MoneyWiz 3 - Personal Finance

MoneyWiz 3 - Personal Finance

MoneyWiz 3 - Personal Finance

By SilverWiz Ltd

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2015-07-15
  • Current Version: 3.7.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 108.34 MB
  • Developer: SilverWiz Ltd
  • Compatibility: iOS 10.0+
Score: 4.5
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Recognized by Forbes, CNN, The Telegraph, The Independent and more! MoneyWiz is the ULTIMATE finance management application loved by thousands! We have it all: • worldwide online banking support with automatic transaction categorization and access to over 16,000 banks in over 50 countries, • crypto, forex and stock trading investment accounts with automatic trades sync, • cross-platform sync with native apps for your desktop and mobile, • manual transaction entry & bank statement import for those who prefer to do manual bookkeeping, • powerful budgets, transaction scheduling, financial forecasts and reporting, • translated into more than 20 languages, support for all world currencies, multi-level custom categories, and so much more with over 600 features! MoneyWiz is often referred to as the “go-to” application by our customers. Tired of comparing finance applications? Exporting data from one app to another to find the perfect one? Trusted by hundreds of thousands of customers, MoneyWiz truly is the final destination for everyone seeking to organize their finances. Launch it, grab a beverage of your choice and start actually enjoying working with your finances! HOT OFF THE PRESS! CRYPTO SUPPORT! Our latest release includes support for forex and crypto-currencies. MoneyWiz is now the first finance-management application to fully support crypto-currencies trading on top of an already powerful feature set. You’re now able to see your entire portfolio, latest prices and your current net worth - all in one beautifully organized workspace! SO HOW EXACTLY DO WE MAKE FINANCE MANAGEMENT EXCITING AND ENJOYABLE? YOUR DATA COMES TO YOU! With the Online Banking feature you don’t need to enter data manually (but you can!). Just connect to one of the thousands of banks we support and relax while MoneyWiz downloads and automatically categorizes transactions from your checking, credit card, savings, investment, forex and crypto accounts! On top of that, MoneyWiz uses proprietary AI algorithms to learn from your changes, so the more you use it the better auto-categorization becomes! Not a fan of automatic online sync? Need to transfer data from another app? We’ve got you covered! You can still enter manual transactions with ease as well as import your transactions in form of CSV, QIF, OFX, QFX and MT940 files! CROSS-DEVICE SYNC THAT WORKS You can use our amazing SYNCbits syncing service to ensure that you have your data with you at all times, on all devices! It allows for offline use too, and automatically detects internet connection to sync any changes made while offline. YOUR DATA STAYS YOURS We pride ourselves in our privacy-oriented approach. Any use of online services is optional but if you do decide to use them, rest assured that your data is protected with the best safeguards and encryption methods available. Just take a look at our Privacy Policy! Your local data also can be locked down with a PIN code (supported by fingerprint or facial authentication). DEDICATED SUPPORT TEAM Our support team is one of the most frequently mentioned compliments customers leave in the application reviews - and we couldn’t be prouder! SUBSCRIPTION & PRIVACY NOTICE We do not impose a limit on the number of accounts, budgets, regular or scheduled transactions you can create in MoneyWiz. However, you will need the MoneyWiz Premium subscription if you wish to sync other devices via SYNCbits and/or use the Online Banking feature. The subscription costs £3.99 per month, or £39.99 per year. A one month trial is available for the yearly subscription. Your subscriptions will automatically renew each month (or year, depending on plan) and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings. Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:


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I was a longtime PocketMoney user but after latest update rendered it useless to me I came to MoneyWiz after trying many others. Even though I do everything manually, I prefer MW3 over MW2 because of the cleaner interface & expanded options. And even tho I was so very sad to leave PM, I must say that I absolutely LOVE the automatic syncing between devices so that I always know my balances. Another feature that is very handy is the un/cleared red/green dot so that if you want to periodically compare your manual entries against the bank’s between monthly reconciliations to make sure you didn’t miss something, you simply tap the red dot to “check off” the entry & it turns to green so that you know you match the bank (or whatever you’re checking against). The only thing I truly miss from PM is the ability to do a monthly reconciliation using the beginning/ending balances from my bank statements. Apparently this is a feature available only on the desktop version and my reason for only 4 stars (if possible I would have given 4.5). Otherwise it’s great!
By wytchipoo

Fantastic app/fantastic support

I’ve been using MoneyWiz for years to keep track of expenses for tax purposes. Love it. With new iOS upgrade some down load features didn’t work. The support team worked me through a work around and within a short time had added the feature I was missing. I highly recommend this product.
By Divaicy

Former PocketMoney user

Just started using MoneyWiz 3 since my long time favorite finance app PocketMoney has terribly gone in the wrong direction as of late. So far I am finding the transition to be familiar but with a slight learning curve. One important function for me is reconciling. Apparently advanced reconciling is only available on the desktop version. For all of us former PocketMoney users, we did ALL checkbook and reconciling on our mobile devices. For me to jump between desktop and mobile/tablet is more effort and time consuming. Keep in mind that the days of using our mobile devices as a “companion” to our desktops are long gone as mobile devices are powerful enough. If I may make a suggestion, please include the advanced reconcile features on the iOS platforms. For example, to initiate reconcile mode, enter beginning and ending balance from a statement and show un-reconciled entries. As you tick off entries, the amount left to reconcile adjusts. Have the ability to enter/modify transactions during the reconcile session to make appropriate adjustments. If I were to reconcile today on iOS I don’t know if I made entry errors or missing a transaction. Aside from my recommendation, I am finding moneywiz to be a suitable replacement for PocketMoney. I like how the interface keeps things simple with large font. Makes the ease of use on mobile devices. I’m looking forward to the budgeting/reporting and keep up the great work! Updated review 1/1/20 I’ll keep adding to this post for suggestions as I continue to use MW more: - the split category may need a better flow. It was not intuitive that after I selected multiple categories for a single transaction, I had to select the “>” to get to the “splits” screen and allocate the expenses to the appropriate categories. Maybe a “Next” screen would be helpful to take you to the allocations screen? - Also, at one point, during a transaction, I can swipe down which deletes the transaction. This should be removed as i accidentally swiped down during a transaction and lost my entry. Maybe the “<“ should be enough? - tap an entry once to edit. Right now it takes 3 taps to edit an entry. Maybe replacing “Duplicate” with “Edit” or have the default tap be customizable. Btw, I like how an entry layout can be customizable. There was definitely some thought put into some of the features!
By RaulLucky

Don’t upgrade to version 3 if you have 2

The upgrade requires an annual or monthly subscription in order to sync across devices. There was no such fee in version 2. I downloaded version 3 to try it out and it crashed 4 times while I was trying to set it up. Customer support, however, was very responsive and they get 5 stars!!

Best financial tracking app I’ve ever used

For years I looked for a replacement for Quicken and QuickBooks because (1) I didn’t trust Intuit with my data, (2) I was looking for an app that supported peer to peer syncing between my devices so that I could always rely on having all my account information with me and the ability to enter new transactions anytime, and (3) I wanted something that could track my US and UK accounts equally as well (plus travel to Sweden, France and Spain too so lots of foreign translations) with currency conversion built in. I found this and more. The app is incredibly polished and easy to use. It’s literally my favorite app! The team at MoneyWiz are incredibly responsive answering all my questions so far within a couple hours.
By Kevin Q

Good features, could use some updates

I’m coming from a more primitive personal finance app, Accounts2, but have used that for the longest time due to its simplicity. I wanted some syncing and better reporting features, so I dove into MoneyWiz because I was able to import my transactions from CSV on the macOS app and continue to manage them manually. The categorization customization is excellent. The CSV importing is excellent. The mobile app seems a little clunky though. When I first wrote this review, I didn’t see how customizable the sections for transaction entry and running display were. I’ve updated my review to reflect that. There is this odd smooth scrolling takeover when I try to scroll through the app. It’s distracting and makes the app less responsive and more difficult to use. It also seems that the app wants to force the user to a full overview of their accounts upon launch. I would prefer to see the last account I used upon launch, since I primarily use one account for everything and would easily be able to switch when I charge something to a different account. It would remove a step for me each time I enter a transaction. One thing I like about Accounts2 is the clear method of clearing/reconciling transactions. You have the option to show only unreconciled transactions or all transactions and can clear them from the same view. And it always shows two running balances: cleared transactions and all transactions. That way it’s easy to know if your reconciling with the bank is effective and matched up. It also gives a clear idea of what you have in the bank versus what is still upcoming. I think this app has a lot of potential (for $9.99 in-app and $49.99 on macOS in order to sync, it’d better), but the mobile experience needs to deliver basic information in a clear and concise way in order for it to be useful, fast to use, and competitive.
By elSullivano

Perfect for my needs...

I’d tried MoneyWiz in the past and for some reason it never stuck with me. But now, with MoneyWiz 3, whatever it was I didn’t like in the other ones has been completely fixed. I used it for about a week, reloading a ton of old accounts and their information and just yesterday, I went on and bought the Standard version. I think what I like most is the fact that I can save a copy of my receipts and transaction details directly into the app so I don’t have to search all over the place when I need to find proof of what I did with a particular transaction. I still track all my entries manually (because I like to), but they also have a feature where you can just connect all your bank accounts directly to the app and have them automatically download your transactions! Maybe I’ll get into something like that later, but right now I’m just too “old school” for that much tech. LOL! And I love, love, love that my money can follow me as I travel. It was always a pain to me when I’m overseas and I buy something but I’d have to convert it to $$ to enter it into my app rather than entering it on the fly by whatever local currency I was using. This saves me from having to hold on to a bunch of paper receipts all day until I get back to my hotel room to enter them. I also love that I can save my own attachments to Dropbox (hoping they’ll add Google Drive as an option soon as well). I’m still discovering new things about this app every time I use it. If they’d just go ahead and fix the square picture grabbing thingy so it doesn’t cut off your receipts when you import them, this app would be tops in my book!
By Jendayi781

They have taken down moneywiz2!!! No warning whatsoever!!!

I have been using moneywiz 2 for over 2 years. Have paid for moneywiz 2. I understand they want to update to moneywiz 3 and change it to subscription charge. But a least you should offer free upgrade for moneywiz 2 user to moneywiz 3 standard or some discount ($2-3 to upgrade to money wiz 3 standard). Now seems like we have to pay $9.99 to continue use moneywiz 3. I feel it is unfair and ripped off!!! Wish you guys offer some deals after seeing this message...
By hAm$tEr712


It cost money to create an account $10. you think it’s done. Then to start to enter your accounts, it cost another $50 a year In order to download from the bank otherwise you have to enter it manually. You pay the $10 first and after your done paying surprise more money to download. If I know I wouldn’t have started the account to begin with. Now I lost money for nothing
By Atml29

Very Good Suport

After upgrading my devices to Ios 13 which crashed many of my apps, the support team at Moneywiz helped me recover my data. I am happily using MoneyWiz 3 now. Apple caused the problem, but Moneywiz cane up with the solution. Thanks to Pawel.
By Randi Kalahachie


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