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  • Release Date: 2015-08-27
  • Current Version: 3.0.5
  • Adult Rating: 9+
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  • Compatibility: iOS 13.2+
Score: 4.64
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*** Best iOS Game & Developer of the Year, AppleVis Golden Apples 2016 *** *** Apple Watch Best of 2015 *** “An interesting story... Simple fun.” - The New York Times “Worth a look–even if you’re not a fan of interactive fiction–as this is the best one so far.” - RNIB Connect Radio “The meteors will obliterate everything, and all I can do is watch. You don't know how glad I am you can see my messages. It means, in this moment, I don't have to die alone.” In Timecrest, where epic fantasy meets interactive fiction, author Lisa J. Skye introduces you to Ash Elden, where together you both must scramble to solve the puzzle of who unfroze the meteors to destroy Ash’s world of Alyncia. You discover that you have access to a forbidden magic–the ability to turn back time. Every choice you make matters and will change the outcome of this massive 500,000-word interactive story, leading to one of multiple endings. Immerse yourself within the emotional soundtrack and explore the non-linear maps. With your new incredible powers, who will you choose to live and let die? This single app contains three incredible stories: - Timecrest 1: Fated Connections - Timecrest 2: The Door - Timecrest 3: Luthor - EXPERIENCE AN EPIC STORY with over 500,000 words and multiple endings. - DECIDE who lives and who dies. Your decisions change the story, so choose wisely. - EXPLORE ALYNCIA at your own pace with our new non-linear maps. - IMMERSE YOURSELF in a world of fantasy and magic, with 34 musical tracks to set the scene. - BUILD A TEAM and make friends. Unlock secret storylines by building your relationship with other characters. Timecrest is a nonlinear story-based game with multiple endings where every choice you make matters. The story progresses in realtime. Ash will be notifying you of what is happening in Alyncia and awaits your guidance throughout the day. What would you do with the power to turn back time? Praise for Timecrest: “Timecrest stands out from many of the other interactive fiction games I've played.” - AFB, AccessWorld Magazine “The characters really do draw you in.” - Jamie Pauls “It's not just a survival, yes/no–binary choice thing. It's like you're watching actual characters, actual people, living actual lives.” - Alex Hall “With its developer actively engaging with the AppleVis community to learn how to improve the accessibility of the app and then acting on this feedback, it is no surprise that Timecrest has become a firm favorite with many blind gamers.” - AppleVis


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HOLY crap Timecrest 3 was a freaking roller coaster. First off, the wait was ABSOLUTELY worth it. It was awesome, and I loved it. So far, I’ve only explored the Riley timeline, but I’m about to choose the Scarlet timeline, so who knows how that will be I wanna write more, but typing on my phone hurts my hands. Loved the game, guys! Keep up the amazing work! Stay safe!
By Licanrockian

Delighted and surprised

When I first stumbled across time to rest part two was already out. I have enjoyed playing this game tremendously. Ash can be stupid at times, and there were times when I wish I could’ve made a different choice, and I had a hard time trying to see if I can make Ashlin more spells, but apart from that it’s been a long fun and interesting ride. Now that part three is out I’m getting a little irritated, because I cannot Earn any points, I’m already at chapter 14 and I’m still at zero points, the only other thing that I would have to say that is a downside about playing this game, is the long wait times, and having to buy so many times crystal skip crystals, and it aura potions, and teleports orbs. It just gets a bit expensive after a while I think they should just make us pay for the game one time, and we can get the timer time crystals and all the other stuff as we need it. But if somebody can get in touch with me about how to get the points in part three it would be awesome.
By lotus py

DeafBlind Friendly!

I love how DeafBlind friendly this game is. It can be played entirely with a braille display connected to the iPhone. It is so hard finding games that a fully DeafBlind person can play.
By A Very Happy Braille User

I love this game so much-

Gods- this game is just so great and very complex. All the time shenanigans constantly has my head turning. And I’ve gotten so emotionally connected to all my Timecrests I just wanna hug them ;-;
By Realawsomeliz

Luthor’s relationship points don’t work

I’m not adding any relationship points, no matter the choices I make.
By Fer Saldaña

Very cool game, however some suggestions

This game is really cool. However, I have some suggestions. First of all, the skip crystals are really really expensive. Honestly, I don’t feel like paying a bunch of money to get more time crystals and then using to buy more skip crystals. A waste of money I think. Could you please reduce the amount to buy time crystals or skip crystals? Also I think the option to use your time crystals to skip time will also be good to have again.
By TheTechPianoPlayerKid


Want another one
By Jamerz06


This game is wonderful. I would like to add something to it though. And the memory oracle when you read chapters, it does not play any music. I would like to change this so that when you are reading the chapters it plays the theme songs of that character.
By gaining2008

Get it now

Ash is awesome but quick warning you might cry a couple times but either way I love it the plot is awesome and it is the perfect game
By insane. meee

Can’t buy gold

Why can’t I buy gold?
By sorrynn


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