CookBook - The Recipe Manager

CookBook - The Recipe Manager

CookBook - The Recipe Manager

By Cookbook Ltd

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date: 2016-09-06
  • Current Version: 1.60870
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 53.54 MB
  • Developer: Cookbook Ltd
  • Compatibility: iOS 9.0+
Score: 4.76
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Get recipe organised! Save recipes from your favourite websites and magazines. Scan recipes from books and magazines. Access recipes from your mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Always available offline. Plan meals and create shopping lists. Cook with intuitive displays, timers and much, much more! CookBook is the best Kitchen tool around and the only recipe app with real-time OCR. Key Features • Import – save recipes from websites, enter from books or use your culinary expertise and update on the fly with new ingredients, steps and pictures as you cook. • Offline recipes – All recipe data and images are saved locally for offline usage. • Cloud Storage (FREE!) - Automatically synchronises and stores your recipe information with our CookBook cloud to enable access from the mobile applications and our FREE website. • Convert - Seamlessly convert ingredients from your entered and imported recipes to your preferred US, Imperial and Metric measures. • Meal Plan & Shopping – plan your weekly meals with the required servings and create interactive shopping lists from your plan to take shopping or to export and use later. • Cooking Mode – Intuitive cooking with text reading, ingredient toggles and multiple timers! • Search – find by ingredient, tag your meals with categories or make them a favourite to quickly find and access the meal you are looking for. • Share – send recipes via AirDrop in the CookBook format, PDF, email, HTML or YAML format • Timers – Automatic detection of timers from text • Scan (OCR) – save recipes directly from your camera, straight into CookBook (note: this is now free to use!) • Multi-platform – Access recipe data on our website (FREE!) or from other popular mobile platforms. Extra Features • Select between 2 beautiful sleek CookBook designs. • Quickly scale recipe ingredients to your desired number of servings. • Search for recipes using the leftovers in your fridge • Create recipe timers automatically from detected instructions or enter them manually to alert you when you are needed in the kitchen. • Run concurrent timers across the recipes you are currently cooking to multitask. • Use our default or create new categories to help you keep your recipes organised. • Add an overall photo and individual photos to each recipe step to create easy visual directions. • Recipes available offline to allow you access when you have no internet connection. • ‘Surprise me’ feature for those times when you just can’t decide what to eat! • All this and more, accessible on our website or through our dedicated mobile applications, synchronised across your devices, on or offline, with one account and no annoying adverts. Our developers are continually working to perfect CookBook and therefore we want to hear from you, what you think and what you’d like CookBook to do next! Use the ‘Contact Us’ page to get in touch and one of our team will get straight back to you. CookBook Your recipes, your kitchen, your CookBook.


CookBook - The Recipe Manager ScreenshotCookBook - The Recipe Manager ScreenshotCookBook - The Recipe Manager ScreenshotCookBook - The Recipe Manager ScreenshotCookBook - The Recipe Manager ScreenshotCookBook - The Recipe Manager ScreenshotCookBook - The Recipe Manager ScreenshotCookBook - The Recipe Manager ScreenshotCookBook - The Recipe Manager ScreenshotCookBook - The Recipe Manager Screenshot



This app is an amazing way to save all your recipes. It works like a charm
By Laniseworks

Cookbook app rocks!

Love this app! I Was looking for a way to organize all my online recipes and paper printouts and personal recipe cards all in one place and this app blows it out of the park!!
By Cookbook #1 Fan

Love this app!

I’ve been using it for a couple of years or so, and love it. The ONLY complaint I had at first was the lack of a way to export recipes, but they added that! I used to just collect recipe bookmarks in my browser, but then started to have some go away... then came printouts and binders. Finding things was a nightmare. So I tried a couple of apps for managing recipes (this and Paprika), and this one is just so much richer! Being able to snap a photo of a recipe from a magazine in a waiting room and have it use OCR to turn it into an entry is game-changing. Web site support seems vast - I rarely find ones that aren’t supported, and when I do, a couple of cuts and pastes do fine. Tip: I tag newly-imported recipes with an “untested” tag, then after trying them once or twice (with mods I think might improve it the second time), either delete it (don’t like) or remove the untested tag. When I feel like something new, I just bring up the list of untested recipes and try one. Helps keep things from ballooning with things that just look good... Glad it is a one-time purchase, but I’d be happy to pay for upgrades now and then for new features, or for new iOS support if it ever breaks (‘cause I’d hate to lose it).
By airlik

Love this app!

I’ve never written an app review in my life, so this tells you how much I love this. I’ve been searching for a long time for a place where I could combine all my cookbook, Pinterest, blogger and family recipes in one place with organization and searchable functions. The ability to take photos of recipes in my cookbooks and magazines has been a lifesaver! And I love that it’ll automatically download almost any online recipe with ease. There’s only two things that would change this to 5 stars: 1. There’s some weird conversions that happen sometimes. I’ve turned off the function that converts the measurements within the recipes, but sometimes weird converting seems to still happen. So I wish that was better or (if I’m missing something) that the controls were more intuitive. 2. I wish the meal planner had an option to swap days instead of just swap recipes. I rarely change my recipes after planning my week, but I often just need to change a dinner from Tuesday night to Wednesday because schedules changed, meat wasn’t defrosted, we already have more leftovers than anticipated, etc. I’d LOVE it if I could click on tonight’s dinner and hit a button to “move” the meal and choose another date. Even with these little annoyances, I still love this app and find it to be without a doubt the best functioning cooking app for my needs!
By Mkl369063235

My most used app

I’ve been through so many cookbook/recipe apps. I even tried keeping my recipes in hard copy. But when I found this app, I knew I finally found what I was looking for. I love the timer feature, the importing feature, and the recipe sharing feature. I basically love all the features.
By GrrlPoker

Maybe the best cooking companion

I subscribe to Marley Spoon, and this app is the perfect companion to add a Marley Spoon (or any other like Blue Apron, etc) so you can remake later. Pictures and OCR scan work well, and the search function works as expected. I will start adding recipes as a cook. I have searched over 10 diff cooking apps, and this is the easiest so far to add existing recipes from your paper sources. It also has an HTML export function, perfect!
By zzwoodsj

Love CB

Thanks to CB I no longer have a messy recipe collection in boxes, drawers or stuffed in cabinet corners. I have an organized electronic collection I can share easily. Treasured family recipes are safe and available to all generations of family cooks.
By nwc04

Great app!

It’s a great app, love all the options for adding recipes. The only thing I wish they would fix is the tiny handles for cropping photos in the OCR It’s very frustrating that they are so small.
By K@teM


Like most people, I have so many recipes and could not find a good way to organize them. This app is SO convenient. The fact that I can edit recipes on my desktop makes it so easy to manage. Being able to scan recipes in with the camera is also fantastic for those, “that was delicious can I have the recipe?” I’ve used most of the functions in this app at this point and continue to use it all the time. Being able to make grocery lists, have it give me ideas based on what I have, scale recipe to fewer or more servings... so convenient. I’m really a huge fan. Totally worth paying for.
By dahliknax

The app is doing weird calculations and never refers back to the original amount

The app is ordinary at best. One of the features is to automatically calculate different serving sizes. When you refer back to the original serving size all the numbers are not round numbers but in numbers with decimals. I just spent 10 bucks on two apps and I’ll not use it again
By @1#23$


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