SWEAT: Kayla Itsines Fitness

SWEAT: Kayla Itsines Fitness

SWEAT: Kayla Itsines Fitness

By The Bikini Body Training Company Pty Ltd

Score: 4.5
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Get fit with the largest fitness community of women worldwide! Gear up for the new year and get the fitness motivation you need with SWEAT, the personal training app featuring Kayla Itsines and elite female personal trainers. Work out with trainers Kayla Itsines, Kelsey Wells, Chontel Duncan, Stephanie Sanzo and Sjana Elise Earp. Join millions of women in SWEAT’s mission to help women live their best life through health and fitness. Get workouts, nutrition guides and support, all housed within the SWEAT app. Everything you need to start living your best life! SWEAT hosts programs by world-class female personal trainers, including: • Kayla Itsines’ BBG program includes high-intensity plyometric training using minimal equipment. BBG now includes an additional 8 weeks of lower intensity, low-impact workouts to build a baseline fitness • Kayla's BBG Stronger combines bodyweight exercises and gym equipment in 28-minute high-intensity workouts so women can step into the gym with confidence • Kayla’s Post-Pregnancy program supports new mothers to rebuild their strength and fitness after having a baby • Kelsey Wells’ Post-pregnancy program uses resistance workouts designed to increase core strength and improve posture for mums • Kelsey Wells’ PWR & PWR at Home weight-training programs include gym-based and home-based resistance workouts for women to sculpt muscle, burn fat and increase overall fitness • Stephanie Sanzo's BUILD powerbuilding program is perfect for women wanting to improve their lifting performance • Chontel Duncan's FIERCE strength and high-intensity workouts are ideal for women wanting to lose weight and increase fitness • Sjana Earp’s yoga program includes Vinyasa-style resistance and yin-based recovery flows to improve flexibility and posture Join now for 7 days of free workouts and motivation! SWEAT features: Fitness Tracker - Workout & Fitness Planning: • 28-minute workouts using minimal equipment • Workout with easy-to-follow exercises in resistance, challenge, cool down, rehabilitation and cardio • Gym-based workouts, including weight-training programs • Targeted workouts, new fitness challenges and audio cues Hundreds of Recipes & Nutrition Education: • Menus and recipes to suit multiple preferences • Recipes for standard, vegetarian, pescetarian, lacto-vegetarian, ovo-vegetarian and vegan preferences Tracking & Fitness Motivation: • Track weekly progress • Share photos from your workouts with friends and the SWEAT community to stay motivated • Participate in global women's fitness challenges Education & Motivation: • Over 300 pages of educational content covering fitness, nutrition and wellbeing • Available in 8 languages including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and Chinese (simplified) SWEAT makes women's health and fitness easier using a new, interactive personal trainer app. Get everything you need to start living your best life by downloading SWEAT today! Enable Apple Health with your Apple Watch to keep track of all your activity in the SWEAT app. SUBSCRIPTION PRICING & TERMS SWEAT is free to download. Ongoing use requires an active subscription, available on monthly or yearly basis. Customers who choose a monthly subscription are eligible for a free 7-day trial period. Yearly subscriptions are billed the total annual fee from purchase date. Monthly subscription users are billed per month. Payment will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription renews automatically unless cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the end of the subscription period. There is no increase in price when renewing. Subscriptions can be managed and auto-renewal turned off in Account Settings in iTunes after purchase. Once purchased, refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. Read our full Terms and conditions & Privacy Policy: https://www.sweat.com/pages/terms-and-conditions https://www.sweat.com/privacy


SWEAT: Kayla Itsines Fitness ScreenshotSWEAT: Kayla Itsines Fitness ScreenshotSWEAT: Kayla Itsines Fitness ScreenshotSWEAT: Kayla Itsines Fitness ScreenshotSWEAT: Kayla Itsines Fitness ScreenshotSWEAT: Kayla Itsines Fitness ScreenshotSWEAT: Kayla Itsines Fitness ScreenshotSWEAT: Kayla Itsines Fitness ScreenshotSWEAT: Kayla Itsines Fitness ScreenshotSWEAT: Kayla Itsines Fitness Screenshot


Great app!

I lost 2 pounds in my first week and I’m a believer!
By alainakelly


So good!
By ritabarr

Love it!

I have done so many programs, including purchasing an individualized one. PWR is so easy. Tells you what to do, how to do it, and how long to rest. I stay on track and am strangely motivated by getting my trophies each week.
By amyparoline

Great app to workout at home

Easy app to keep working out even if you have a demanding work schedule
By michelnm89

Workout program

This app is the best for working out at home, gym, practically anywhere. If you’re a beginner or advanced it works for everyone!!!
By becksistired35


I’m a stay at home mom of two and this keeps me on my toes without having to go to the gym and drag my kids too!
By Sarahh9719

Best workout app!!

Great variety and challenge
By mmfit92521

The best thing.

I love this app. I’m a touring musician and this is the first thing that has had me consistently working out while on the road. Feeling so good!
By Skygazer33

Attempted free trial

I wasn’t sure if I would like this app so I agreed to the monthly payment after a seven day free trial. After this, every time I tried to start a workout or program it just kept saying “subscription expired”... and didn’t let me do anything. How did it expire if it was a 7 day free trial that was never canceled? ....
By Bread chips ugly sweater

Workouts are great!

So far I am enjoying the app! The workouts push me more than working out on my own. Things I do not like...and maybe I can do some of what I am going to mention and just haven’t figured it out yet. I can’t adjust my steps. I wear a fit bit, so I get a much higher count than what it being recorded, I do not carry my phone at all times. I can’t stop the beginner workout and go to the next level. After 2 wks, I feel that I can move up, but cannot figure out how, or know if it’s even possible. Though I understand that the order of exercises is in that order for a reason...sometimes the machine I need is occupied. It would be nice to be able to jump around the workout because of these types of situations. I haven’t figured out the meal planner, except that I am not interested in many of the pre planned meals offered. I would prefer to track my own meals, again maybe I can and just haven’t figured it out yet! I love the workouts so far. The directions and demos are fantastic for moves/machines I am not familiar with!
By kcw🦊


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SWEAT: Kayla Itsines Fitness

SWEAT: Kayla Itsines Fitness

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