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The Pattern

By Pattern Home, Inc.

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2017-05-26
  • Current Version: 4.0.8
  • Adult Rating: 17+
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  • Developer: Pattern Home, Inc.
  • Compatibility: iOS 15.0+
Score: 3.98
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Created to help you feel seen and understood. A homegrown labor of love, The Pattern was born out of our founder’s personal journey of self-discovery. While trying to make sense of a challenging time, she recognized what an incredibly empowering tool our birth charts can be and sought to develop an application that could offer this information in a way that was easily digestible for all. Offering a psychological blueprint of one’s self and insight into the unique things they may be experiencing during a period of time, The Pattern acts as a mirror, helping you to better understand yourself and others, enabling connections to be made on a much deeper level. As featured in Vanity Fair, Time, TechCrunch, Vogue, Bustle, Mashable, Harper’s Bazaar, and others. FEATURES -Your Pattern: In-depth insight into your unique personality traits. -Your Timing: An informative overview of influential cycles you may encounter throughout your life - past, present and future. -Bonds: Explore your unique compatibility with friends and romantic interests. Gain valuable information about your most important relationships - or those of your favorite public figures. -World Timing: Highlight influential cycles that may be affecting all of us collectively. Some people will feel these cycles more personally than others. -Custom Profiles: Create a profile for anyone to learn about your similarities, and the various cycles they may be experiencing at any point in time. -Friendship Patterns: Take a deep dive into your friends' patterns to better understand the ways in which you can support one another. -Romantic Patterns: Gain valuable insight into your romantic dynamics with another individual; explore your strongest connections, and identify potential challenges that may require more thoughtful communication. -Shared Experiences: Connect with the community by sharing and learning about the ways in which individual traits affect each of us. -Connect: Dating with Depth. Utilizing The Pattern's proprietary algorithm, Connect offers insight into your compatibility with potential matches, enabling you to make more meaningful connections from the start. Follow @ThePattern on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. Share your favorite insights from The Pattern using #ThePattern The Pattern offers in-app purchases that enhance the user experience. An auto-renewing "Go Deeper" subscription may be purchased to unlock additional content, for $14.99 / 3 months. This subscription is entirely optional and may be canceled at any time. Details are available in the Terms of Service, available here:


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Used to love this app before they got greedy

Honestly I really did love this app so much when I first downloaded it 3+ years ago. It provided all kinds of very interesting (and accurate!) natal chart-type information without using hard-to-understand astrological terms, which really was invaluable to me as a beginner with this stuff. All kinds of information regarding transits (timing) and bonds with others, both friendly and romantic, completely at my fingertips. Now, however, they’ve taken that exact same information and put it all behind a paywall. I can’t go deeper on my romantic connection/timing with my boyfriend without paying a minimum of $20 for three months of access. It’s just really disheartening and disappointing; I’ve yet to find another app like this one, but I simply cannot justify being charged so much to subscribe to information that was once included 😔 I’m not big on writing these reviews, but seriously this one does make me that sad.
By Sheldoniaa

Don’t Download This App

It’s with a truly heavy heart that I write this review. I’ve loved this app for a long time. I’ve been using it regularly to glean info on my life and the way the world is currently experiencing things. It’s truly been a service I’ve treasured and I’ve had so many friends download the app for the incredible insight it used to give. Unfortunately, with this newest update the layout is almost unusable, all the features I knew and love are hidden behind a paywall, and to top it all off? They ripped me off. I just paid $20 for a three month go deeper subscription and absolutely nothing has changed. I still can’t go deeper on my daily vibe, I can’t see world updates, anything I used to care about on this app. I’ve literally paid money for the service and it didn’t even work. I feel very cheated, and will probably discontinue my use of the pattern.
By Wooh hoooooo!

Please bring back the older version

I love the app. But please back the older version. I don’t like the way it’s set up. I gave it several months but to be honest I hate the new layout.
By MsSpell222

Used to be a Great App, Now You Have to Pay for Everything

This app was hands down the best star chart app. The insights were personal and the relationship bonding feature was a great bonus. Now they’ve added an EXPENSIVE paywall for basically any real insight. Not even worth owning this app for free anymore. Sad to have to give The Pattern up.
By Ajanibonny

Where’s my Moon Cycle?

Just updated the app and I’m disappointed to find the moon cycle details are nowhere to be found. I leveraged that as a prompt for creative initiations and was a main reason I logged into the app daily. Where did it go??
By Rachele Moves


now that ios 16 is out i would love widgets from d pattern. mayb even ones that can change background to fit themes, widgets for the lock screen even. even a “stacked” widget where u can scroll up and down for ‘your daily’, world update and timing and the scroll sideways to ‘go deeper’. also a widget for the bookmarks. the notifications are nice but can be delay, most of the time i’m like ‘wish this came to me sooner’, and i’m trying to check in earlier but it would b very convenient if it were widgets. i mean all these ideas i should b hired. but also i didn’t know there was a ‘journal’ section, could b a widget 🤭 ok i’ll stop but yea love this app
By beneovum


thought this might be cute until i realized it’s literally only natal astrology and now im embarrassed i even made a profile. y’all, astrology is an ancient system that is 100% relevant in studying trends in intellectual history and the ideologies of empires. natal astrology is fake lol pls, everyone, don’t skip the work of genuine self-exploration by defaulting to this nonsense.
By Eleaticstranger

Please Add A Monthly Subscription

I’ve had this app ever since it came out and I really love and appreciate what I’ve been able to learn about myself and the people close to me because of it. This is back before the dating, the bonds, and the paid content. I have no problem paying for the service but I just have no desire to spend $40 when I barely open the app. I know it may sound crazy but I’d rather pay a small fee monthly and forget about it, even if it ends up being more money than the current options. Most of my time on The Pattern is a Saturday morning binge and when I come every few weeks to the app and I want to “go deeper” - I’m met with a paywall of two very unappealing options. I don’t want to be billed quarterly or yearly. In short, I don’t want to pay a large sum all at once for this service. I hope I was able to articulate my experience well. I want to keep learning about the people I love and support The Pattern! It’s one of the better astrology based apps out there. I just would like the option to pay monthly. Edit: Or a one-time option like Time Passages would be sufficient!
By lil $tarr 💸

Subscription out of nowhere???

I have a video editing app that I've had for YEARS now. Back then I got if for free but everyone who is downloading it now, has to pay a subscription. With time the app expanded and got better and had to start charging money in order to get better and develop. I can't believe you guys are charging EVERYONE, even the people that have been there from the beginning, the people who've been marketing your app, the people who've been loving and supporting this app from day one (!!!) THE SAME SUPER EXPENSIVE AMOUNT!!! FOR AN APP THAT GOT SO BAD WITH THE UPDATE. If it was the old version I would consider paying.. but this app turned into a dating app instead of an astrology app and I hate it so much. I'm so sad about this. I always loved telling people about this app but I think if you guys don't find a fix, I will have to find another app. It's like giving a starving human bread all day and then out of no where being like "Ok now the next bread will cost you X amount". I understand that you need money as well but at least give us a "early bird sale" recognizing and appreciating your first users and everyone who is now joining can pay the full price. I'm so sad.
By Mebayaa

The New Design

What happened? It’s sterile, boring, and unoriginal. Go back to the way it was.
By udueheueueiieywy

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The Pattern

The Pattern

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