CookBook - The Recipe Manager

CookBook - The Recipe Manager

CookBook - The Recipe Manager

By Cookbook Ltd

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date: 2016-09-06
  • Current Version: 1.60870
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 53.54 MB
  • Developer: Cookbook Ltd
  • Compatibility: iOS 9.0+
Score: 4.78
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Get recipe organised! Save recipes from your favourite websites and magazines. Scan recipes from books and magazines. Access recipes from your mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Always available offline. Plan meals and create shopping lists. Cook with intuitive displays, timers and much, much more! CookBook is the best Kitchen tool around and the only recipe app with real-time OCR. Key Features • Import – save recipes from websites, enter from books or use your culinary expertise and update on the fly with new ingredients, steps and pictures as you cook. • Offline recipes – All recipe data and images are saved locally for offline usage. • Cloud Storage (FREE!) - Automatically synchronises and stores your recipe information with our CookBook cloud to enable access from the mobile applications and our FREE website. • Convert - Seamlessly convert ingredients from your entered and imported recipes to your preferred US, Imperial and Metric measures. • Meal Plan & Shopping – plan your weekly meals with the required servings and create interactive shopping lists from your plan to take shopping or to export and use later. • Cooking Mode – Intuitive cooking with text reading, ingredient toggles and multiple timers! • Search – find by ingredient, tag your meals with categories or make them a favourite to quickly find and access the meal you are looking for. • Share – send recipes via AirDrop in the CookBook format, PDF, email, HTML or YAML format • Timers – Automatic detection of timers from text • Scan (OCR) – save recipes directly from your camera, straight into CookBook (note: this is now free to use!) • Multi-platform – Access recipe data on our website (FREE!) or from other popular mobile platforms. Extra Features • Select between 2 beautiful sleek CookBook designs. • Quickly scale recipe ingredients to your desired number of servings. • Search for recipes using the leftovers in your fridge • Create recipe timers automatically from detected instructions or enter them manually to alert you when you are needed in the kitchen. • Run concurrent timers across the recipes you are currently cooking to multitask. • Use our default or create new categories to help you keep your recipes organised. • Add an overall photo and individual photos to each recipe step to create easy visual directions. • Recipes available offline to allow you access when you have no internet connection. • ‘Surprise me’ feature for those times when you just can’t decide what to eat! • All this and more, accessible on our website or through our dedicated mobile applications, synchronised across your devices, on or offline, with one account and no annoying adverts. Our developers are continually working to perfect CookBook and therefore we want to hear from you, what you think and what you’d like CookBook to do next! Use the ‘Contact Us’ page to get in touch and one of our team will get straight back to you. CookBook Your recipes, your kitchen, your CookBook.


CookBook - The Recipe Manager ScreenshotCookBook - The Recipe Manager ScreenshotCookBook - The Recipe Manager ScreenshotCookBook - The Recipe Manager ScreenshotCookBook - The Recipe Manager ScreenshotCookBook - The Recipe Manager ScreenshotCookBook - The Recipe Manager ScreenshotCookBook - The Recipe Manager ScreenshotCookBook - The Recipe Manager ScreenshotCookBook - The Recipe Manager Screenshot


A Great Recipe App

I’m really loving this app. There’s a little bit of a learning curve, especially when it comes to importing via OCR and to viewing the recipes for use, but it only took me a few times to really start to get the hang of it. It’s a full-featured app and also includes meal planning (more on that later) that lets me finally pull together all those bookmarks, screenshots, printed recipes, pieces of paper, and notecards that I have all over the place. Until now, I’ve relied primarily on bookmarks for web recipes or a collection of big white mailing envelopes that are labelled on the outside (main, veggies, cake, etc) with my bits of paper tucked inside. But, finding something based on a specific ingredients or function? Not so easy. Well, this app not only has tags that you can filter, it allows you to make as many custom tags as you want. I’ve got tags by pan size, type of dish, key ingredients, function, you name it. Now I can find baked goods that use oatmeal or quick breads with bananas and applesauce. Or, I can just browse the thumbnails for inspiration. Getting recipes in will take time, but, is so easy. Importing from the web is a snap as the app syncs well with most web formats for recipes. Sometimes, it will capture the information but will need to editing work because the website was not a standard recipe form. That’s okay because I didn’t have to bounce back and forth typing or copying and pasting. OCR is pretty sound. It took me a few tries to get the hang of cropping for each section. You can add to ingredients and methods as well - great for dealing with a two-column image when ingredients run across columns or methods run onto a second page. It even handled a good chunk of my hand-written recipes as well. And, of course, you can always type in recipes if need be. The app will automatically import a picture if there’s one on a website recipe. Otherwise, you’ll need to add your own which isn’t hard at all. Take a picture, save it to your photos, then import it from your library. Bingo! When inputting recipes, you sometimes have multiple things that go together but are prepared separately with their own list of ingredients. Take cakes, for example, that have the cake layers, a filling, and possibly a frosting all in one recipe. Well, you can separate those in your ingredient list. Each ingredient has a blank line between. You can put something like “Cake Layers:” with a line return and then the ingredients for the cake, followed by “Filling:” with those ingredients, and then “Buttercream/Icing/Frosting:” followed by those ingredients. The key is having that colon - the app reads it as a heading and formats it in the ingredient list. Same thing for Methods - you can create headings as long as you use a colon after the heading followed by 3 line returns (specific to Methods) and the app will format headings for you. Very cool! Using this to bake the first time, I clicked the forward wedge that is located just under the name of the recipe. That will put you in a screen that has the ingredients on the left and the first step of your recipe. Tap on the right side of the methods frame to advance. I hated it because I like to see everything at once. Problem solved! Just tap on “Method” in the lower right of the main screen for each recipe. I haven’t used the meal planner. It’s got a good interface, but is a little less customizable than the recipes. I’m on a meal plan that has three meals that alternate with three snacks. The meals list fine, the snacks not so much. I always end up with Breakfast, Snack, Snack, Snack, Lunch, Dinner - no matter what order I actually enter the meals. It’s not a deal breaker but, for me, is a feature flaw that makes it difficult to use. If you’re just using this to plan for your week, though, it’s very easy and even lets you build a shopping list. I’ve tried dozens of recipe apps and have ended up deleting the free ones and returning the paid ones every time. Until this app - it’s well worth the price, doesn’t have hidden in-app charges (like a subscription - I hate those!), and has a beautiful interface that makes it fun to use. Plus, I can use it across all my devices - such a deal! I highly recommend this app if you’re looking for a way to store all those miscellaneous recipes you’ve bookmarked, clipped, written, or otherwise collected over the years. It’s a real winner.
By Raedin

Love planning and adjusting my family meal plan

I love this Cookbook App! I started a Healthy Lifestyle change this year. As I have taken on learning to cook in a new way for optimal health adding recipes, adjusting the number I am cooking for daily, and planning ahead have become primary needs for my meal planning. This app is extremely easy to use, make edits and navigate changes. I love the meal planning calendar for planning my week while remaining easily flexible! Cookbook is beautiful and extremely functional for my family and personal meal success. I love using it daily! It’s rekindled a love for cooking for my family! It has become one of my highest used apps! Thank you!
By Optimal Health Homecook

Everything I was looking for a cooking app to do

This is the most functional cooking app I have ever encountered. It does everything i have been looking for this type of app to do.
By Tempsp523

Great app, wish I had better shopping list functionality

Wonderful app for organizing recipes, love how I can scan ones I have written and they are put into the app. Excellent search functionality to find recipes. Like the ability to easily export to pdf. Wish the shopping list function was a bit better so I could click on a recipe and add items needed to my shopping cart vs having to do this by clicking through to a meal plan then electing day/meal before I can add to the list. Wish I could remove what items in a recipe I don’t need on the list before it gets added. Some sort of swipe to delete button would be great Also, wish there was a way to categorize recipes into folders, at least in a iPad/tablet view vs seeing them all. Would be nice to search through folders I’ve created for ideas
By amyem2000

The best app for integrating books and digital

I have many cookbooks and magazines but also am a heavy user on epicurious and other recipe sites. I tend to default to digital sites because they are searchable, meaning that I use my cookbooks far less than I would like. After searching for a solution to this problem (and briefly flirting with creating my own) I found Cookbook, which is the best solution to this problem in my view. In the past few weeks I have added 400 recipes to the database, and I’m sure I’ll add hundreds more. Having everything searchable is really useful. The OCR capabilities allow you to scan recipes from cookbooks - this is pretty time intensive though and while the scanning is good, it tends to make errors around measurements which are critical in recipes. The app has many other features and is definitely worth the price, but I would like to see the development team continue to improve it. Recipe scanning is currently free, but I would be willing to pay a few pennies for each scan, particularly if this cash flow led to improvements in the OCR and app over time. If you’re looking for one place to store all your recipes, I highly recommend this app.
By LG2.0

Love it!

Great app - easy to use and add recipes from different sources!
By gdunten

My favorite app!

This by far is my favorite application. I got rid of 15 cookbooks that just took up space and time trying to find that one recipe. This app is such a timesaver for me. It saves me time in the kitchen and at the market where I can use the generated grocery list for my planned meals.
By Dragonf7y


This app is an amazing way to save all your recipes. It works like a charm
By Laniseworks

Cookbook app rocks!

Love this app! I Was looking for a way to organize all my online recipes and paper printouts and personal recipe cards all in one place and this app blows it out of the park!!
By Cookbook #1 Fan

Love this app!

I’ve been using it for a couple of years or so, and love it. The ONLY complaint I had at first was the lack of a way to export recipes, but they added that! I used to just collect recipe bookmarks in my browser, but then started to have some go away... then came printouts and binders. Finding things was a nightmare. So I tried a couple of apps for managing recipes (this and Paprika), and this one is just so much richer! Being able to snap a photo of a recipe from a magazine in a waiting room and have it use OCR to turn it into an entry is game-changing. Web site support seems vast - I rarely find ones that aren’t supported, and when I do, a couple of cuts and pastes do fine. Tip: I tag newly-imported recipes with an “untested” tag, then after trying them once or twice (with mods I think might improve it the second time), either delete it (don’t like) or remove the untested tag. When I feel like something new, I just bring up the list of untested recipes and try one. Helps keep things from ballooning with things that just look good... Glad it is a one-time purchase, but I’d be happy to pay for upgrades now and then for new features, or for new iOS support if it ever breaks (‘cause I’d hate to lose it).
By airlik


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