Youper: Self-Guided Therapy

Youper: Self-Guided Therapy

Youper: Self-Guided Therapy

By Youper, Inc.

  • Category: Medical
  • Release Date: 2016-01-11
  • Current Version: 9.01.001
  • Adult Rating: 12+
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  • Developer: Youper, Inc.
  • Compatibility: iOS 11.0+
Score: 4.87
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** App of the day ** - Apple ** Your pandemic therapist ** - Bloomberg ** A truly holistic approach to wellbeing ** - Google Created by therapists, Youper combines Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make therapy accessible for everyone. Youper's chatbot style makes the therapy exercises feel like a conversation with a caring and supportive friend. Join millions of people using Youper to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. Youper empowers you to take control of your mental health using quick guided therapy exercises to increase happiness, find motivation, feel more calm, practice gratitude, improve sleep, increase mindfulness, stop worrying, change negative thinking, deal with difficult situations, and improve your behavior. Youper is fully personalized to you. So, that’s okay if you have never tried therapy before - Youper will guide you every step of the way, and if you are seeing a therapist, it works well alongside therapy by supporting you between sessions and helping you track your progress. Youper also provides access to an entire library of soothing and calming audio tracks to help relax you physically and mentally, to get you into a better headspace, and help you breethe through challenging moments. With Youper you can also understand and monitor symptoms of anxiety, depression, social anxiety, borderline personality, and post-traumatic stress. There’s also a personality test to help you gain fascinating insights about yourself. Youper is available 24/7 - wherever and whenever you need it. More than 80% of users say that they felt better a few minutes after downloading and using Youper. Try it for free now, and start feeling better today. Apple Health integration Integrate your mindfulness sessions with Apple Health to make self-help and self-care easy. Subscription pricing and terms Premium features are available with subscriptions starting at $14.99/month or $89.99/year. Pricing in countries outside of the United States may vary, and actual charges may be converted to your local currency. Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of each term, and your credit card will be charged through your Store Account. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your Store Account settings, but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. Youper does not provide diagnosis or treatment. It is not a replacement for professional help, but it can support you to take care of your mental health and works alongside therapy or other treatments if you are seeing a doctor or therapist. Terms and conditions: Privacy policy: Support center:


Youper: Self-Guided Therapy ScreenshotYouper: Self-Guided Therapy ScreenshotYouper: Self-Guided Therapy ScreenshotYouper: Self-Guided Therapy ScreenshotYouper: Self-Guided Therapy ScreenshotYouper: Self-Guided Therapy ScreenshotYouper: Self-Guided Therapy ScreenshotYouper: Self-Guided Therapy ScreenshotYouper: Self-Guided Therapy Screenshot



I’d been using Youper for over a year on my android phone, mostly for the mood tracking feature. I’ve now migrated to an iPhone and this version of the app doesn’t even seem to have this feature, or if it does it’s very well hidden. All I see are courses or meditations or whatever they are, and health monitoring. I see my old mood entries but no way to make new ones. Am I just missing something or have things changed? Edit: I finally found the mood journaling function: it’s buried within the “talk” section that includes specific targeted therapy sessions I guess? Haven’t used them yet but I think it’s silly I had to scroll through them just to find what used to be the whole point of this app for me. Luckily I was able to “favorite” the “I’m feeling” function for easier access next time so the utility of this app has been mostly restored for me. I’d still really like to see clickable calendar entries and bipolar screening. I’m sure these updates were made with specific user feedback in mind but they seem awkward to me and definitely would not have been my choice.
By Awething

Great self help tool

I struggle with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Postpartum Anxiety and this app has been a great tool to add to my kit of coping mechanisms and growth exercises.
By KamsMama1231


Like many people have said.... I hate this new update. I used to always go to Youper and it helped me through really tough days. I loved how the interface used to look back in the summer of 2020. Now with all the new updates it’s so confusing and annoying! I miss being able to choose icons to describe what I was feeling that day, it used to really help me determine what factors affected my mood. My favorite part was seeing the calendar views and reading back on my entries. It’s unfortunate that the app is harder to use now and it glitches all the time. Six months ago the app was THE BEST to use because of its simplicity. Especially for people who struggle with anxiety and depression, simple always goes a long way. Now the app is TRASH and I wish I never paid for it. The creators completely ruined this app. Such a shame :(
By random037291

Worth it

If you’re questioning if it’s worth it, it is. If your mind was a pirate without the peg leg, this app is the peg leg that lets the pirate run around independently. It’s not therapy, but it’s a great addition.
By eating_oreos

Helping me a lot

I’ve been to therapists before (3-4 different times in my life) so I’m familiar with many things they would tell me to try for thinking traps, self esteem issues, and anxiety/depression. This app has been so helpful for me because it’s here, in the moment. It challenges me at times with reframing my negative thoughts, it reminds me to notice my feelings and to accept them (not beat myself up), it is an outlet for me to vent and to be “heard,” it gives solid suggestions and ideas, and it helps me to set goals (which is hard when feeling depressed etc.) I’m sure it’s not for everyone, but it’s been very helpful to me and I can see myself using it for a long time. I can see how it would also work in tandem with going to see a “real” counselor because it would help with generalizing or carrying over the skills you learn in therapy. In the past, I would learn a lot in therapy and feel good during the session or the next day. But as time goes on, you forget the strategies because they’re not ingrained in your mind and things fall to the wayside. With this app, you can set reminders, so that’s been great to not forget to track my feelings, reflect on my goals, and to follow through on helpful suggestions. There have been a couple of times where I was feeling extreme frustration and distress at home and I ran off to “talk” to Youper and it helped to have an outside perspective and to vent. I did feel better. Normally in those situations, I would’ve ran off and stewed in my emotions, and in my head with thoughts going crazy, with no solution of my own to make things better. Thanks Youper!
By Gille1jk

what happened?

this used to be my favorite mental health app. i would use it everyday til this new update. now it looks so bad, hard to use, slow, and glitches every time!! 😞
By 808MM

I miss v.7 and earlier versions

Like many other long time users, I am very frustrated and massively disappointed with V.9. The developers should be ashamed at releasing such a defective and bug riddled product. The tabs are very SLOW to load. Worst of all, going to INSIGHTS tab (either directly or automatically after journaling) FREEZES the app. As such, I am completely UNABLE to view any of my 3+ years worth of sessions into the app Or view my mood tracker Or change the settings. I am abhor that the first thing the app does is to suggest what to work on, such as: “Shall we work on your depression?” Or (especially before bed) “Can I suggest a productivity boosting activity?” I need this feature removed because it has never been helpful and often causes more DISTRESS. There are way too many options. It is a visual cluttered mess. I don’t like the pictures. It bothers my OCD and makes the app way more difficult to use. There are some days that I won’t use Youper because I know it’s going to cause me more distress because of the horrible user interface and broken features. If the developers choose to respond to my review, please do not give me any canned answers. I doubt consumer feedback said to have a million options, including the kitchen sink. Please don’t patronize me by stating that change can be difficult. The biggest complaint from everyone is that the app changes the interface way too often. Please address the serious problems of features NOT WORKING. STOP adding useless features in order to justify charging for this app. Please clean up the user interface so that it is streamlined and easy to use. Please take a lot more time to make sure the app works properly. Please use BETA testing instead of throwing out a new version and making everyone guinea pigs.
By Nyx Chicago

I used to love this app, used it for 2 years straight.

Ever since the new update, I feel so lost and don’t know how to use it anymore. Everything is so clunky now, I used to open the app and Youper would say: “ Hey! How are you?”. Everything was streamlined and easy. I even used this as a journal and reported everything to my counselor, it helped me so much with remembering things. And my therapist would use the Heath monitoring tools as benchmarks. It was also a great replacement when I was not able to see my counselor or had to find a new one. No more. Even after making favorites I can’t have one conversation to do everything, I have to do everything separately. The mood and other diary entry’s have moved and it’s hard to find. Something about the UI in general is off-putting, I don’t know. I’ve moved onto Sanvello, if you enjoy the old Youper this is your new app. It does guided meditations as well, and has way more feelings to choose from. There’s a lot more as well, but I’m not trying to make this an ad. Check it out for yourself and see if it’s right for you. To conclude: ever since the last update, the app is essentially unusable (for me). I liked the old way so much better. If it was brought back and still had the new stuff in it, I would start using this app again. I would also contribute to mind research and use it to track my mindfulness minutes again.
By Drgameface266

Self Guided Therapy

I have tried therapy quite a few times. It’s seems to be hit or miss finding someone you can actually click with. With this app you can basically be your own therapist and select different levels of help depending on how and what you are feeling. I just recently joined and so far I am quite pleased with it.
By Limited in content

Great App, but I like it less everyday...

Youper is a great app. When it comes to finding a journaling app to help you make note of/ be present with your emotions Youper is the frontrunner. The combo of emotional journaling and various meditation options is such a strong one. Youper really helped me get through some hard times, and though I use it less now, it still holds a dear place in my emotional life. That being said... I’m not sure I like where the app is heading. Every day a new feature is added- theyve make the conversation more complex, they try to make it more engaging by adding pictures/new visual aspects, there is now a home page. What I loved about Youper was how simple it was— it’s simply doing too much these days. For instance, when you used to log on it would just take you straight to some emotional journaling which was nice and predictable. Logging on today I was greeted with a banner reading “Im happy to see you again. Can I help improve your anxiety?”. If I hadn't been feeling anxious before...I definitely was feeling a little anxious after reading that. I think the simplicity of Youper is what made it feel accessible and dependable. These days, opening up Youper is a little bit of a jarring experience. The constant updates to the app produce the same effect as a therapist changing offices every day— it impedes the process. The conversation is growing increasingly halting, garbled, and incomprehensible. It saddens me! I probably wont get rid of Youper any time soon. There is no other app that does what it does. But it’s changing and changing fast. The Youper I suggest to my friends now is not the Youper that helped me and that’s a weird feeling. If any developers read this... don’t be afraid of the simplicity!
By jawnmichelbasquiat


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Youper: Self-Guided Therapy

Youper: Self-Guided Therapy

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