 3. NO MORE STRESSFUL "WHAT SHOULD I EAT?" DECISIONS TO MAKE Each week you'll have a personalized meal plan with simple & healthy recipes that are catered to your exact needs and preferences. Eliminate decision fatigue after a long day's work - simply pick a recipe from your meal plan and cook it in less time than it takes to pick up an unhealthy (and expensive) takeout meal. 4. HEALTHY MEAL PLANS THAT ARE UNIQUELY YOUR OWN With the most personalization options of any minimal-waste meal planner out there, you can cook exactly how you want to eat. From classic, flexitarian, pescetarian, low carb, paleo, keto, vegetarian & vegan diet types to gluten free, dairy free, and a dozen more restrictions, and hundreds of individual dislikable ingredients, your meal plans will be truly personalized to your specific needs. 5. SAVE MONEY WITH MINIMAL FOOD WASTE It's annoying when you purchase ingredients from the grocery store, cook a meal or two, and have a bunch of ingredients going bad by the end of the week, isn't it? With Mealime, your days of wasting food are over! All meal plans are intelligently created in order to eliminate food waste as much as possible, saving you hundreds of dollars per year. 6. KEEP TRACK OF YOUR NUTRITION GOALS Every Mealime recipe lists comprehensive nutrition information so you can easily see what you're eating. Mealime integrates with the Health app so that you can easily see all of your health information in one place! MEAL PLANNER PRO SUBSCRIPTION PRICING & TERMS Mealime is free to download and use. Should you choose to upgrade to Mealime Meal Planner Pro, we offer two auto-renewing subscription options - one at a price of $2.99 USD / month. These auto-renewing subscription plans renew automatically unless cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the end of the subscription period. If on our monthly plan, the renewal price will be $2.99 USD and will continue every month until cancelled. Payment will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Your iTunes account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. There is no increase in price when renewing. Subscriptions can be managed by the user and auto-renewal turned off by the user in Account Settings in iTunes after purchase. Once purchased, refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication. Terms of Use Privacy Policy


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Seriously the best

I’ve used this app since 2018. It’s the best at making a solid plan and giving new cooking techniques that everyone can use (even my teenagers). With the freshest ingredients, and best portioning.
By 10, 7, and 5

A healthy eater’s dream!

I came across Mealime randomly on the App Store when I was looking for meal planners. I have used other ones in the past that were ok but this one has the best recipes! I’m vegetarian, but eggs break me out so I try to avoid them and there’s a filter for allergies which is amazing! Also the recipes look SO GOOD, and are healthy but not “ health food” if that makes sense. There are a lot of options for every diet and the free version is great but you can’t beat the price to get pro and create meal plans. Great job on this app😍.
By shaunaacc

App experience is incredible: recipes less so

This app has made my shopping and cooking more efficient. I can easily select from a list of meals I am interested in, try something new or repeat favorites, and see all of the needed ingredients in my cart. I also love that I can pick recipes based on what is in my fridge that I want to use up. There are so many recipes for different diet types and the ability to upload your own recipes (while a bit more complicated than I wish) is nice. My major qualm with this app is that some recipes just do not seem like they were tested. Some of the recipes are the best meals I have made and eaten in my life- and some are barely edible. I try my best to follow recipes to the T but will still stumble upon one or two that just don’t work. Some I can use my intuition (like that’s a lot of fresh spices!) but sometimes no amount of fudging it can fix it. This is highly frustrating because I have no idea when a recipe could be my next favorite or next disaster. My feedback: Let us see other users reviews! I would love to know the overall rating of every recipe so I can know if it’s worth trying something so out of my normal or if something might be a risk (if it averaged 3 stars, I may still cook it, I just want to know!). It would also be great to see their comments- I often have great feedback for improving recipes that I wish I could share. Overall, this app is incredible and has saved so much time in planning meals. However, if more attention and features could be dedicated to reviewing recipes, that would be wonderful. Otherwise I’m afraid I will have to go online to the bloggers who do have reviews when I want to make sure I’m cooking a meal guaranteed to please.
By hadleyjanae

They have thought of everything!

Love love love this app. I was struggling with ideas to meal prep and I found this app! Love the grocery list feature and the ability to easily transfer it to your grocery app for pick up and delivery! It’s a seamless, comprehensive app. I was thinking “it would be great if we could group recipes that uses similar ingredients so I don’t have a bunch of parsley or cilantro left every week” and lo and behold! They have a feature to reduce food wastage!?! It’s amazing.
By TheBeenster


That’s how I feel about this app. For someone who is new to eating a healthy plant based diet, I was worried about my food becoming boring but this APP, oh my. I can’t say it any louder. Exceptional.
By OButtons

The best dinner planning app!

I am so impressed with this app! 🤩 It makes meal planning so easy even though I have to plan around diet restrictions and food sensitivities. The ease of picking meals, the creation of the shopping list and the meal prep steps are simply incredible. LOVE IT!
By Sdseagle7

I’d like my 2.99 back 😂

I just purchased this app because I wanted to see the nutritional value of recipes. But as I’m looking at some of these nutritional I’m like there is absolutely no way. One recipe said 2 chicken drum sticks and sugar snap peas was 678 calories.. the serving size is small and I’m just like that doesn’t seem right. They don’t really let you alter your diet to a low calorie high protein. Almost every meal is high in Fat&carbs. Don’t get me wrong the idea of the app seems nice but I just don’t think it’s for me. I’ve been playing around with it and idk.
By beep_beep126780

Saves me 1.5 hours per week

The process of getting the recipe into a grocery list into a store pickup order is brilliant and has saved me a lot of time. I can’t think of another app that I’ve ever used that saves this much time.
By FourthShark

Amazing recipes!

Love this app. I’ve struggled for years to find recipes that the whole family would enjoy. Every recipe has been easy to follow, easy to prepare and delicious! Meal prep has gone from a chore to actually enjoyable. Thank you!
By LynnerS1212

The App We’ve Needed!!!

We have done it all. *insert meal delivery service name* we have tried. We’ve tried many box sets and options to save time and have good food without having the same menu all the time and saving money by not going out all the time. We would stick with sometime for a few months and then cancel because it would be repetitive or end up being more like a chore to make another meal a new and exciting way. We’ve even tried meal services that the meals come prepared and we just heat them up. Most of these options are just fine for people and were fine for us in small doses BUT this is a game changer. It does the exact same thing the others do but you have a LOT more control and options. These recipes are GOOD but SIMPLE. Let me say that again, these recipes are GOOD yet SIMPLE! Isn’t that what we really want? And you have the power to make changes how you see fit. Don’t like onion? Don’t buy and add onion. No meal kit allows that. It has a meal kit type option where you say you want 5 meals for example and it spits out options to reduce waste which means you’ll buy the 3 lb family pack of hamburger and save money instead of just a 1 lb pack because 3/5 recipes calls for 1 lb of hamburger OR that you’ll use carrots in two recipes so you’ll use 5/7 carrots that come in a bag reducing your overall waste. BRILLIANT! You can even add in your own recipes. Find a cool recipe online? Have recipes from *insert meal delivery service name* that you really like? Have great grandma’s secret sloppy joe recipe? Add them in and it’ll include them when you choose for your meals to build your grocery list! You can manually put in each ingredient and instructions or it can do it automatically for online recipes. Now, to increase its beauty… it will build your grocery list. Since you can add in just your big supper/dinner meals for the week or every meal plus dessert and snacks and whatever else, it will build your list for your needs. This isn’t an exact science at least for their Safeway integration because it will build to choose like 1 lb exclusive super special carrots that one Safeway on earth even carries so I have to fix it to search for carrots and choose what mine has. Then I order for pickup. I could just as easily just have the list and go find all of it myself but since it integrates pretty good, I do that for my meal prep and go into the store for other things (sometimes on the same trip even). Side note: it also brings up stable ingredients you’ll need like salt, pepper, olive oil, butter, paprika, etc. and you choose if you need to add it to your grocery list or if you already have plenty. It does have cool features like holding your hand in front of the screen to flip between instructions but I personally just have the whole instructions pulled up and follow the recipes how I see fit. I will also say, you can make it as work intensive or simple as you want to. When a recipe calls for you to buy a block of cheese and grate it but you want to be lazy and buy a bag of shredded cheese, DO IT. When it calls for mushrooms and tells you to slice them but you already bought sliced mushrooms to save work on your part, awesome. If you want to save the extra $0.50 and slice the mushrooms, no problem. If you put garlic in EVERYTHING and buy a jar of minced garlic instead of cloves all the time or add garlic to recipes that don’t call for it, no problem! This gives you ALL the power to do things the way you want to. That is my favorite “feature”, that I decide everything. (You can even change their recipes to fit how you make it instead of how they have it written!!!) We always got the 2 person meal plans and it would cost about $8-$12 per person per meal using any meal kit service staying basic and not adding “premium” meals or options. We’ve figured with this, it costs us $4-$9 per person per meal depending on how fancy we go with some meals. Finally, you can scale it however you want to. Want to skip a week? Don’t do it in the app for that week. You don’t have to do something special to skip something. Know you’re going out of town and want to only do 2 meals? Set it up that way. Have a party planned? Scale a recipe up to account for extra people. There is just way more flexibility with this than any other meal plan/prep/delivery service we have ever seen or been apart of. Best of luck to you and your meal time journey and thanks for reading through my kind of long in-depth review!!!
By masonholmes700

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Mealime Meal Plans & Recipes

Mealime Meal Plans & Recipes

By Mealime Meal Plans Inc

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