60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure

60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure

60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure

By Robot Gentleman sp. z o.o.

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-09-22
  • Current Version: 1.27.9
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 328.38 MB
  • Developer: Robot Gentleman sp. z o.o.
  • Compatibility: iOS 7.0+
Score: 4.12
From 1,773 Ratings


60 Seconds! is a dark comedy atomic adventure of scavenge and survival. Collect supplies and rescue your family before the nuke hits. Stay alive in your fallout shelter. Make difficult decisions, ration food and hunt mutant cockroaches. And maybe survive. Or not. 60 Seconds! requires at least an iPhone 5, iPad 3, or iPad mini 2. As Ted, a responsible citizen and a family man, you are faced with a slight disturbance to your happy, suburban lifestyle. THE NUCLEAR APOCALYPSE. With only 60 seconds left to impact, guide Ted in a mad, intense and action packed dash through his house in search of his family and useful supplies. Everything will be against you - time, your very own furniture, the house that's different every time you play and the fundamental question - what to take with you and who to leave behind? Reaching the fallout shelter in time and alive is only the beginning. Whatever you scavenged and whoever you saved will play a vital role in your survival. Each survival story will be different, with every day surprising you with unexpected events. Will all of these stories end well? It's up to you. Ration food and water, make best use of your supplies, face difficult choices and even venture into the wasteland. Good luck. EXPERIENCE the suburbian nightmare of a nuke dropping down on your neighbourhood in this atomic, dark comedy set in 1950s. SCAVENGE any supplies, you will need to survive, and family members in a 60 second rush through your randomly generated house. PREPARE for the worst. Don’t just grab arbitrary items, plan your survival and follow helpful tips from emergency broadcasts! SURVIVE in a fallout shelter with whatever you brought with you. How many days will you last? Will everyone make it out alive? DECIDE what to do, when the post-apocalyptic world pushes you to the corner. Will you risk going outside? Who is not eating dinner, when barely any food is left? How do you deal with a mutant cockroach infestation?


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I love it so much

I don’t know how anybody could dislike this game it is so fun and keeps me content I spent two whole days only playing this game. Everybody is different but I really love this game. I only have two things to say. I am on mobile so I wish that reatomized was an option for me to play. On my mobile version there is onLy scavenging challenges and I was thinking you could add some special survival challenges like in reatomized and I like the idea that all the family members can grow their hair. Just some ideas :)
By LLAMAS!!!!!!!

I can’t even start with this game

Ok it is glitching and I can’t move well you they said it was fix but then all the thing they “fix” is still messed up I want my 3.99 back for the lack how readable it is I can’t do crap on it I have my screen turn white and soooo much more I want my god dam refund
By i want refund for bad game2

5 ⭐

By Caleb Blankenship

I love the game but

May you please add a 3rd game please
By gemer boy 2000


Im so addicted to this game. It has almost all possible scenarios that real life would have. 1 thing i would recommend is fixing the ramming because multiple times objects fling to doorways that are flipped sideways making it longer than the door so you have to smash into it 2 more times to enter the room which wasted a huge amount of time. Also whenever you have to go out of the app and back in during a scavenge it completely freezes not letting you press anything and you have to restart the whole thing. I completed the mr.roboto with time to spare but my annoying sister texted me so i had to go out. Than when i went back it didnt save.


Please add everything that is in 60 seconds reotomized to this app so that it is better than before
By ctv 12345

I Only Put Five stars because...

the game is good love to play but there are...issues. When im playing it always shuts down. Basically when I play it stays in day one screen sensitivity is a lil weird the game is worth the money though it’s extremely fun, and if u ask me it’s also educational tbh I’d rlly give it a... 3.5 maybe.
By briana2317

I love it

This game is awesome but I only have one complaint, that is why the kids can’t survive without Ted and Dolores. I don’t think it’s really fair, for a example, it’s just Ted and Timmy, they don’t have anything to protect their shelter from bandits, so the bandits break in and take Ted, Timmy is still OK, so why can’t he survive on his own? He can feed and give enough water to himself, why can’t he survive on his own? Another example, Ted goes on a expedition and doesn’t return, and then they don’t have a Med-Kit, so Dolores dies of sickness, so why can’t Timmy and Mary Jane live by themselves? It’s not really fair, so please fix that, unless you have a good reason not to.
By Jendieterle

Almost perfect.....

So I bought this game like a year ago and after about 6 months of playing it it got somewhat boring. This game has a lot of potential but maybe seeing an update including more storylines and endings would be awesome. I already like the game as it is, just seeing some new storylines and endings would be awesome and make this game perfect. (Oh and maybe some new items too.) Thanks for reading my review, Merry Christmas!

Love it!!

I love this game so much. It is a little hard in the beginning and the controls aren’t the best, but I really love how there’s different events and different ways to win. P.S. if you are having trouble getting a whole bunch of supplies and getting the food and water if you just get a suitcase and then all of the supplies you don’t have to get any food or water.
By junm000


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