NEXT Music ™

NEXT Music ™


  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2017-08-02
  • Current Version: 3.3.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 247.58 MB
  • Developer: WRKSHP
  • Compatibility: iOS 10.0+
Score: 4
From 9,611 Ratings


Welcome to the biggest virtual music festival, where you’ll discover what’s next in music. Catch a live performance of your favorite artist or tap to the beat of your favorite songs. From Pop to Latin, EDM to Classical, there’s something for every music fan. Surf between hundreds of virtual stages to catch a show, make requests and chat with other music fans. Every day we feature new shows so you can discover new artists and new music. You can even show your love by sending artists virtual gifts! Sit in on a live interview with artists like TI, Mariah Carey, NGHTMRE and many more. Ask your most pressing questions directly and chat with other fans. Rock out on the virtual guitar, as you tap to the beat of new songs in an immersive music experience. Every month, we add new songs so you can play the latest and greatest hits. Challenge your friends or millions of music fans to a duel to see who has the fastest hands. Win prizes, earn bragging rights and watch your name climb the leaderboard as you go for world domination! Team up with a crew for the ultimate competition in our weekly tournaments! Challenge other crews from around the world on the Crew Song. Battle it out to see whose name and flag will reach the top of the Crew leaderboard. It’s time to party with music fans around the world in the biggest virtual music festival. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:


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I hate the anger it causes

I hate this game its too hard and its absolutely rage enducing
By Hecc u next music app

Good at the start...

I played the first 3 chapters over a few hours and loved it, but after that you can tell why the games got so many ads. The speed becomes ridiculous and quiet honestly not humanly possible to keep track of. It’d be really fun if it was slowed down the tiniest bit but ch 4 has me spending 10 minutes on one level. I’m sure there are so people that would disagree but for the average person messing up every 10 notes and having to watch a 30 second ad completely ruins the song and game in general. I was fine with it when it was clearly my fault and it was once or twice in a song but watching 15 ads to finish a song is so annoying. The music is great and the game itself is a great idea but I don’t wanna be throwing money at them by watching a million ads.
By RGuy806


I really loved this game until it changed. The whole interface is just plain and boring. I liked it when it didn’t look like this. Other than that the interface the songs and stuff are pretty good I guess.
By hdushsk x

I mean,Okay.

Aight,I loved it back when it was ‘’Miss a few notes then you have to restart’ Now it’s ‘Miss one note and HAH your dead until you pay up or watch an ad’ I liked it the way it was,Then you had to change it.The levels back then were more fun and challenging,But now it’s only challenging with no fun.
By CoolGamer3629

Not worth it...

Well first of all it’s Nothing like the ad. I saw a ad and I thought this would be cool to play, but it’s nothing like the ad I saw, and that’s very upsetting. Along with It not being the same, it’s just, Bad. When you play the timing is off and what you do has no effect on the sound. It’s confusing on how the game works and I just feel it’s not worth it. Yeah the atmosphere of it is cool and hype, but the actual game doesn’t compare.
By unicormzz

Perfect example...

...of how to run a good thing into the ground. I can honestly say this game has gotten worse with every single update. I really don’t know what these guys are thinking and I hope the developers or studio or whoever was behind the decisions to make each update even more micro transaction focused goes out of business because this game is NOTHING like it used to be. Way to ruin a good thing guys I hope your all fired. The developers took a once fun game and completely ruined it all in a greedy cash grab quest for more advertising revenue. Miss one note and have to watch an ad to continue. I hope your player base reflects this awful design choice and I hope you go out of business and all your children starve because of the poor choices you made.
By jeff806

I Hate The New Style

I literally hate what the developers have done. The old version used to be so fun, and you DIDN’T lose the level automatically after JUST ONE mis-click. They’ve taken away almost all of the good songs too, and the old storyline setup. They’ve even changed the name. How could people possibly like the new style better? Petition to bring back the old style.
By Disappointed NEXT Player

Worse than before

The game was already hard to navigate and annoying because you had to wait to play more songs. But now it’s even worse since the update. Looks dumb. Genuinely lost my interest. bye
By JeremysOcean

It’s not a great app anymore!

This WAS A GREAT APP, until they ruin it this the “you got to finish the whole song without missing any note” like no, it’s not right, the really mess up this app, it was the best when I downloaded at first, it was my favorite, until the new version showed up
By my nickname1$@!?-

the new update...

so this brand new update i actually dont like how they changed the circles to squares and its actually kinda harder but now its even less fun for me i used to love this game it looked cool but now, it just looks older in that new style
By tamooshik