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  • Release Date: 2016-02-22
  • Current Version: 2.6.1091
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Feedback or bug? Email support@drmuscleapp.com. We reply in one business day. IT'S JUST TOO HARD “Hey man, I need to get off my butt and get in shape. Can you help me with that?” It was 2016, and one of my best friends (Mack) was calling. I said “Sure mate, it’s about time you asked!” Mack really needed help. “Look, I’ll help out, but you have to promise me one thing: that you’ll stick to the program.” Mack said: “Yes, yes, I’ll do it!” Three weeks later, at a party, Mack confessed: "Ah, I'm sorry man. I tried, but it's just too hard. I'll get back to it some day." I leaned in: "Dang, that's too bad. Look, there's got to be a better way. What if I found a great app to keep you on track?" A BETTER WAY I left early and spent the evening trying out workout apps. Most were just for tracking, and the workouts looked pretty random. Hours later, I was deleting my 12th app with reddening, half-closed eyes. And that's when I had this crazy idea. I rushed to my computer and wrote to a small group of clients: “Would you be interested in an app that creates a custom workout for you? And that updates your plan every time you work out, like a personal trainer?" The next day, a French client replied “I’d be interested. I’m a developer. Need any help with that?” AN EVIDENCE-BASED TRAINER IN YOUR PHONE We got to work, and after a year of trial and error, we built the first ever fully automated, evidence-based trainer in your phone. We made it for advanced lifters too, because I wanted something I could also use for my advanced clients and me (I'd been lifting weights for 16 years at the time, and was about to get my PhD in exercise statistics). Finally, we had to give the new product a name. So, we thought we should name it after what it does. It builds your muscles. And it’s scientific, like a doctor. So, we did. And that’s when Dr. Muscle was born. DR. MUSCLE IS A PERSONAL TRAINER IN YOUR PHONE ‣ Customizes your workouts based on your profile and your own progress ‣ Gets you in shape 59% faster with rest-pause and other advanced techniques ‣ Uses artificial intelligence to update your program every time you work out ‣ Always up to date and evidence-based ‣ 10 times cheaper than a human trainer FEATURES - 27+ workouts - 150+ exercises - Work out at home - Work out at the gym - Work out with just your bodyweight BUSY? GET A PROGRAM CUSTOMIZED TO YOU IN 5 MINUTES Based on: - Your age - Your time - Your goals - Your experience ADVANCED? CUSTOMIZE EVERYTHING - Add your own exercises - Create your own workouts - Customize reps, sets, rest... The AI will apply its logic to your custom program. GET IN SHAPE FASTER BY AUTOMATING ADVANCED, EVIDENCE-BASED METHODS - Deloads - Rest-pause sets - Daily undulating periodization (DUP) - Rating of perceived exertion based on reps in reserve (RIR-based RPE) TRACK YOUR PROGRESS - Full workout history - Charts for all exercises - Charts for your average progression MORE - Chat with a human coach and other serious lifters inside the app - Save everything in the cloud automatically (you never lose your data) - View your history online or upload your custom program via our Web app FREE TRIAL No payment information needed. Just download Dr. Muscle to start your free trial. Trial includes all features. SUBSCRIPTION INFO Sign up to Dr. Muscle to continue building muscle faster after your free trial: - $48.99 / month - $399.99 / year Price may vary by location. Once you confirm your subscription purchase, your payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and any unused portion of your free trial will be forfeited. Your iTunes account will be charged again when your subscription renews automatically at the end of the current subscription period, unless you turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before. You can turn off auto-renew anytime in your iTunes account settings. Privacy Policy: http://dr-muscle.com/privacy Terms of Service: https://dr-muscle.com/terms


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Good but $$$

I really like this app and the rest pause workout method. The weight and rep suggestions seem solid and push me more than I would have pushed myself, which I like. The number of sets progression is slower than I like but I just do more and the app adjusts next time. Support is great, very responsive and thorough. Only downside is cost. I’m still in the trial and really want to buy but $400 is tough to mentally accept. $150 would be a no brainer, $250 and I would think but still buy. $400 I’m torn.
By sjbiss

You will achieve progress with this App!

Really appreciate the support and I love Dr Muscle app :) Have to say, I tried Fitbod app too and seems pretty random. It officially replaced my Fitbod app that I have previously used in the last 2 years and I’ve never achieved this much progression in my 1RM in a short period of time as I do now.
By ilovebigculos

This is the strength training app you've been looking for...

I'm 45, M, 6'7", 270lbs. As a kid (16-18) I was a competitive power lifter and wrestler. Seems somewhere around 22 I say down on the couch and didn't get up for 20yrs. Five years ago I weighed in at just over 430lbs. I got the weight off through diet and LOTS of LISS cardio. Earlier in 2019 forward progress stalled hard. That's when I started incorporating strength training. I tried and handful of short term programs and did a lot of research before I found Dr. Muscle. In just two weeks I've seen larger strength gains with Dr. M than I had over the last six months. The structured progressive overload, varied programs, excellent customer service, customizable, and adaptability of the app all work in concert to maximize your efforts. Worth every penny and I will continue to use the app as long as I'm the gym.
By dignow96

Good app!

relly amazing application and eqsy to use
By Bl4wj1b

Fantastic App

Wanted to write a quick review because I believe Dr. Carl and his team deserve it. I started using the app after a layoff due to shoulder and back injury and needed the motivation to grind back the strength. When I started my Bench was 195 and my squat was 198. This was in the beginning of April. My squat is now 333 and my bench is 235. I’ve done this while healing the injuries and I’m doing these workouts pain free. The guidance of the app is very good and it does and phenomenal job of adjusting to your strength and subtly pushing you towards progress in volume or strength or both. A recent update also advises you to add additional sets due to high recovery or back off due to detraining after a layoff. I haven’t seen another app that comes close to what this offers.
By Finance76

Very Effective!

I’m 45 yrs old and after 20 workouts on the app I just bench pressed my personal best of 205 without a spotter. App says I could do 212 and the way 205 felt, with a spotter, I’m certain I could do 215! The app is easy to get used to and use because of its logical user interface, can be customized with your own routines or just follow the available ones on the app. I really do love it. Thank you Dr Carl!
By Jjabrony 73

Fantastic App

This is truly the next best thing to hiring a personal trainer. I love the variety of exercises and the constant challenge to lift more. The Artificial Intelligence is brilliant!
By JohnnyLite

Automatic Progression

I’ve always struggled with exactly how much to increase or decrease my weight by and this app eliminates the guess work. Good app that is thoroughly maintained. Also, customer service is fantastic and I’ve hardly spent more than a day waiting for a response.
By Spanks533

For the ladies ...

Look, I’m a 46 year old woman I’m moderately fit - and don’t have any unrealistic goals about competing or having a perfectly cut body. I feel the need to say this app is for everyone, not just male aspiring body builders. It’s highly customizable and adjusts to your fitness goals easily. I’ve always worked out and had been doing CrossFit for the past 3 or so years. After many CrossFit disappointments ( I won’t go off on that) I went back to the gym but found it hard to get into a routine, and In fairness to CrossFit, I had gotten used to external forces and a planned routine to keep me motivated. After floundering at the gym for a few months I came across this app. It’s a gym game changer. Even my worst, lazy, unmotivated, moments I have a specific routine I know I need to do. I see so many people wasting time at the gym , spending hours there on their phone taking up prime real estate and franking doing exercises that not only seem useless, but could in fact be harmful. And I see many women that don’t seem to feel comfortable using heavier weights ( I also see superhero fabulously fit heavy lifting women- don’t get me wrong). But I feel like everyone could benefit from using this app. Efficient, simple and science based. Anyway - if you hate the idea of going it alone in the weight room or chatting it up with the gym trainer - this is the app for you. It’s far less money than a trainer - and you’ll never have to do a burpee or kipping pull up again.
By jennyfromthebblock

Outstanding programming, if you can afford it

I liked doing the trial of this app very much although I can’t afford the subscription. The timed protocol is very easy to follow using the app and the progression scheme gives you a very accurate and useful sense of progress. I think this app probably would make a sensible alternative to a personal trainer for a lot of people. But the subscription cost is, by my standards, prohibitively expensive, at $50/month. If that doesn’t give you sticker shock, try this out, it’s one of the most elegant sources of strength training programming guidance I’ve seen anywhere.
By ToddStark


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