Platter's Wine Guide

Platter's Wine Guide

Platter's Wine Guide

By John Platter SA Wine Guide


THIS IS A FREE DOWNLOAD BUT THEREAFTER A PAID SUBSCRIPTION TO PLATTER'S IS REQUIRED FOR A FULL YEAR'S ACCESS TO THE DATA (ACCESS INCLUDES ONLINE TOO). Since 1980, Platter's has been the wine-lover's essential guide to exploring the world of South African wine, including ratings of over 8,000 wines and key winery information. The Platter's app is your Platter's "in your pocket" and features all the new edition's ratings, top wine lists and wines of the year. To note: 1. This app has been developed for the latest phone software versions and all features may not work on earlier versions. 2. The Platter's app data will be replaced annually at launch of the new printed guide. A subscription allows active app access for one year, from date of subscription purchase, whereafter you will need to renew your subscription. 3. There may occasionally be wines that are not in the database, this is usually due to producer non-submission or brand new vintages (wines still to be assessed by our tasters), but you are welcome to email us to check. 4. Existing Platter's web users can log in to the app using their current Platter's username and password to access your favourites lists. The app features: - All the new listings and ratings for edition 2020 - Search for wines using detailed drop-down menus - Producer overviews - Get the official reviews and the facility to rate the wines yourself - Save your favourite wines in the app to keep your virtual collection - Share wine discoveries on social media - Easy access to Google maps - Find wineries near you with built-in geo-location


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Constantly crashes

Practically unusable on my iPad. Crashes often and regret that I didn't purchase a hard copy of their book. This was a waste of $10. 😠
By Ghia Man


Camera scanner doesn't work. Haven't been able to correctly pick up a wine using it...and its local SA wines. Bugs here and there causing crashes. Also too many missing tastings ito years. Vivino works much better, contains more information and doesn't cost 9.99. Skip
By Roux this

Fix this ASAP

At the moment the app opens, freezes on main visual and crashes
By Ballin040

Essential guide to the Cape

There is no substitute for Platter's, the only real guide to South African wine. No vineyard neglected, and nearly every wine, year and varietal visited. Any other wine guide barely scratches the surface. The print guide is also fantastic for tourism with info on visiting, tasting, restaurants.
By Akendzio

Scanning is iffy!

I scanned 3 different wines (all of which are in the app database) and the scanning didn't recognize any of the 3 labels...
By JCD007


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Platter's Wine Guide

Platter's Wine Guide

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